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The Cat's Pajamas - vocal band

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Pop A Capella




"They're Not Your Grandfather's Barber Shop Quartet"

They’re Not Your Grandfather’s Barber Shop Quartet...

One of the most unique shows in Branson, by far, has to be the Cat’s Pajama’s. This group

comprises of 5 men who sing a cappella, or only with their voices (including the instrumentals).

But do not get these guys confused with your Grandfather’s Barber Shop, they are a step

above. These guys have performed on America’s Got Talent, The Next Great American Band,

and NBC’s hit show The Sing Off, where they have reached millions of viewers of all ages.

Now performing at Music City Center, The Cat’s Pajama’s takes you on a 2 hour journey

through time and musical genres, giving you a new appreciation for music you may have

thought you could never enjoy. Now that’s talent! For information, call 417-544-9075 or go to - The Joplin Globe

"The Cat's Pajamas Vocal Band are Contestants on NBC's The Sing Off"

Branson based male vocal group The Cat’s Pajamas have been announced as contestants on Season 3 of NBC’s hit show, The Sing-Off. Since 2005 the group has toured nationally and abroad and has brought their unique, high energy brand of a cappella to hundreds of thousands. We are proud that they call our wonderful city home.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s time to start watching!

“NBC’s hit a cappella talent-show series The Sing-Off has announced the 16 groups that will compete in its third season. Hosted by Nick Lachey, the series will premiere on Sept. 19 with returning judges Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman alongside singer Sara Bareilles… The winning act will score $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music.” – Entertainment Weekly
- Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

"Branson group competes on NBC's 'Sing-off'"

BRANSON, Mo. -- The Branson-based group The Cat's Pajamas premiered Monday night on NBC's "The Sing-off."

The five man a cappella group performs regularly at the Branson Mall Music Theater. The group has shows booked at the theatre through December 10. The group's website said it will be performing at the Andy William Moon River Theatre in 2012.

According to their biography, the group formed in 2005 and has performed for Oprah Winfrey and regularly perform on Norwegian Cruise Lines. - KSPR ABC 33 - Brad Belote

"The Cat's Meow"

The Cat's Meow

While all a cappella groups perform their songs without instruments, only a handful actually use their voices to imitate those missing drums and percussion. The Cat's Pajamas Vocal Band is one of those groups and they're from right here in Madison.

After traveling to New York where they performed at the Apollo Theater, these cats (including former members of the UW's MadHatters) are back home and will perform next Thursday, May 21, at the Wisconsin Union Theater, 800 Langdon St. - Square 77 (Wisconsin State Journal)

"The Cat's Pajamas"

After about a week in Kansas City where I was behind enemy lines I traveled south to Branson Missouri. A town of roughly 11,000 people in south-western part of the state, Branson is widely recognized as an entertainment Mecca. Since one of my goals on my trip is to experience the places I visit, not just drive through and look at them, I decided to catch a few shows in the town so when I say I was there it would mean more than that I had just driven through. With much of my time on my trip having been spent in more remote places I welcomed the opportunity to participate in civilization once again.

After arriving in Branson I took a look at the roster of shows in town. I’m sure there must have been 100, maybe more. When I read on TripAdvisor that The Cat’s Pajamas, an a cappella group, was very highly regarded and well reviewed it was for me a slam-dunk choice in terms of shows to see while in town. I have always enjoyed a cappella. Now, having seen the show myself, I can highly recommend it to you.

Another aspect of my trip is to feed this great hunger I have to become connected to people in the places I visit. For me it wasn’t enough to go to the show. I wanted to know how it came to be, I wanted to know somebody in the show, how he got there, what it was like for him, what his life was like, who he was. I wanted to take a deep breath, inhaling something of his life so it would become a part of the fabric of my being, so I would know, so it would always be with me, be part of me. It was natural for me, then, to find someone in the group to talk to and upon inquiring I was directed to Brian Skinner. When I asked if he would sit down with me to share a little bit about his story and that of The Cat’s Pajamas he graciously agreed.

Skinner, as he is known, in addition to performing in the group, is also the group’s founding member and producer. He is a tall, slender, exuberant man who towers above his four fellow a cappella partners. While his head is in the clouds compared to the others, as the bass vocalist in the group his vocal register is in the basement. A cappella means, just in case you’re not familiar with the term, voice unaccompanied by musical instruments. That describes The Cat’s Pajamas, a high energy conglomeration of five young men who sing marvelously. Their act, however, is more than song alone. There is dance and humor too. It might even be a little reminiscent of vaudeville in places, although vaudeville was a bit before my time. Song, dance, costuming, comedy… all of this, the idea, the planning, the building, all of the Cat’s Pajamas has had its life breathed into it by Brian Skinner. It’s his child.

At one point in the show Skinner took a bass-beat solo, launching into a vocal flurry of the percussive sounds of a rhythm section and bass guitar in a contemporary, hopped-up version of Drummer Boy. I looked around for the instruments, but there were none. It was all coming out of him.
It doesn’t take a genius to tell that a lot has gone into putting this show together. The vocal arrangements are well done and well executed. The dance, while perhaps less sophisticated than the vocals, for the most part works quite well. Branson isn’t Broadway or Las Vegas, but the level of polish and professionalism in this show approaches that which you might find in venues at those locations.

This is the group’s 9th year. Before coming to Branson they performed in a number of places and they were a popular act on cruise ships. Surviving in Branson when up against shows that have been in town for many years with big advertising budgets can be attributed in part to a of of hard work, says Skinner. “The first two years were crazy in terms of the amount of sweat and time and energy getting the word out.” One way the group promoted itself was to make brief appearances in breakfast rooms around town performing a song or two in hopes that people would then buy tickets to their show. Skinner pointed out that Branson has about 5 million visitors every year, most just spending a few days in town. That means breakfast rooms would have to be visited frequently. “We were out there six days a week visiting every hotel in town.” It’s not difficult to imagine how much work that could be. Skinner explained that as a bass this was easy for him but that tenors’ voices don’t warm up until midday making such morning appearances difficult for them. Whoda thunk it?

Skinner had been to Branson before bringing Cat’s Pajamas here. While performing in a 50s show back in 2003 he had made some connections. Reaching out to one of them opened the door to a nine day stint sitting in for a group that was going on vacation. At the end of those nine days Cat’s Pajamas had several offers from local venues to perform in Branson.

I wanted to know how Brian got started down the path that led to where he is now. He explained that it was back in middle school when his English teacher suggested that he get involved in theater. He took this more as a directive than a suggestion. “I was scared to death to perform before anybody let alone memorize lines but I liked that nervous feeling.” He kept doing 15 minute skits throughout high school despite his nervousness. This was Skinner’s launch pad into the performing arts. “While other kids were out playing football I was choreographing to different rap songs and lip syncing, teaching myself different dance steps in my bedroom.” He didn’t begin singing until he landed the lead role in Godspell in high school after having taught himself the role by listening to the album over and over and over again for months on end.

Skinner was also involved in band in high school, first playing trombone and then playing bass guitar for the show choir. “When one of the other kids in the show choir had to miss a day in order to go to football practice I stood in for him so the show blocking wouldn’t get messed up.” This was a pivotal moment for him. “I discovered that song and dance was way more fun than standing in back playing bass guitar. The following year I auditioned and was accepted into show choir.” He also sang in some barbershop quartets in high school.

Upon entering college at the University of Wisconsin Skinner had accumulated valuable experience in acting, dance, band and singing. In his sophomore year he was accepted into the vocal group known as the Wisconsin Singers, a high level show choir that had help from professional musical arrangers and choreographers. After two years with the Wisconsin Singers he began singing college a cappella. Along the way he realized that the public’s appreciation of a cappella spanned all demographics, all generations. “I had so much fun in college and realized that no matter who we sung for, no matter what demographic, what age, people seemed to love a cappella. I realized some day it would be fun having a job doing this.” Now he does.

Skinner’s college degree was in psychology and communicative disorders but rather than going for a graduate degree in that field he pursued his passion in entertaining by landing a job at Six Flags Great America theme park where “I became a singing, dancing Mountie singing songs like I’m Too Sexy For My Horse… working for minimum wage.” Upon the recommendation of the producer of that show Skinner went to Branson which he had never heard of before. That same producer as to be in charge of a certain show Skinner went to Branson to audition for but as it turned out he was not there during the audition and Skinner didn’t get the job. Undeterred, he passed out a demo CD that he’d made previously to several theaters in the area and he landed a job singing bass, in that 50s show I mentioned above. On that CD he sang all five parts.

From there Skinner landed a gig in BC3, a singing, dancing a cappella group in which he toured the country for two years performing largely at colleges, high schools and county fairs. This also served as a learning experience in terms of how to do marketing for a vocal group, a skill he would later call upon for Cat’s Pajamas.

Along the way Skinner learned to incorporate percussion into his bass lines, mimicking the sounds of drums and other instruments. Now, in addition to traditional singing, he acts as both a percussion section and bass using just his voice. This lends a whole new dimension to traditional a cappella which he uses to give the music of Cat’s Pajamas a driving, funky beat. With Skinner in the group you actually think you’re hearing drums and bass.

Cat's Pajamas
Four of the five members of The Cat’s Pajamas. Skinner is off stage, probably preparing for the next number.
When BC3 disbanded Skinner knew he wanted to continue singing and dancing but that he also knew he wanted to be in charge and this is when he gave birth to The Cat’s Pajamas. Since the group was unheard of Skinner says it was a quite a struggle getting gigs at first. One of the things that helped move things along was when American Idol’s Randy Jackson held an Oreo cookie jingle competition in which The Cats Pajamas placed in the top 10 leading to some recognition, and “a year’s supply of free Oreo’s” Skinner says laughingly. Besides all the cookies, an offer to perform on Celebrity Cruise Lines came along and the group had their first real gig, one which lasted six months. After that Norwegian Cruise Lines picked them up and the group worked with them for three years as featured performers.

Leaving the high seas behind for terra firma The Cat’s Pajamas now calls Branson home. They’ve performed at several venues in Branson over recent years with gigs in other areas such as Atlantic City in between those in Branson. They are approaching the end of the season at the Music City Centre where they finish on Dec. 6, 2014.

When I asked Skinner what he’d like me to include in this post he said the group does a music-in-schools tour every year in the upper midwest. A goal for 2015-2016 is to perform in more cities at performing arts centers (and I presume other venues). Email Brian Skinner if you’d like to book the group.

Listen to The Cat’s Pajamas. These are all great recordings but I think Stand By Me may be my favorite.
The Cat’s Pajamas on iTunes
The Cat’s Pajamas on Twitter
The Cat’s Pajamas on FaceBook
The Cat’s Pajamas Home Page

I say see Cat’s Pajamas perform if you can, and be ready to be well entertained.

Thank you Brian. Thank you for your dedication to your craft, for your tireless efforts in arranging, choreographing, staging, rehearsing, promoting, etc.; for giving work to other entertainers, for building the Cat’s Pajamas; for entertaining the public, and for sharing your story with me and my readers. - Russ on The Road

"The Cat's Pajamas set to perform at Ontonagon Theater"

The Ewen-Trout Creek School music program has enlisted the vocal band, The Cat's Pajamas, to perform at the Ontonagon Theater to raise money for the program.

Music director Brad Besonen said fellow teacher Patti Witt told him the group had posted on Facebook about helping high schools.

"(Witt) brought to my attention that The Cat's Pajamas had posted an ad on Facebook asking for schools in the Midwest to contact them to bring them in to have a concert in the local areas," Besonen said. "They are doing a performance tour for school music programs and to help raise money for the school music programs, as well."

The a capella group, based out of Branson, Mo ., has been traveling around the Midwest for the 2015 Music in Schools Tour.

Besonen said he emailed the group and vocal percussionist Brian Skinner contacted him to set up a date.

According to the release, "The goal is to inspire students, generate increased excitement and passion for music and encourage all youth and teens to get involved in the arts."

During the day, the group mentors the students, focusing on singing techniques. They also share "personal journeys and testimonies about how they have turned their love for music into a professional career."

The group was nationally recognized on NBC's singing show, The Sing-Off, in its third season.

"This interactive group appeals to all ages and keeps the crowd laughing, dancing and singing along for the entire show," the release said.

The Cat's Pajamas performs pop classics from the the 50s, 60s and 70s, including The Beatles, Wilson Pickett and Grand Funk Railroad. They also perform some contemporary artists such as Jason Mraz, Michael Buble and One Direction.

Besonen said, "I took a van full of students to a concert of theirs last year that the Ironwood vocal music program hosted at the Ironwood Theatre and the kids loved them."

"It will be awesome to have them performing in the Ontonagon Theater which is a great local performing venue," he said.

A large portion of the profits will be donated to the E-TC music program.

"All funds raised will be used to purchase instruments and music for the band and choir programs at E-TC," Besonen said.

Besonen also said those who want to help support the music program but are unable to attendcan donate their tickets to E-TC students.

The concert is on March 1 at 7 p.m. EST at the Ontonagon Theater on North Steel Street in Ontonagon.

For ticket purchases, call the E-TC school office at 906-813-0620, call Besonen at 906-231-0668 or purchase from any junior or senior high school band or choir student.

For more information about The Cat's Pajamas, visit or - Your Daily Globe

"The Cat’s Pajamas visit Sun Prairie"

The Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School a cappella group will have a unique experience on Thursday, March 5 when The Cat’s Pajamas stop in for a visit.
This is a great opportunity for students to see what’s beyond their school’s walls and realize singing can be a life-long journey, Andrew Estervig, CHUMS choir teacher, said.
It’s also a wake up call for them to realize the work that goes into being a professional singer, he said.
The a cappella group maintains a consistently high level of energy when they perform, and that’s a challenge for students who aren’t as comfortable moving to the music and being the center of attention, Estervig said.
The group does what it calls a Schools Tour in the wintertime, where they visit schools in the Midwest.
Sun Prairie is one stop in Wisconsin, where they also will visit schools in Appleton, Prairie Du Sac, Neilsville, Stoughton and West Bend.
The group’s goal is two fold.
“The first one is to inspire the kids to keep doing music in their lives… also, money wise,” Brian Skinner, the beats and bass vocalist in the group, said.
After working with kids for the day, they put on a concert. Half of the ticket proceeds go right back to the music program they worked with.
“It’s a way for us to give back and help out those choirs, even if it’s a few hundred dollars at the schools,” he said.
Skinner said he and the other singers in the five-piece group first learned to sing at school, just like these kids are, and they know every little bit helps music programs.
“A lot of budgets are also getting cut across the state so, us being successful in what we do, it gives us a chance to come in and work with the kids,” Skinner said.
The concert is an exciting, high-energy show full of arrangements from the Beatles and other classic rock melodies that everyone can enjoy, from elementary schoolers to retired people, Estervig said.
Last year, The Cat’s Pajamas gave $400 to CHUMS through the program, but, since last year’s performance was so last minute, they’re expecting a bigger turnout and turn around for this year, Estervig said.
Tickets the to the 7 p.m. concert on Thursday, March 5 at the Sun Prairie High School Performing Arts Center cost $7 for students and $12 for adults. They’re available the night of the show, but also online at
The Cat’s Pajamas first became known nationally after competing in an Oreo cookie and milk writing jingle where they placed in the top 10.
Since then, they’ve gathered an international fan base and frequently travel with cruise lines and perform at venues in Branson, Mo., and Atlantic City, N.J. - The Star

"Jammin’ in Jammies on Monday, March 9 with the Cat’s Pajamas"

By Daniel E. McGonigle
General Manager
The Caledonia Argus

Any pair will do.

Footie jammies, cotton two piece, one with characters, one without, any pair of pajamas worn to the Cat’s Pajama’s concert in Caledonia will yield three dollars off at the door.

“It is a little promotion as part of the concert,” Caledonia choir director Ross Martin said.

On Monday, March 9 at 7:30, the Cat’s Pajamas, an a cappella group based in Branson, Missouri will perform a show at the high school auditorium.

Without your jammies on, tickets will be $15 for adults and $12 for students. Come dressed for the occasion, and it will only set you back $12 for adults and $9 for students.

After expenses are covered from the show, the remaining funds will go towards the band and choir concert trip coming up at the end of the month.

The students will be headed to Nashville.

“This is our second year,” Martin noted. “They were so thrilled by the reception they received last year in Caledonia they said they wanted to stop here again on their current high school tour.

The Cat’s Pajamas

The Cat’s Pajamas vocal band is comprised of Skinner, Liam Ryan, Joshua David Evans, Donovan Germain and Michael Samsky.

Since 2005, the group has toured nationally and abroad and has brought their unique, high energy brand of a cappella to hundreds of thousands. - The Caledonia Argus

"Nationally Known A Cappella Group "The Cat's Pajamas" Inspires Lakeland Union High School Students"

Nationally known a cappella group "The Cat's Pajamas" inspires Lakeland Union choir students Submitted: 03/31/2016

MINOCQUA - When the ever-animated Brian Skinner lays down a bass line for his a cappella group, he relies on himself.

"There's no band, no instruments, no drum, no bass, nothing," Skinner said.

But the Wisconsin native knows he's just one piece of a five-part puzzle.

"We do fully depend on each other for pitch and rhythm and just listen to each other and creating music organically," Skinner said.

Thursday, Skinner's nationally known a cappella group, "The Cat's Pajamas", shared their voices with Lakeland Union High School. The group performs regularly at the Andy Williams Theater in Branson, MO. They also have done shows on cruise ships around the world.

Since forming at UW-Madison in 2005, Skinner has made a point of returning to the upper midwest every spring. His group visits schools to inspire students to keep music in their lives and to stress anyone can get their break at any time.

"It's definitely a different experience than a basic choir," Lakeland Union Senior and a cappella student Kayla Terry said.

Terry joined Lakeland's audition-only a cappella class this school year. She knows the early morning practices (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15 a.m.) can be tough, but seeing a group like the "Cat's" helps motivate her.

"There's more than this small town that we live in, there s more out there, there's more for us to go and achieve," Terry said.

"You listen to the radio [here] and it's all country and you get someone like this to come, it's just a good opportunity all around," senior Chris Hayashi said.

Skinner's group took time to share their varied career stories -- a former high school football player, an Argentinian, a country singer and a pianist -- and explained how they ended up as one group. Bringing "The Cat's Pajamas" to the Northwoods was an opportunity Lakeland's choir director, Kiernan Steiner, couldn't pass up.

"One thing can really light that fire for kids and people of all ages, so it's really great that I get to help these students find their passions through this music," Steiner said. Steiner says a capella singing has grown in popularity thanks to groups like "The Cat's Pajamas", "Straight No Chaser" and movies like "Pitch Perfect."

Those are passions Skinner's group knows don't always pan out. But they're ones that can be reached through a little self-reliance and, of course, plenty of teamwork.

"It's always good to have goals, but your path may go askew," Skinner said. "You never know where you're going to end up. No matter what you do in your lives, even if it's not music, do it with passion."

"The Cat's Pajamas" performed at Lakeland Union High School Thursday night. Proceeds from the show, short of transportation costs for the group, went back to LUHS for the school to use on it's choir trip to Chicago.
Story By: Lane Kimble - WJFW

"Watch: The Cat's Pajamas, Red Rose City Chorus and more sing at the Festival of Voices"

Janelle Janci, Staff Writer
The Cat's Pajamas, a touring a cappella group, wrapped up the 2016 Festival of Voices with a performance at Tellus360 on Sunday afternoon.

Music for Everyone's Festival of Voices, a three-day celebration of group singing, filled Lancaster with the sound of music this past weekend.

The festival kicked off Friday evening with a show at Trinity Lutheran Church featuring six different choirs. On Saturday, vocal workshops were held at Tellus360 and a documentary about singing screened at Zoetropolis.

This year's Festival of Voices wrapped up on Sunday with a 4 p.m. show at Tellus 360 featuring Lancaster Bible College Chamber Singers, Millersville University's Chromatic Expansion, The Red Rose City Chorus and the Cat's Pajamas. - LancasterOnline

"The Cat's Pajamas Entertain UWO"

The Cat’s Pajamas, an a cappella group of five, entertained all ages during their Students for Music-coordinated performance at UW Oshkosh on Feb. 26.
As part of their Music in the Schools tour, The Cat’s Pajamas were part of the UWO music department’s Chamber Art Series.

The Cat’s Pajamas was created in 2005, and has been featured on “America’s Got Talent” and NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” Along with touring [among] schools, the group performs on cruise lines.
Brian Skinner, founder of The Cat’s Pajamas and the group’s bassist, said the group enjoys performing at schools because it gives the band a chance to give back.
“It’s pretty rewarding performing for high schools and colleges because that’s where we all got our start in music,” Skinner said.
Skinner said the group likes the atmosphere schools provide when they perform.
“At colleges there’s a fresh energy we don’t get on our usual cruise tours,” Skinner said. “It gives us an energy you can hear in our sound.”
Skinner said he was particularly excited to perform at UWO because he wanted to redeem himself from his last performance, which was in 1996 with his heavy metal band, Front Line.
“I was a junior in high school and I think our band outnumbered the audience,” Skinner said.
Students for Music Vice President Erica Kennedy said The Cat’s Pajamas was the first vocal group part of the Chamber Art Series this year.
“They are an a cappella group who primarily stick[s] to pop tunes, even if [the singers] aren’t from our generation, while the rest of our groups play primarily classical music,” Kennedy said.
Skinner said even though the group focuses on Top 40 hits, they like to use a number of genres to influence their sound.
“We reinvent songs,” Skinner said. “I like to add Motown to a lot of what we do.”
In years past, Students for Music has brought in barbershop quartets to fill this slot in the series, but decided to change it up this year.
“This time around we found a group with more mainstream appeal compared to typical barbershop groups,” Students for Music President Thomas Campbell said.
Kennedy said another reason for bringing The Cat’s Pajamas to campus was to put a younger sound into the Chamber Art Series.
“They’re a fun group and are younger so I think students will be able to relate to them well,” Kennedy said.
Music student Gabrielle Hass said it was not just college students who enjoyed The Cat’s Pajamas.
“There were some younger people in the audience, like high school and middle school, who seemed to get a huge kick out of it,” Hass said.
Hass said she saw this during the performance as The Cat’s Pajamas encouraged audience participation and even pulled a woman on stage during a love medley.
“They focus very heavily on showmanship, with a lot of banter between songs,” Hass said.
Skinner said the most rewarding part of performing, 0is the people he meets on tour.
“We really enjoy meeting people who enjoy our music,” Skinner said. “Music is a great way to connect with people.”
Even after the show, Hass said the singers were still reaching out to the audience.
“They named this little seven-year-old girl an honorary member and it was adorable,” Hass said.
UWO music student Ryan Lindley said The Cat’s Pajamas loves to support students pursuing music.
“Over the years they have raised over $95,000 for music education,” Lindley said.
Lindley said this is what sets The Cat’s Pajamas apart from other musical groups.
“Their uniqueness comes from their work and support of music education rather than the fame and fortune,” Lindley said.
Overall, Skinner said the group’s goal is to make music an important part of young people’s lives.
“We’re trying to inspire students of all ages to keep music in their lives,” Skinner said. - Advance- Titan Student Newspaper



Every once in a while something special emerges onto the music scene and with the arrival of The Cat's Pajamas, there is no doubt that this explosive 5-man vocal band is taking the world by storm.  Forged out of funky beats and a strong a cappella background, The Cat's Pajamas - vocal band have toured internationally for the past 12 years wowing hundreds of thousands around the globe giving audiences the performance of a lifetime each night they take the stage.

The group got their start when they competed in the national OREO Cookie Jingle Competition which was hosted by Randy Jackson. They were selected as one of the top 10 finalists in the entire country and appeared briefly on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  They recently competed on NBC's Season 3 of the sing-off. They also competed in America's Got Talent in New York City and also rocked out on FOX's Next Great American Band where they proved that voices can in fact replicate a band when they finished in the top 30 groups out of a field of over 14,000. 

They have received high praise as guest entertainers onboard Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Oceania, Holland America and Disney Cruise Lines and have established a reputation as being one of the top acts not just on the high seas but anywhere in the world. They recently won the Chicago region of the Harmony Sweepstakes, and were named 'Branson's Best Group' for two consecutive years.  They performed over 200 shows a year for 5 years in a row.  Were chosen to headline and be featured in the Andy Williams Christmas Spectacular at the Moon River Theatre in Branson, MO, as well as touring many Performing Arts Centers, and over 200 High Schools and Colleges throughout the US.

The Cat's Pajamas are currently headlining the city of Virginia Beach's Beach Street USA this summer and will be performing at ComicCom in Madison, WI. 

2018 - Featured on PBS's 'Doo-Wop Generation' TV special currently airing nationwide, 

Casinos: 3 months headlining the main showroom at Mohegan Sun's - Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, Jumer's Casino in the Quad Cities, Par-a-dice casino in Peoria's New Years Eve Bash, and Lac View Desert among others.

Awards: Chicago Winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes 2013, 'Branson's Best Group' 2011 & 2012

Accomplishments:  Have sold over 35,000 CDs/downloads.   Have been performing full time for the past 12 years. 

Performance Format: Can perform up to a 2 hour show of different styles, genres and decades of music. . . all a cappella. Can also perform a 45 minute Doo-Wop show, Current Pop Radio, or Motown show. 

Gear: Can travel with all wireless sound gear, speakers and if needed can also travel with full lighting.  

Band Members