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moira smiley & VOCO

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Folk World


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Warrnambool Standard '11"

“This is a real coup for our region (Camperdown, Australia) for a group of this caliber coming because they’d be in the top 10 or 20 in the world for what they’re doing.” - Concert Review

"KBAQ FM Phoenix, Arizona"

“If you like thought provoking vocals with an organic creative edge and one hundred percent heart, you’ll love moira smiley & VOCO.” - Jane Hilton, KBAQ FM

"L.A. Alternative Press"

Improvisational musicians Moira Smiley and VOCO weave banjo, cello and just a hint of funkiness into a night of unforgettable and unusual music. - Calendar

"LA Weekly (Los Angeles) '09"

Modern volkish radiance via the inestimable talents of Moira Smiley, Jess Basta, Jessica Catron and Christine Enns with banjo, accordion and body percussion. Acoustic body music (ABM)? It's about time! (David Cotner) - Modern Volkish Radiance

"Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC Canada) '07"

The wonder isn’t that Smiley’s work is so diverse…it’s that it’s so coherent – a quality she ascribes to her training in the classics. She’s also a gifted arranger. Named American national a cappella champions at 2007 Harmony Sweepstakes competition…an honour that …clearly indicates she’s on the right path.
The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, 11.15.07
- Feature Article 2007

"7 Days (Burlington, VT) '08"

World folk fans, take note: moira smiley & VOCO harness high-voltage harmonies with Smiley’s signature vocal arrangements. Not afraid to mix Bartok with street-singing – a genre-bending world tour of rootsy tunes. EXPECT GOOSEBUMPS.
Seven Days, Burlington, VT, 8.8.07
- Seven Days Newspaper

"Sing Out Magazine ('07)"

Review of "Blink"
Cushioned layers of vocals in complex arrangements that defy any easy categorization. That’s part of the album’s charm. Lovingly executed, cleverly thought out, it’s something that works well…instruments and electronics are used judiciously to enhance the voices rather than outshine them, but the record never feels minimal; if anything, it’s quite full. Bottom line is…it works. A very satisfying listen.
Sing Out Magazine, Fall 2007
- Sing Out

"Palo Alto Daily News '07"

moira smiley & VOCO return a sense of wonder to vocalizing, with amazing harmonies and a rapturous rendering of global musical cultures. Classical, folk and Eastern European influences, cello and banjo weave nuanced counterpoint to superb singing.
Palo Alto Daily News, 4.27.07
- Concert Review

"Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) '08"

Throughout, the coalescing of harmonies and contrapuntal parts was remarkable, ever true to pitch. A capella songs alternated with those accompanied by cello or banjo. Sacred balanced against secular expressions of everyday life. Smiley’s singular capabilities at composing, arranging and singing were clearly in evidence,the concert was nothing but praiseworthy – near perfect.
The Herald Times, Bloomington, IN, 5.20.08
- HT

"Los Angeles Times '06"

“…Charlie Campagna's score seduces you with an impressive array of textures and rhythms that artfully exploit the resources of four-channel audio and, especially, the improvisational capabilities of vocalists Jessica Basta and Moira Smiley.” ~Los Angeles Times, January 2006 (Review of Trip Dance Theatre’s Breath and Bone, in collaboration with VOCO) - feature article

"Folkworks Magazine '05"

“This is a truly phenomenal act, combining the energy of urban street singing with first-rate musicianship and folk roots and traditions from throughout the world. Their body percussion sets are a sight to behold.” ~Folkworks Magazine, April 2005
- Lawrence Wines

"Dirty Linen"

"Their (VOCO’s) focused, high energy a cappella moves seamlessly from Macedonia...Bulgaria, Africa, Native America to Uncle Sammy doo-wop.” ~Dirty Linen, September 2005 - listings


Small Worlds (Release Aug. 1, '09) : Circle, Square, Diamond & Flag (Live EP, released Oct.'08) : Blink (full-length CD, '06)



moira smiley & VOCO is a visionary blend of voices - redefining harmony singing with the power & physicality of folksong, the avant-garde fearlessness of Bela Bartok and the delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, accordion and body percussion. Moira Smiley leads an ensemble of extraordinary musicians who share a passion for spreading powerful, emotional music with lush four-part vocal harmony, cello, accordion and banjo. Original improvisation-built songs steeped in Appalachia and Eastern Europe. Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, VOCO is the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet. Featured in Dirty Linen Magazine and on nationwide on NPR's "Harmonia", VOCO is sweet, hard-driving Americana mixed with crooked eastern European dance and dissonance. It's all rounded out with body-stompin' percussive movement and joyous, magnificent, hair-raising harmonies - music that mourns and dances at the same time. Called "a truly phenomenal act" by Folkworks Magazine, "fascinating and multi-lingual" by the LA Times. "Their body percussion sets are a sight to behold!".