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A women's a cappella ensemble performing original music with universal heart, Jewish soul and social conscience.


Vocolot brings a joyous fusion of folk, jazz and cantorial vocal traditions into the contemporary a cappella world. Their music, rooted in universal heart, social conscience and Jewish soul, communicates a powerful vision of world peace and reconciliation.

Vocolot sings in English, Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish, and Arabic, blending lush harmonies, soaring melodies and global percussion in original works and new renderings of ancient songs and texts.
Vocolot is a California Arts Council Touring Artist and performs internationally, uplifting and enthralling audiences of all ages with songs of celebration, community and Jewish heritage.

Vocolot has released four critically acclaimed recordings: "Heart Beat" (2002), their newest album, which won CARA Awards for Best Album and Best Song (La Comida); "Behold!" (1997), which was nominated for best World/Folk album by the Contemporary A Cappella Society; "Roots And Wings" (1992); and "Gather Round" (1989).


"Heart Beat" (2002)
"Behold!" (1997)
"Roots And Wings" (1992)
"Gather Round" (1989)