Oakland, California, USA
BandWorldA Capella

Vocolot enchants audiences worldwide with their lush vocal harmonies and global percussion, singing in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic and Ladino. Their music has deep roots in Jewish, Folk and Eastern European traditions and communicates a powerful vision of world peace and reconciliation.


Vocolot brings a joyous fusion of folk, jazz and cantorial vocal traditions into the contemporary a cappella world. Their music, rooted in universal heart, social conscience and Jewish soul, communicates a powerful vision of world peace and reconciliation. Vocolot weaves gorgeous lush harmonies with global percussion into original songs and new renderings of ancient texts in 5 languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and Ladino (the ancient language of the Sephardic Jews). A multi-year member of the California Arts Council Touring Artist Roster, Vocolot performs in world music festivals, folk and rock clubs, synagogues and community centers around the U.S. Vocolot performed in London and Nottingham in 2000 and performed twice at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam in 2008 and 2009.


Vocolot has released four critically acclaimed recordings: "Heart Beat" (2002), which won CARA Awards for Best Album and Best Song (La Comida); "Behold!" (1997), which was nominated for best World/Folk album by the Contemporary A Cappella Society; "Roots And Wings" (1992); and "Gather Round" (1989).
Vocolot has been heard on world music and folk radio shows in the Bay Area and around the U.S., and got national radio exposure (via streaming) by being one of very few music groups to perform live on the public radio political talk show "Forum" on KQED.

Set List

Vocolot typically performs either one set of about 1 hour and 15 minutes or two 40- to 45-minute sets. We vary the set list according to the needs of the venue and audience and the time of year. Some songs we might do include:
* Lo Yisa Goy (Study War No More - original arrangement of traditional Israeli folk song, sung in English and Hebrew woven with Middle Eastern percussion)
* Heartbeat - original song in English
* Et Dodim (The Time for Lovers) - original arrangement of traditional Middle Eastern song with text from the Song of Songs, sung in Hebrew
* These Hands - original song in English - a moving celebration of women's strength
* Guide Me - original arrangement of traditional American Appalachian tune, sung in English
Not By Might - original song based on ancient text - sung in English, Arabic and Hebrew
* Los Bilbilicos - a lush and unique original vocal arrangement of one of the most famous songs from the Ladino music tradition (ancient music of the Sephardic Jews fro