Vodas is a four piece power house jamming out some chunky and edgy grooves with a thick rhyth-matic growl much in the same vein as Perl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.


From the edge of the valley to the Vancouver shores, VODAS is a growing musical phenomenon and to their growing groups of devoted fans, the party begins when VODAS arrives.

This four piece power house began with guitarist & singer Iain Mccomb, and drummer Ryan Rakose, jamming out some chunky and edgy grooves in Iain's basement. With their strong musical connection, they realized they needed to find a bass player, that could match their powerful, agressive sound. As fate would have it, they met their match Brendon Brady, thru a mutual friend. Bradys thick rythmatic growl was a perfect fit to Iains chunky guitar playing & edgy vocals and Ryans in-the-pocket groove. VODAS was born.

Spurred on by their fans demand for recordings of their original tunes, VODAS wrote and recorded a 5 track EP Better Things To Do.
Thru fine tuning their writing in the studio, VODAS focused on both melodic and grinding guitars and decided to add a fourth member to compliment their developing musical style. Guitarist Tyson Garner was added as the fourth member to bring a further punch to the bands original sound.
Since then VODAS has performed their own style of melodic edgy provocative rock and are pounding out their sound, playing everything from All-Ages shows to Rock Benefits supporting local causes.VODAS is a force that grips the audience, commands their attention and keeps them coming back for more.


Better thing to do EP

1. Better things to do
2. Riot
3. The Big Wigs did it
4. endless thoughts
5. Insane
6. Clear
Produced by Mike Brady
Mixed by Scott Cook
Mastered by Creg O'dell

Record at Vogville, and Green house studios.

Take a listen at myspace.com/vodas