Josh Vogeler

Josh Vogeler

 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Raw, rhythmic, road trippin', festival footin', river rompin' acoustic music. Josh Vogeler is a multi-talented drummer, guitarist and soulfully energetic songwriter based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Josh's main solo instrument is a 10-string acoustic guitar. He often uses his acoustic guitar body as a percussion instrument in accompaniment to his finger-picked melodies, creating a unique background of rhythm and tone over which his voice can dig to the heart of the inspiration at hand.


Josh Vogeler is a song farmer and multi-instrumentalist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Performing primarily on a 10-string acoustic guitar, he digs into the soul of his songs with a percussive passion. Nature, adventure, and healing for the folk spirit are Josh's common lyrical inspirations, sometimes sung within contagious melodies or rhythmically delivered through spoken word poems. Josh is stylistically inspired by the common folk essence he's discovered within celebrations of modern North American subcultures such as bluegrass, punk, rock, hip-hop, reggae, blues, jazz, drum circles and rave culture. Josh calls his music "Folkedelic", literally meaning "Manifesting Folk", honoring worldwide ancestral knowledge and human-nature bonds.
Josh Vogeler currently resides in Fort Collins, a mecca of talented Colorado musicians and farmers working together to create one groovy community. The Rocky Mountains have been his home gigging territory since moving from Missouri with the band Jitney Ride in 2002. Josh has performed as a solo singer songwriter guitarist, sit-in session percussionist, and full time drummer with The Holler! from 2008-2011. In 2011 they recorded the album, Gratitude, which continued to chart on KRFC's top spins through 2012, with Josh's song Good People Strange Places receiving frequent airplay. Josh has played percussion onstage with national acts such as The White Rabbits, Driftwood Fire, Te' V Smith, Genetics, and members of Dark Star Orchestra, Great American Taxi, and Leftover Salmon. He has traveled extensively and jammed with small town locals from Argentina to Alaska. His youthful musical experimentation occurred in damp St. Louis basements and around Ozark riverside campfires. His formal training occurred in school orchestras, marching band, jazz bands, percussion ensembles, and as a singer and drummer for the high school's touring competition choirs. Josh obtained a BS degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from the University of Missouri before moving to Colorado. Josh's diversity of life experiences has always left him slightly on the edge of any definition, a city boy to the country folk and a country boy to the city folk.


Josh Vogeler- RiverMutt EP, 2009
HandPicked Holler!- Road To Gemini, 2009
Josh Vogeler & friends- Good People Strange Places, 2005
Otherwise Unknown- Elevated Music, 2002

Set List

Original compositions- Prism, Rain, Easily Forgotten, Conflicting Intentions, Wrong Reasons, Medicine, Cold Mountain Water, Places, Ticket, Sky Minds, Here is Fine, Mina Sauk Falls, Drought, Lost, Right Town, Smoke, Elevated Music, Bluff, Hung Up, Sacrifice I, Questions, Leaving Things Behind, Guest, Dasein, Double String Blues...

I also perform acoustic renditions of songs by artists such as Willie Nelson, The Pharcyde, John Hartford, Morphine, Grateful Dead, Blackalicious, Little Feat, Leon Russell, Bob Dylan, Gnarles Barkley, Ween...