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Aylmer, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Aylmer, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Folk Children's Music




"World Premiere Song and Music Video: vogelJoy 100 Ways For Me To Get To You"

I properly adore “100 Ways For Me To Get To You”, a sing-songy number from vogelJoy, the Canadian family band who’s been making sweet music together for more than a few years now. And I’m pleased as punch to present to you its world premiere song and music video!

Folks up in America’s hat already know vogelJoy well and with any luck this wonderful new song evoking dusty memories of early 80′s Sesame Street (much in the same way that Lori Henriques’ new album does) will hopefully serve as the perfect introduction to U.S. families looking for charming music to play for and sing with their wee ones.

“100 Ways For Me To Get To You” is a transportation love song that wouldn’t at all sound out of place being performed by Big Bird and Elmo, with Barkley bouncing around in the background. Ok, wait a sec, that last sentence made it sound as if the family loves transportation (and maybe they do) but what does come through in spades in the song is a strong affinity for each other and that no distance is too great to reunite long lost loved ones via myriad travel means — anyone up for a hot air balloon ride? How about a voyage on a pirate ship?

To celebrate the release of the song and video, we thought we’d ask vogelJoy where “100 Ways” came from. Here’s what they had to say:

“Every year, vogelJoy packs up the van and heads on an extended 3 or 4-week road trip through northern Ontario and the western provinces of Canada.

Last summer on one such road trip, Terry (AKA Mr. vogelJoy) was riding shotgun, since Kimberly was driving a long stretch between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay. A thought struck him: How come Sophie has no exciting solos, while Louisa and Oliver have lots of front-and-centre stage time?

On the road, seeing friends, putting on concerts and the seed for “100 Ways for Me to Get to You” was planted. A fun song about how friends find a hundred different ways to spend time together.

vogelJoy has found themselves traveling for shows and seeing friends all over the place! They’ve been found singing on a ferry to Manitoulin Island, riding horses in Uruguay, cramming into taxis in Montevideo, subways in Chile, buses in Peru, bicycles through Argentinian wine country, and in planes, trains, and automobiles! Whew! There really are 100 ways!”

Fun fact about vogelJoy recording “100 Ways For Me To Get To You”: 11-year-old Louisa and 8-year-old Oliver really wanted to sing on the song even though it was supposed to be just for 6-year-old Sophie, so they get to jump up and join in on the chorus and play the kazoo part! :) Everyone in the family really likes this song!

- See more at: http://cooperandkid.com/catch/art-entertainment/world-premiere-song-music-video-vogeljoy-100-ways-get/#sthash.m6KgFxXS.ThLjfEZR.dpuf - Cooper and Kids

"Three Cheers For vogelJoy!!!"

I first heard of the family band vogelJoy in December 2013 when they preformed at our local homeschool groups Gym Time just before Christmas. At first I thought that the children were just going to love our special guest during gym time and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show.

The animated show was chalked full of action, rounds, catchy songs that got my toes tapping and body moving, not to mention that I joined in singing with the memorable songs. To watch the joy on the children's faces as they could not resist getting up and dancing to the musical stylings of vogelJoy.

How did the name vogelJoy come about? You should really check out the story about that on their website here. I can tell you that vogelJoy is pronounced fogelJoy because it is vogel is German for bird. That is the only hint I am giving you about the name.

VogelJoy has recently settled back at home in Elgin County after a trip to South America and are playing their fun and animated music for the whole family at a venue near you.

Now I didn't write this post to tell you how great vogelJoy is well maybe I did a little bit but I wanted to share with you this wonderful video that Kimberley and her husband Terry did this past weekend. It is bound to bring a smile to your face just as it did with me and my family. I will set the scene it was -10*C without the windchill and it was indeed windy and they were in the backyard of their home by their pool enjoying the snow falling from the sky creating a beautiful landscape for their video. Now on to the video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5OD5vqCtVw - AnnMarie Brown

"Eric Nagler Review of Album "A Friend Like You" 2012"

"I am very impressed with the arrangements and production values. The variety of styles and excellent musicianship keeps the music alive."

-- Eric Nagler (4 time Best Children's Album Juno Nominee, The Elephant Show Eric's World) - Eric Nagler


Still working on that hot first release.



vogelJoy formed in 2010 when Kimberly & Terry wanted to include their children Louisa, Oliver and Sophie in their musical adventures of performing, writing, rehearsing, meeting new people and fun.  Since then they have spread their love of music and family through their musical kids shows across Ontario and even other parts of Canada.  

2015 has brought some of the band's best music yet!  Their single "100 Ways for Me to Get to You" was released with a very colourful and kid loving music video that brings smiles to all and that watch and sing-a-long.  "100 Ways for Me to Get to You" has already been celebrated as having that sweet Vintage Sesame Street vibe --  a noteworthy review (see press section) as well as plays on a Kindie Music podcast.  More notable music is found in their album “A Friend Like You” (2012) and the single “Honk! Honk! Honk!” (2014).

vogelJoy sings at fairs, festivals and special events all across Ontario and parts of Canada. Several recent highlights include Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival 2014, Stratford Ontario’s Swan Festival 2014, Guelph’s Hillside Music Festival 2012, Carp Fair, giant and enthusiastic house concerts in Langenburg Saskatchewan and concerts across the Canadian Prairies including the Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg (2014).

Their album, A Friend Like You received great reviews including one by one of their very own favourite Children’s entertainers Eric Nagler!
“I am very impressed with the arrangements and production values. The
variety of styles and excellent musicianship keeps the music alive.”
--Eric Nagler, 4 time Best Children's Album Juno Nominee, The Elephant Show Eric's World

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