Bitches On Bikes (aka Voice Controller Kristi)
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Bitches On Bikes (aka Voice Controller Kristi)


Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Temporary Internet Files" Docksland Session EP (record label commissioned by national Radio 3)
1.Away from home
2.Breakfast with you
4.Melting your soul
5.T.I.F (remixed by Bunio)

Brockley Boogie Record Ep (unreleased)

Voice Controller Kristi Demo (
1.Cubana Electronica
2.For Us
3.Song 4 my Girls

'Plinth' Live soundtrack score Commissioned by Up Projects for the South-East Festival of Art 09
music production/composition/live peformance for AV show with MOTH
De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

Voice Controller Kristi Demo
1.Karma Tour
4.Too Much
5.Who am I
6.Sweet Little Moments

soundtrack for "J18 Global Carnival Against Capital" directed by David Wheeler

Voice Controller Kristi 2010 Demo (
1. Bluess
2.. Calling Me
3.Love Midi
4.Check This Out
5.Fairy Tale
6.Tooth Fairy feat.Fishmeister
7.Waiting For You feat.Fishmeister

Bitches On Bikes Demo (
1. Burning
2.Butterfly Circus



Since 2004 based in London, developing a solo project "Voice Controller Kristi". My live act incorporates Korg Kaos Pad, laptop with Ableton Live and Reactor, Kaossilator and MIDI controllers as well a range of voice-modulating effects: I`m expressing myself, the way I feel at the present moment, through the electronic devices. Music is the biggest influence in the course of my life. I've been learning music since I was 7 years old.  I'm sensitive to everyday sounds as musical elements: a traffic noise, kids on the playground, speech, nature... I try to take recordings from real life and use them as samples for my tracks. The rhythms of life becomes tunes in my head and find their way to my recording studio. Her music training started way back when she was 7 years old, when she enrolled in piano lessons in the Music Academy in Badkowo, Poland. After 6 years she graduated at Level 4. From 1998 as a member of  Colony of Artists, based in a 40-hectare shipyard in Gdansk, she produced exhibitions, movie reviews, fashion shows, music concerts, and international outdoor expos. At the same time she was DJing and fronting bands across Europe, collaborating with producers, ranging in style from jazz, electronica and electro-acoustic as a composer and singer, as well as teaching music workshops for young people covering live software/hardware manipulation for electronic performance. She curated AV exhibitions uniting international installation artists from Berlin, London, Budapest and Poland, who were familiar with Art collective through the pages of Colony Art, an arts journal that Kristi published and distributed in clubs and galleries throughout Gdansk, and online.

From 2007 she have moonlighted as a producer of multimedia performance events in London with Cybersonica and Future of Sound, giving sonic arts demonstrations and sharing her practice with audiences around the UK. Styles influencing her signature sound stem from collaborations with practitioners in various genres of music from opera singer Nora, dub step producer Simon Dell, Malaysian guitarists, traditional African instruments and experimental electronica. In 2003 she released an EP on a Polish record label commissioned by national  Radio 3, with band "Temporary Internet Files". Currently completing an album due for release in early 2011 featuring samples recorded across Europe in 2008, including Portuguese artists "Fado", Spain - "Flamenco", France- drums by Lukas, Hungarian- hip hop mc, Germany- nature sounds.

Since 2008 collaborating with video producer Sonia Vera "Oddscene" and from 2009 with "MOTH" Shaun O'Connor and Ed Firth. It`s an mutual collaboration preparing a live performance of sound and vision, or 'live cinema'. I`m performing live with the improvisation of my voice and own lyrics, singing, looping voice and adding live FX, controlling the voice in real-time over Kaoss Pad, coloring and accenting the music, following a sensation or crafting an atmosphere incrementally. Music is performed live from several electronic devices set up in time with the visuals: live electronic cinema.

Last year she formed electro girls band called Bitches On Bikes. A fluidic female collaboration founded in London consisting of Polands own voice controller Kristi (music producer/vocalist) Oddscene from Spain (Visual Projection) and Warrior from the U.S (digital percussion).B.O.B's music is created by Voice Controller Kristi.

Since August 2010 in collaboration with Studio 3 Arts a a freelancer musician/music production, singing tutor .

At the present working as a freelancer music producer composing soundtracks for documentary movies and theater shows. Recently moved to Berlin to work as a general  composer and music producer of  the Opera project "Queen", includes live African drums, bowls from Nepal,  female and male opera voice as well electronic production. An audio visual live performance including sensors costumes, live choreographic lighting, hologram/motion system as well lighting design with a customize controller for the UV light.