Voice In The Dark

Voice In The Dark

 Solana Beach, California, USA

Voice In The Dark is an artist with a message. The mission of Voice In The Dark's music is to touch and inspire the human soul. The sound is fresh and the deep lyrics are delivered by a vocalist with a passion that resonates among all types of listeners. Enjoy the journey!


Since his first release in 2009 entitled Gaia, Voice In The Dark has enjoyed a steady growth of fans and media exposure via his website, social media, and a variety of music sites including Sonic Bids. While currently promoting his latest set, called ‘Best Of’ , which was released in November of 2010, and contains 2 cuts from each of his previous records, Voice In The Dark spends the other half of his time in the studio working on new material for his Vibes-Grooves-Interludes series which is a bit more electronic/EDM but still with an emphasis on vocals and lyrics.

After 10 years of working behind the scenes in the industry, Arrow, a singer/songwriter/music producer, had begun to feel like a voice trapped in the dark.

With a catalog of well over 100 songs, in mid July of 2008, Arrow set out to produce a musical series that would capture the essence of a message that had dominated his song writing for years. After about 12 months of being enjoyably locked away in the studio, by August 1st 2009 Arrow/aka Voice In The Dark had written and produced a four album 40 song series he was destined to call “Voice In The Dark”.

All of this artist’s songs are created solely by Voice In The Dark. While his original influences range from strong male vocal based acts like Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Seal, Morrissey and U2, there is also an underlying sonic element that comes from Voice In The Dark’s love for electronic acts like Moby, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada and Massive Attack.
Voice In The Dark’s audiences are sure to get a full dose of heartfelt emotions addressing a wide range of message-oriented topics that are both ‘touching and inspiring’.


Best Of
Released in November 2010, this album is an 8 song set containing 2 tracks from each of the 4 previous album releases.

Gaia Album
The inspiration driving the creation of Gaia comes from a calling to love our mother earth, remember that it is our responsibility to help others in need, and how vital it is for us to believe in ourselves.

Etheric Album
Etheric looks to impart the value of forgiveness, highlight the truth about personal strength, and rekindle the joy of sharing wisdom. This album also reminds us to take a little time out of our busy schedules to reflect on the magic of our existence and the beauty of our surroundings.

Phoneme Album
This album starts out like a call-to-arms. Songs like "Fight For Life", and "How Can We" stress how necessary it is for us to stay in touch with our instinctual need to protect and value life. Next, Phoneme poses the question: "If nature could speak, how would she sound?". This message is intended to give the listener a chance to ponder humanity from the perspective of our earth and nature itself.
Lastly, Phoneme takes a look at our immortality and the struggle to understand ourselves and our place in this ever expanding universe.

Hikari Album
This album is best described as unpredictable. From instrumental sonic landscapes to full ensemble ethnic chants, Hikari is loaded with twists and turns. Songs like "God Only Knows", "Spread The Vibe Around", and "Beautiful" are singles that explore deep subjects created to inspire the listener to expand her consciousness. Some of the tracks on this album like "Bow Down", and "Help Me Now" are left to the listener to decipher their meanings. These songs are intended to engage and stimulate the mind while eliciting some darker but important emotions. Hikari is the last album of the Voice In The Dark Collection, and is the perfect addition to this 40 song series.

Set List

Our set list consists of 15 original songs and is about 50 minutes long. These songs are mostly the singles taken from the 4 album series.

1. Can You Believe (Gaia)
2. How Can We (Phoneme)
3. Let's Not Forget (Gaia)
4. Fight For Life (Phoneme)
5. Heaven (Etheric)
6. Stop (Gaia)
7. Hold The Line (Etheric)
8. God Only Knows (Hikari)
9.Secret Road (Etheric)
10. Let Go (Etheric)
11. Injustice Tonight (Phoneme)
12. Beautiful (Hikari)
13 If Nature Could Speak (Phoneme)
14. Do You Want To Know (Phoneme)
15. What Does It Add Up To (Phoneme)