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Voice In The Wire



Rising from the ashes of what was Pittsburgh PA's Teddy Duchamp’s Army, Voice in the Wire has become its own free standing entity. Plagued by frequent member changes and differences in commitment, the hard working Teddy Duchamp’s Army played their last show at Pittsburgh’s D.I.Y. venue, The Roboto Project, in March of 2003 with their good friend Jeff Kopanic, of Pittsburgh PA's Tabula Rasa, filling in on drums.  With plans to record a full-length for Eyeball Records, and things seemingly heading in the right direction, it was a rough decision, but the band went its separate ways.

When music means the world to you, quitting is never an option...

The practices leading up to that last show would be the foundation of what was to come. Shortly after the fall of Teddy Duchamp’s Army, Mike Rock (guitar), Stephen McMillen (guitar), and Jake Reinhart (bass) went back to their practice space and began writing songs. Soon thereafter, Jeff Kopanic (drums) and Zack Furness (vocals) found their way up the slopes of Pittsburgh’s South Side and into the warehouse where Voice in the Wire formed. In August 2003, the band relocated to a house in South Oakland; the birthplace of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino...and current home of Dan Rock — computer nerd, motley dude, and roadie extraordinaire.

Six months of turmoil in their personal lives encouraged Voice in the Wire to take a fresh and more mature approach to writing, and their new material conveys that transformation. Their new songs combine the spirit and aggression of punk rock with catchy melodies, sing-along choruses, and technical musicianship that echoes Jeff’s collection of Rush and Steely Dan albums and Steve’s fetish for all things guitar.

With this new collection of songs and a passionate commitment to music, Voice in the Wire and the fine folks at Eyeball agreed that releasing a record would be quite a fine idea.  The Eyeball family welcomed them (once again) with open arms.

Most recently, the band completed work on their Eyeball debut "Signals In Transmission".  Voice in the Wire worked with engineer/producer/analog alchemist D. James Goodwin, along with the help of digital dynamo Sean Price at Rhinebeck NY's Clubhouse studio.  The album was committed to tape in a mere 8 days in February of 2004 and is slated for release on September 14, 2004.  The band is currently touring in support of the record across the US.


EYB037 - Voice In The Wire "Signals In Transmission" CD (Eyeball records)