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Voice Rock is a combination of OutKast, Jurassic 5, and Atmosphere. Southern and urban with that underground feel, but ready to break out to the masses. Armed with quality beats, Voice Rock has cool, truthful, and well thought out approach to his music.


Voice Rock is a twenty six year old hip hop artist hailing from east Dallas. He has been crawling through the local Dallas underground scene since 1999, when he joined his first band, the rap-rock group 42nd Theory. Over the past few years he has molded and solidified his sound on Texas hip hop compilations such as "DFW Allstars" and "Texas Hip Hop Massacre". In 2003 the public got their first taste of the rapper Voice Rock is today with the release of his first solo effort, "The Miles is Dead EP". This disc is far above the bar for a first release, as Voice Rock dishes out a confident and effortless flow over a wide array of quality beats. Club bangers, nitty gritty tracks for the hardcore fans, and crossover hits that could be played on almost any FM radio station, all of these genres are are represented on this EP. Voice Rock is currently at work on his monster follow up album, "Growing Pains", slated for 2007.
Voice Rock attributes his intelligent and soulful approach towards his music to artists like Miles Davis, KRS-1, and OutKast.
Voice Rock is set to make an impact on the current state of hip hop, and swing the trend away from it being more about the image than the music. Oozing charisma when he takes the stage, he is instantly liked becaue he is honest, funny, and his music speaks to people. Always putting on a good show for the fans is his number one priority, and out of that mind set has emerged a talent that cannot be denied.


The Miles is Dead EP, 2003
"Voice for President" from The Miles is Dead EP has received radio airplay.

Set List

Typical sets range from one to one and a half hours and will include songs from The Miles is Dead EP, unreleased singles, and covers. Songs from The Miles is Dead EP will include "Voice for President", "Billy Constellation", "I'm Serious", "Country Song", and "Return to Sender". Unreleased singles include crowd favorites like "Say Word" and "I'm Ill". And covers can range anywhere from Jay-Z to Nirvana to the Toadies.