Voices of Faith

Voices of Faith

 Utica, New York, USA

We are a group that performs traditional and contemporary styles of Gospel music. We implement other genres of music such as jazz and R&B. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing the joy of what we do with you.


The innovative idea for Minister Jimmy Jackson and Voices of Faith is to curb violence such as alcoholism, drugs, gangs, hatred and sexual crimes among diverse groups throughout the nation with a specific music genre. We aspire to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and unite them in the spirit of peace through singing together. In this wealth of company we will bring about rejuvenation of the human spirit and inspirational sounds of harmony that will give promise to everyone that listens. Voices of Faith was formed to bring forth an innovative presentation of traditional and contemporary sounds of gospel with the flavor of jazz and blues. Our goal is to educate the youth that prosperity can be found in wholesome lyrics. We are striving to connect with communities to continue to raise the awareness of the history of Gospel music that our pioneers have trail blazed.
For bookings please contact: Oare Beyah - Manager Telephone: (315) 792-9023 Email: oare@verizon.net

Set List

"Trust in the Lord"
"What God has for, it is for me"
"There is no way"
"He's been good"
"He brought me out"
"I'm sold out"
"I owe him all"
"I need you"
"Glory Hallelujah"
"Since he came"
"Call him up"

Also hymns like "Amazing Grace"
Voices of faith runs a set usually 45 - 60 minutes