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VOICEsVOICEs are a two piece atmospheric instrumental experience, a warm seductive edgy ambient experience, they sound like the inside of a rather intriguing gallery that may have a few things hidden in the darker recesses. Sonic waves of color textured sounds from two lovely Angelenos.


VOICEsVOICEs create a sempiternal space filled with sounds and imagery that defy what they've been taught, and challenge what you know. A captivating experiment where two drummers, knowing nothing of the machines and instruments they chose to adopt, construct such hauntingly beautiful music, they awaken even your most subconscious dreams and aversions. A sort of existential realization can occur when these two lovely girls envelope you in their rapturous style of melodic, and at times, rough soundscapes.

Fresh off their West Coast Tour they are working on a full length due out later this year.

VOICEsVOICEs put in long hours volunteering for the 'No On Prop 8' campaign - a band who is about more than just their own success. They even hosted a 'Repeal Prop 8' benefit show at The Smell earlier this month that raised money for Courage Campaign and Equality California.


Sounds Outside EP

Set List

About 4 - 5 songs each around 6 min with some varying. With some improv in between.