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The best kept secret in music


"Interview: Voicst - A whimsical trio"


These days it doesn’t seem very common for a band to build up a live-reputation before releasing a debut-album. Amsterdam-based trio Voicst were never in a hurry. From the year 2001 they started playing every stage possible, building up reputation show by show, supporting bands like Ikara Colt, Millionaire and Nada Surf and even playing at prestigious festivals like Lowlands and CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Then, when their full length debut ‘11-11’ was finally released at the end of 2004, Voicst and their smoking ADHD-rock were already on the tips of many tongues.

‘In my opinion many bands have released their first albums much to soon’, comments singer and guitar-player Tjeerd Bomhof, 'We didn’t wait because of strategic reasons. We only wanted to record when it felt right to do so'. He forms Voicst with bass-player and singer Sven Woodside and drummer Joppe Molenaar.

‘11-11’ was worth the wait. It was recorded during long hours (that explains the title) in a studio in New York with producer Eli Janney. Compared to their live-sound the songs have become more structured and dynamic, revealing some very catchy choruses (‘Whatever You Want from Life’ or ‘And You Taste Like Something’s Wrong’). Overall the album got a good reception, though some of the critics noted that it lacked the raw live-energy that the band became so well known for. Tjeerd: 'We never had in mind to turn the amplifiers up to ten and simulate a live-sound. Everything had to sound good and we wanted to experiment. The process of making an album had to be exiting and to some point unknown to us, like an adventure. That’s why we wanted to go to New York.'

Voicst recently released the single Dazzled Kids (along with a hilarious video-clip) and headed for America for a lengthy club-tour. ‘11-11’ will also be officially released in Spain and non-album track ‘Acts of Fire’ is being used for a commercial by American television station AMC Network. But Tjeerd, an unstoppable moving target on stage, soberly makes no predictions about the future: 'We have whimsical personalities. Sven has just entered his country & western period and Joppe listens to Slipknot. But for our next record we might also do hippie songs on a deserted island. As long as it appeals to us.' MJR
(pictures Behnam Bornak ©2004)

- Dutchsound.nl


Heineken and Tapvat
Great online experience of Heineken Tapvat, a good extension of the current tv-commercial. In the Heineken Tapvat campaign the Dutch band Voicst is playing a central role. In the tv-commercial the fans of Voicst are part of the concept. The online experience goes a little step further. With the use of Google Maps everybody is challenged to find the locations of the live performances of Voicst. To find it, you'll not only need to have a good geographical knowledge, but also have to listen to a radiosignal. Based on the quality of the radio signal, the distance to the location of the live performance is determined.

• 03-21-2006 - Voicst appear on national daytime TV show and chart in at No.2 on popular Spanish radio station
Voicst track 'Dazzled Kids' has charted at No.2 at Bidebieta Irratia (92.9FM)....popular radio station based in the Vasque Country. Other News just in... Voicst will appear tomorrow on a well known Dutch TV show, 'De Wereld Draait Door' which attracts over 600, 00 viewers each day. The boys will be interviewed on recent accomplishments; including the Heineken Draught Keg campaign, Google Earth and the FIFA World Cup official video game.

• 03-10-2006 - Massive video game publisher EA use 'Whatever You Want From Life' for the FIFA World Cup video game.
Massive video game publisher EA has tapped "Whatever You Want From Life' for their 2006 FIFA World Cup video game. The game is due in stores around the world in April of 2006, in anticipation of the real-world tournament which begins in June.

• 02-15-2006 - Voicst play at Vice Benelux launch party
The manic trio will be playing at the Vice Magazine (Benelux) launch party on March 16th '06. Stay tuned for scandalous stories - Vice parties are legendary! Voicst have also confirmed a European tour with Rock act, Danko Jones. The tour kicks off in Barcelona on April 8th, and follows on to: Portugal, France, Belgium and the UK. Watch this space for more info!

• 02-10-2006 - Y100Rocks.com play Voicst due to popular demand
Leading US internet station Y100Rocks.com has been playing the Voicst track 'Whatever You Want From Life' on rotation due to popular demand from listeners. The record is proving to be a favorite amongst listeners; keep you ears open as Voicst are set to take the position of 'Flavor of The Week' on the show very soon!

• 01-12-2006 - Voicst have a suprise visitor at Indie103.1 L.A
Popular LA porn-star Joanna recently joined Voicst in the studio when they performed on the air at the Indie103.1 Los Angeles for Dicky Barrett and his Mighty Morning Show. Check out the photo of them in the studio with their guest!
- Intrigue Music


“For three months their record was No. 1 in the album charts, this is due to it featuring everything a rock record should offer: energy, killer riffs, lyrics you can sing along to, ‘Whatever You Want From Life’ has become the new anthem joining the like of Nirvana’s, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.”
- Nieuwe revu (Dutch weekly magazine)

"Voicst Album of the Year"

“Additionally, 3Voor12 recently names ’11-11’ ‘Album of the Year’ and drummer Joppe was named ‘Drummer of the Year’ by his peers. To celebrate, in true Voicst fashion they have been touring throughout Europe and North America, playing festivals including Rock in Idro (Italy) and also supporting bands like The Bravery, Juliette and The Licks and Millionaire.”
- The Wedgewood Rooms Live Music Venue (Online music news website)


“The members of Voicst are so energetic on stage that they are often accused as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. But simply believe that their alternative rock is best served by putting on a highly energetic show. If that’s being labeled ADHD, then so be it.

Voicst is regarded as the most promising Dutch band around. The trio began their conquest of the Netherlands in 2000. The Dutch music press praised their demos, and other media soon took notice. Not long after, their tracks were being played on the major Dutch BBC Radio 1, a sign that the band was hit material. Voicst recorded their first CD ’11-11’, in September 2004 in New York and released to critical acclaim in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain. They began their second onslaught of the European market in March 2005 and toured a number of large European cities as the opening act for Juliette and The Licks. Scarcely had they returned from the tour when they took off again on another round of gigs in Europe, this time as the opening act for Presidents of the USA.”

- www.hollandtrade.com:music industry document

"Voicst: Amsterdam's biggest buzz"

"3 1/2 Stars"

Like a sugar-loaded soft drink, this trio offer a lot of effervescent froth and bubble to well-crafted tunes. Potent power pop-rock that wipes enough fashion-punk snot in your ears to keep things from sounding sanitized, a lot's made of this bands urgent liveliness and spirit(their name is a South African slang term for "manic energy"). But just because things are upbeat and played doesn't the mainstream contenders from Amsterdam can't be combine strength with brains. Individually, some songs sound overly "party on, dude" commercial: if you look at the complete picture, however, you'll find a band providing an interesting take on goodtime grooves, zigging towards fun while emo kids zag to the dark side.

-Luke Anisimoff
- Rolling Stone Australia

"Voicst - 11:11"

(Duurtlang Records/ Shock)

Until now, listening to the siren call of Amsterdam has never been akin to being jumped by a rabid Dutchman wielding a guitar-welded pop hook. Sven, Tjeerd, and Joppe have crafted the album of 2006 that is guaranteed to give you an embolism of pure, unadulterated rock joy. Pop-rock hasn't sounded this good since a 16 year-old Tim Wheeler that Ash was a cool band name, and decided that Jack Names The Planets sounded like a wicked song title. The three young Dutchman who comprise Voicst have managed to inject the lackluster genre of pop-rock with a new vitality, and 11:11 is the new manifesto on how.

Foisted upon a slack jawed, hair-style worshipping, jean-distressing audience who lack any sort of intelligence to distinguish the great from the good, Voicst are the shit. There are no heroes any more, you fuckers; the sooner you realize that, the quicker you'll snap out of your self-satisfied rut of egotistic indulgence, and listening to the sharp pop nous of Whatever You Want From Life will go away to helping. Its incessantly pounding power-pop is a glorious denunciation of glamour and trend, with jangled-to-fuck guitars and Tjeerd's plaintive yelp summons the demons of Dean Ween and Time Wheeler in a uniquely phrased-via-Amsterdam kinda way.

They manage to somehow combine the pop hooks and fuzzed guitars of Ash and Weezer with They Might Be Giants and Ween's skewed pop-rock fun, and Muse's guitar theatrics, all wrapped in a ball of distinctly Beatles sugar 'n' spice craziness. The frenetic disco-rock of Shut Up And Dance, the groove rock-cum-adolescent pop-celebration of the magnificent SGT. Gonzo, the Muse-lite Acts Of Fire, or the jumping keyboard driven And You Taste Like Something's Wrong, and scarily awesome summation of power-pop closer Enjoy The Kickback. However, the lame balladry of Detail 2003 is a nice paced change, but not much more, and is more than made up for by the wicked dance-freak out of the Upside.

But it's the first four songs that set the scene for one of the most enjoyable rock albums in existence. We Are On A Chemical Push, Dazzled Kids and Porn, as we as the afore mentioned opener Whatever You Want For Life are stunning, and remarkably distinctive works of pop-rock. You laugh, you'll dance, you'll cry and you'll love Voicst. They created one of the most blistering guitar-pop albums in existence; all from three dudes with weird names. You wouldn't read about it; and chuckles, if you don't believe me, fuck you, I couldn't give a shit. 11:11 is the bomb, tearing strips of every other band in the last 12 months with pretensions of greatness. 11:11 and Voicst are fucking brilliant.

-Jaymz Clements


"'Whatever You Want From Life'"

'Whatever You Want From Life' has become the new anthem joining the likes of Nirvana's, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
- NieuweRevu


"Album of The Year" Winner -3Voor12.
"Album of The Year" Winner -- Essent Awards
- Various


Album: 11-11
Singles: "Whatever You Want From Life" and "Dazzled Kids"


Feeling a bit camera shy


‘Totally Wired’ is the title of a tune by The Fall from 1980, it’s also the first thing that comes to mind when music fans listen to Voicst for the first time. Taking their name from a South African slang word meaning ‘Manic energy’; Voicst are a trio from Amsterdam who live up to the moniker.

When asked to describe their sound, drummer Joppe muses
“We are somewhere between Beyonce and The Melvins’.

The trio met at school in Amsterdam, formed a band and instantly began gigging. Early support from influential Dutch media outlet 3Voor12 and The Dutch Pop Institute led to a slot at the Dutch Lowlands festival and netted Voicst their first appearance at the New York CMJ Music Conference. The band has played exploratory tours of the US, and toured around Europe with the likes of: Bettie Serveert, Nada Surf, Tenacious D, Millionaire and The Bravery.

In New York the band hooked up with producer and Girls Against Boys alumni, Eli Janney (The Rapture, Secret Machines) to record their first full-length album, ’11-11’. The album is mixed by Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Beth Orton and Nick Cave) and has been released in Holland, Belgium and Spain (Duurtlang Records / PIAS) and in Australia (Shock).