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Orange County, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Orange County, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"VOiD808 Chat About Their Upcoming Album "After All is Said and Done""

When I recently discovered the album Void808 – Soundtrack to Your Favourite Memory, it is no secret that I almost immediately became addicted to the immensely powerful and highly emotive sound that lies behind Orange County based rockers Void808.
Not surprisingly, I wasn’t to be the only one.
Arriving on the Californian music scene in 2001, Void808 quickly established themselves and signed a deal Coach House Records (2001-2002). Sadly, in the winter of 2002, Void808 moved away from each other, taking what became a year-long hiatus to explore the avenues of different music and sounds.
Luckily for fans, this hiatus was short lived, and in many senses strengthened and revitalised the band – who reformed with the addition of some new members and went on to produce an album filled with “songs that would remind them of both the joys and the heartaches of life”; the explosive and highly popular afore mentioned Soundtrack to Your Favourite Memory.

With such a tight musical sound as a band, and lyrics that aptly capture every range of emotion from nostalgia and angst, through to the more uplifting love (beautifully represented in my personal favourite Hold onto Forever (Wedding Song)), it comes as no great surprise that Void808 soon found themselves developing a strong fan base that even spanned the seas to capture the attention of music seeking Australians like myself.
Thankfully, fans of Void808 worldwide no longer have to endure an agonising and silent wait, wondering when they can fulfil their musical souls with the timeless sounds of Void808, as they are set to release their third independent album Void808- After All is Said and Done sometime in 2008.
Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with Bassist Jay, and the rest of the crew from Void808, to have a chat about what to expect from their upcoming album, and how they are finding the transition into an International market. What they had to say follows:
C: “Let the music speak for itself” is the response you often give if you’re asked to describe Void808’s style, and I have to say, having listened to some of the tracks from Void808: Soundtrack to Your Favourite Memory, I can see why!
Where do you think your strong musicality, and ability to channel such intense emotion comes from?
V808: We all are the biggest fans of music out there and when we work on the instrumentation of our songs, we channel that part of our music through the emotions that we are feeling in the moment, in the here and now. As the lyricist for the band [Oscar], life is my inspiration. I write about my own personal experiences, as most writers do, but I am oftentimes inspired to write on a personal level about other people's experiences, ranging from my close friends, to those who are distant but experience emotions that are very close and inspiring to me.

C: As a group, Void808 has undergone a few changes over the last few years – after a break to explore other avenues, you have come back stronger and with more members; how do you think the time apart has helped your overall sound, and ability to make music?
V808: After rediscovering ourselves as musicians, we find that we are not afraid to explore avenues that we once felt inhibited to explore. With new members, also brings new musical influences, and the combination of these different influences have helped us develop the sound that we have today.

C: Whenever I listen to Void808’s music, I am always struck by the fact that musically you are very ‘tight’. In my experience, this is something that sometimes the most professional of groups are not able to master – especially in terms of timing and rhythm. What do you think makes you able to be so ‘tight’?
V808: These days, nearly anybody can make a perfect sounding record. A lot of bands actually keep some inconsistencies in their records to make it sound more real. For us, we believe that playing in time is very important. That is where we think the foundation of a solid sounding record lies. We always practice to a metronome and practice very hard prior to going into the studio. We also believe that the chemistry we have from playing together for such a long time has helped us grow as a band and become more solid.
C: Jay, when I was speaking to you earlier, you mentioned that you have known the rest of the guys in the band for quite awhile, how does the business side of the band affect friendships, and visa versa?
V808: Everybody has a role, and these roles were not assigned nor were they delegated. I think each one of us are good at recognizing our strengths as musicians and as band mates, and having these ascribed roles in the band, we are really good about not stepping on each other's toes and helping to support each other be stronger in our roles. In this way, we are able to maintain healthy friendships with each other without the business end of things getting in the way.

C: So at the moment you are in the process of getting ready to release your newest album Void808 – After all is said and done. Tell me what the process of recording the album has been like in comparison to recording the others.
V808: We've had a lot more time all around to produce this record. For Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory, we recorded the songs as we wrote them and didn't have a pool of songs to select from. For After All is Said and Done, we were able to not only write a pool of songs from which to choose, but we spent a lot more time in pre-production, and also spent a lot more time in the studio from micing the drums to dialling in the settings to getting the perfect mix.
C: Some exciting news about the new album is that it’s going to be released in Australia; how have you found the process of launching the group and your music on an international stage?
V808: We'd really like to give credit to our primary distributor, cdbaby.com, for being so supportive of independent artists, and for providing the services that helped us introduce our music to areas that we could never reach on our own.

As artists, we are all thrilled to be able to market our music on an international level. It brings us great joy to get our music out to people of different cultures and nations and we look forward to having the opportunity to continue to market our music on an international level.

C: I talk to a lot of musicians about their music, and I am beginning to notice a bit of a trend in the way they use the Internet as a marketing tool. Have you found the Internet to be an instrumental tool in the band’s success at all?
V808: There was once a time when we didn't have resources like the Internet to promote and market our music. Of course, there was also a time when I left the house everyday without a cell phone. Of course, since the popularity of MySpace and other Internet communities has grown, we've been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the resources we have today.
C: Fans of Void808, especially those who were captured by Soundtrack to your favourite memory will no doubt be curious as to what they can expect from the newest release. Without giving too much away, what can you tell me about the music behind After all is said and done?
V808: The music behind After All is Said and Done explores those avenues that we have previously been afraid to explore. The music is fuller, richer, more energetic, and more aggressive, while not losing the original sound that VOiD808 fans and friends have come to know and love. The lyrics are more emotionally charged and aim to reach out to those we hope to connect with.

C: On a different note, will there be a tour to promote the newest album – and perhaps even an Australian gig?
V808: The only promise we can make is where our hearts are at. We had some of the fondest and most memorable professional experiences in our tour that was in support of Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory. We would love to plan a tour, and will be taking it into consideration. As for Australia, we'll have to see about that. :)
C: As a group, what do you aim for people to take away with them after having heard the music of Void808?
V808: The songs that we write have lyrics that we hope can connect with people on an emotional level. Sometimes, it's nice to know that when you are going through some difficult times, someone else out there knows exactly what you're going through.

C: Guys, thanks for the chat today, if anyone reading were interested in finding out more about you, where would you direct them?
V808: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview us. Anyone interested in finding out more about us can go to http://www.myspace.com/void808 and you can also find us on iTunes, just put VOiD808 in the search engine! OR, you can just search for us on google.com or yahoo.com. - Youk.uk.com

"Eighties Cover Songs, Songs Beginning with I"

"I Just Died(In Your Arms)", Originally by Cutting Crew, Remade by Void
I was working at guitar center and found this 4 song lp by this band called void so I took it home and I've got to say this is the best cover of this song I've heard so far...a little sped up and they add their own style but stays true to the original!!

"I Just Died(In Your Arms)", Originally by Cutting Crew, Remade by VOiD808
Sorry the first post I put was messed up, they are called VOiD808 you can check out this song at http://www.void808.com/downloads.html so go check it out. very very good cover! - inthe80s.com

"Small Band Roundup"

VOiD808 just posted new songs that were produced/recorded by Jim Wirt(Incubus, Hoobastank, Something Corporate) and mastered by Paul Leavitt(All Time Low, Senses Fail, The Dangerous Summer). - absolutepunk.net


2004 - LP - Soundtrack To Your Favorite Memory

2008 - LP - After All Is Said and Done

2010 - EP - The Second Chances EP



Most recently, veteran Orange County-based indie-rock band VOiD808 welcomed back original bassist Ryan Griswold, and added guitarists Jed Martin and Andrew Enns to the lineup. VOiD808 continues to grow as musicians and reinvented themselves with the addition of a piano to their rock sound. Over the course of the past several years, VOiD808 has worked with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Kevin DeClue (Hilary Duff), Emmy and Grammy award winning engineer/producer Joel Soyffer (Metallica, Motley Crue, Maroon 5) and in February 2010, released “The Second Chances EP,” produced by Jim Wirt (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, Hoobastank, Incubus, Fiona Apple, No Doubt, Live). VOiD808 has also shared the stage with Something Corporate, Stroke 9, The Calling, Veruca Salt, Blue October, American Hi-Fi, Plain White T’s, Ryan Cabrera, and Atreyu, just to name a few artists.

While VOiD808 has always been dedicated to writing music and live performances, the band is pleased to announce getting back on the road and the stage after several members of the band have grown their families and had children. Oscar Oo, vocalist/songwriter, believes that adding this breadth of life experience will only serve to help the band grow, mature, and connect with their maturing audience. Oscar states, "I don't think there's a better way to connect with the young parents in our audience than being young parents ourselves."

The band feels very fortunate to have Jed Martin and Andrew Enns in the lineup. “We are so lucky to have such talented and nice guys with us,” states Oscar Oo. Jed Martin adds, “It’s exciting to be playing with such a great group of guys! The smooth blend of the melodic piano combined with heavy guitars can be easily appealing to everyone." Andrew Enns expresses his optimism about working with the band, stating, “With a list of great songs already in our repertoire plus the talent and chemistry between new and old bandmates, you can expect more great things to come." The songs have evolved, just as VOiD808 has, and while the band is still characterized by heavy, gritty, edgy guitars, the blend of the piano adds a strong melodic component. Ryan Griswold, bassist, adds, “With heavy guitars and a pop rock rhythm mixed with piano, VOiD808's sound has become epic!” Producers have commented that it’s “piano rock that rocks!” Their latest release delivers a maturity in their sound, reflective of their own personal growth. “Adding the piano gave depth, fullness, and maturity to our sound. I’m happy with how it’s translating to the sound of the band,” states Oscar Oo. Brandon Ochoa, drummer, reflects, “The overall sound quality is the best we’ve ever had on an album in my opinion. Jim Wirt’s knowledge and input really helped the songs sound their best.”

In fall of 2011 VOiD808 hit the road again, performing their new piano-fronted indie-rock sound for audiences all along the west coast, revitalizing their sound, their image, and their purpose. They performed songs from their latest release, “The Second Chances EP,” and previous releases to give both new and old fans something to be excited about. The fall tour took the band up the coast of California, through central California, the Bay Area, Northern California, and parts of Nevada.

VOiD808 uses local promotions, internet radio, and internet marketing to gain international exposure and drive digital music sales. With iTunes and CD Baby being their biggest international distributor, they currently have over 60 digital distribution sites and are at the height of their international exposure. VOiD808 receives hundreds of emails daily and can be found on some of the most popular networking sites on the internet today, including: Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Purevolume, Reverbnation, and YouTube. VOiD808 has developed a great web presence, increasing the number of search results on any Internet search engine. To date, there have been 18 fan-based street teams created worldwide to help with promotions. VOiD808 firmly believes that responding to their fans and building a relationship with their fans is essential to being musicians and pursuing their passion.

The band is excited about currently working on their first ever self-produced album. Being able to produce themselves will afford them the time and resources to produce the album without any studio time constraints, which has always been the condition of working out of a professional studio. "While we absolutely love working in a professional studio, we welcome the opportunity to engineer and produce this next album ourselves," states Oscar Oo, who will be producing the album.

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