Shadow Warriors

Shadow Warriors

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The art of the ninja, is the art of invincibilty.. While others are singing about money, guns, drugs cars and clothes, we are singing about swords, stealth, gold, shadows and the code and honor of the ninja, modernizing the concept and perception of the ninja to live once again.


The Shadow Warriors articulate and explore the mythology surrounding the ninja. We pay tribute to eastern cultures and the legendary figures of the samurai and ninja. Some songs are set in an ancient time and some are foretold through the modernized ninja. The Shadow Warriors mentally and physically hold and understanding for the martial arts and express there views and stories of honorable and dishonorable men, and the kismetic consequences surrounding their choices. In dark times, sometimes it takes a dark force to bring light forth upon us. The Shadow Warriors are an extension of Void Productionz which has developed other bright creative and innovative musical minds, an art we all are sacrificing much for in order to become masters of our abiltys.


Enter the Dojo LP

Set List

White Dragons
Fatal Shadows
Enter the Dojo
Deep Hours
Im a Ninja
Mortons List
Sword with a Grip
Ninjas of the Mist
Void Party