Fast paced up beat bluegrass/country/gospel. Uses nostalgic condenser microphone.Tight harmonies featuring 3 lead voices.Acoustic except for autharp which needs a slight boost to bring it on par with the other instruments.


Fast paced performances featuring tight harmonies
and well planned stage shows.
Our diverse backrounds playing with other groups has produced a unique style and sound that appeals to the over 50 set but the close harmony gospel music is appreciated by all age groups.
Nominated by Music Nova Scotia for Bluegrass /Country Recording of the Year 2006 and Inspirational recording Of The Year 2006
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That Beautiful Shore

Written By: Dianne Tipert

When darkness surrounds us
And life is no more
Hearts left behind us are heavy and sore
But we know some day we'll be together for sure
To walk with our Savior on that beautiful shore

And we'll sing with the angles and the Heavens will ring
No more burdens to carry
Or sorrows to bring
His glory will shine
On us evermore
When we're all together
On that beautiful shore

When we rise up
On that promised day
There will be no more trials
Or tarrifs to pay
All sins will be forgiven
And spirits will soar
When we walk with our Savior
On that beautiful shore

When the gates swing open
And we're bid to the throne
His glory surrounds us
And we're welcomed home
We are assured
Of peace evermore
At the feet of our Savior
On that beautiful shore


SouthWind has released 3 CD"S
If Only
That Beautiful Shore
Reg's Christmas

Set List

We can provide a half hour or an hour of Bluegrass/country or gospel without a break.
More after a short break if necessary.
We can also provide an hour of Christmas music plus 15 minute sing along at the end of the hour.