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San Diego, California, United States | INDIE

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"This music has swagger"

Vokab Kompany is a 7 piece live indie electro hip-hop (violin included) from San Diego. Having emerged from the underground electro-hop secne, they are bringing a fresh new sound that fuses soul, funk and west coast hip-hop with hot electro beats-- all performed live.

This music has swagger. And after listening to "That Day" you'll know what I mean.

Their Newest Album, The New Kong, will drop on 10-31-09. Stay Tuned...I'll write some more about them when get a chance to listen to their new album.

enjoY! - BoomBoom Chik

"Vokab Kompany"

Vokab Kompany is a seven piece hip-hop/electro group making some serious waves out Cali way, working with folks like J Boogie, RadioActive and Latiff the Truth Speaker, who all appear on these two cuts from their second album, The New Kong. - URB Magazine

"Vokab is fast becoming one of the hottest groups in San Diego!"


“A mix of hip-hop, funk, electro, and rock”

By Leslie Krouse

Photos By Blair Robb

Vokab Kompany is fast becoming one of the hottest groups to hit the streets of San Diego, and soon to be setting the world on fire. The brainchild of Burkey Baby and Robbie Gallo, the two met in Tahoe about 15 years ago, and musically meshed instantly. Moving forward to bring us an eclectic compilation of genres and sounds. “The New Kong’ is the latest delivery. This critically acclaimed new album, is a mix of hip-hop, funk, electro, and rock, throw in some heavy bass and some sweet vocals, and you have one bad-ass CD. They have re-defined the standard for music. I dragged the boys down to Belmont Park for an incredible, and fun, photo shoot. BTW a special shout out to Alvaro Nunez the incredible drummer for Vokab, who didn’t get his new visa in time to be able to get in on the shoot. Kudos to Alvaro, he makes the trek from Mexico just to play in the band. Now, here are more fun facts about the band.

RIS: What you think of that insane photo shoot?

VOKAB: Insane. We couldn’t imagine any photo shoot ever being any better than that. You should have ridden the Roller Coaster with us. 5 times. There was a bunch of mirrors, a roller coaster, some motion sickness, a yellow submarine, and some funny pants.

RIS: So tell us. Who is Vokab Kompany?

VOKAB: Well, I’m Burkey Baby, and this is Rob Hurt (aka Robbie Gallo) we are the MC’s and singers of the band. We’ve got Geoff Nigl on Keyboard, and Aaron Cheatham who plays the bass; he’s usually half naked all the time. Then there is Spencer Sharpe our Violinist, it’s just something that really defines our sound, is having the violinist mixed in with the hip-hop, and the heavy synths. and then throw in some funky bass. Our guitarist Jeremy Holmes, who will call cut anytime he wants, he plays a lot of cool stuff. And our drummer Alvero who is in Mexico today, he’s really handsome, and he usually wears a diaper and bonnet.

RIS: Describe Vokab’s Music?

VOKAB: So, Vokab Kompany, it’s hip-hop, it’s live, and it’s fun, we think it’s exciting. It has electronic influence to it. Real heavy Synth, and a new sound, with the heavy funk, and the heavy bass.

RIS: Now you have a show coming up on October 31st, with Revolt In Style.

ROBBIE: It’s called Boo-Fest it’s Halloween. We are going to have a good group, and friends of ours called 3rd Burrough. A DJ that is one of our best friends, named DJ Carlo. He plays all that good, new stuff that actually San Diego needs to be put on. And a lot of good music to dance to. We are fortunate enough to work with you guys at Revolt, and billing this as our big CD release party, as well. We have been working on this ‘The New Kong’ album for over a year and we finally have it ready to release it to you guys, to the city, to the state, and the world.

BURKEY: Hey, we’ve got some great guests on the album. Souleye, from the band Boulevard. We have the whole band Mutaytor, they let us do a remix, and they’re sick. They got the base player from Oingo Boingo Johnny Avila from back in the day. They have Hambone from Social D on the drums; they are a sick eclectic band out of LA. Like a circus act, they are awesome. We got Lateef The Truth Speaker, who’s been one of Robbie and mines favorite hip-hop artist for the last 15 years. We’ve got Radioactive(Spearhead) awesome musician, crazy freak of nature. We got our buddy Deploi from LA; he works with a group called House of Vibe. We got Karen Mills who is Jason Mraz back up singer. J Boogie, a sick DJ out of San Francisco. Solovox out of Oregon. A lot of people came together to collaborate on this project. That’s why we are a Kompany.

RIS: The new album ‘The New Kong” is Great! “That Day” is my favorite song. What influenced the record?

VOKAB: Sick. ‘That Day’ was produced by Freddy Machete another sick producer out of the Bay area. The whole idea is that Burke and I have just so much different influence as far as music goes. From Hip-hop, to rock, to metal, to electronic. It’s just cool that we are able to incorporate all this into one album, with different producers, and the great band that we have.

RIS: Any shouts out to anyone here in San Diego?

VOKAB: 3rd Burrough a sick band. The Grand Artique, is a little shop over there on Grand Ave, they got us dressed and got us some outfits for the shoot. Our best friend just opened up a new Deli in Mission Beach called the Rubicon Deli. Of course Revolt In Style Magazine. We are very stoked to be working with you guys. It’s definitely a community down here. - Revolt In Style Magazine

"Say Hello to Vokab Kompany"

Author: montrey

I recently got a chance to go to a Matisyahu concert here in San Diego but what I ended up finding was something even more kosher. I got to the concert pretty late and didn’t get to hear all the other bands that played before the featured guest but luckily the first group I heard play that night just so happened to be one of the best performances I’ve ever witnessed. The group i’m talking about is Vokab Kompany. They are local to the San Diego area and definitely rep their city very well. When i first entered the arena I could faintly hear them performing and as I got closer and closer I heard a mix of sounds i hadn’t really heard before. It was a mix of hip-hop, rap, electro, funk, reggae, 80’s…you name it and all coming from one band. This is what made me immediately appreciate the performance that had been set before me.
I’m a huge fan of groups that try to mix genres together that don’t necessarily belong together and these guys prove that it can be done well. If you listen to their music you will see the eclectic mix of genres and styles that seem to come together flawlessly. Now, it wasn’t JUST their music that caught me but also their performance. These guys really know how to move a crowd and they really try to put you in a trance with all the layering they put in their songs. The performance I witnessed at this festival really just blew me away and I really wasn’t ready for it.

Vokab Kompany has just recently released their sophomoric album entitled The New Kong and once you give a listen to this album you will see what I meant when i said they have such an eclectic style of music. The album features some pretty amazing featured guests such as Lateef the Truth Speaker & Radioactive. One of my favorite tracks on the album is “All The Same People” which features Lateef. This track really shows the skills these guys have and also has a good mix of genres just in this one track. It’s even got some electronica mixed in. Anyone who is a fan of music that tries to shake your spine and relaxes your mind will be a fan of these guys. Check out a few of their tracks below and really consider picking up this album if you are tired of hearing the same ole sh*t from the rest of the groups in the game and if you are truly ready to party like a rockstar. The album is - earmilk.com

"Listen Locally:Vokab Kompany"

sten Locally: Vokab Kompany
Updated 2:30 PM PST, Mon, Mar 9, 2009

In the rough economic times today and looking ahead to tomorrow, live entertainment is often the first expense to be washed and whittled away down to the smallest specimen. If you are like me this comes after groceries, gas and all things shopping-related (sad face).
For less than $20 and often $10, hit up any one of the many famous and infamous San Diego locales serving up a cornucopia of musical genres to satiate your melodic appetite.
So much to choose from, why not list all the shows here and call it a day? Well, we are going to focus on one local show each week (ambitious?) involving a LOCAL San Diego band, group, duo, trio, solo etc. We encourage SD Locals, get to know ’em and see the show!

This Week’s Live & Local Feature Show

BLVD @ Canes w/ Break Science feat. Adam Deitch & Vokab Kompany (ding ding ding LOCAL GROUP!)
Wednesday, March 11 at 9 p.m.
Canes Bar & Grill
3105 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Beach
Tickets $10

The Local Players: Vokab Kompany; founded in San Diego in 2007, fathered by Emcees/singers Robbie aka Rob Hurt and Matt Burke-y (baybe). These guys came together, having known each other from their Tahoe, CA high school days. Each had his own music endeavor in the years leading up to Vokab’s commencement, but ever since collaborating on VK’s debut Liquid Language, 2007 they have been focused on releasing the second album, out in April/May this year, thoughtfully dubbed, The New Kong.

Vokab not yet signed, but strongly independent, is really coming into its own. They are partnered with the very talented band TSG (Tonight’s Special Guest), bringing years of musical experience and diversity to the Vokab Kompany’s brand of sound. A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two Emcee’s who charge sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless. Rob & Burkey have realized an impressive and seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive. Set those lyrics atop the 5 piece band, layered with creative electro beats and it makes for a very fun and a dance-worthy music experience. And if you still are standing still at one of their shows, there are a couple of talented ladies (Suze Q and Jenny Jen) putting go-go girlies to shame with their energetic moves.

Burkey Baybe & Rob Hurt- Vocals, production; Alvaro Nunez- Drums; Aaron Cheatham- Bass; Geoff Nigl- Keyboard/Production; Spencer Sharpe- Violin; Jeremy Holmes- Guitar; J.Watt- Production; Tait Henrickson-Virtuous Studios, National City

The Show: BLVD with Special Guests, Break Science featuring Adam Deitch on drums. That mouthful of a title is rightfully loaded with as much talent. BLVD, based in San Francisco and originally an instrumental group, is now joined with vocalist/MC, Souleye. Their marriage of live instruments, electro production techniques and Souleye’s rhythmic, liquid flows, create a unique sound that is a fresh take on what you expect in a live nightclub show. BLVD’S latest album, Music For People is really a proper introduction to their sound plus Souleye. Have a listen and you’ll appreciate the faultless convergence of music, production, and lyrical elements that create ultra fresh and fun tracks.
Dylan McIntosh-Drums/Samples; Curtis Sloane-Electronic Guitar/Samples; Tripp Bains-Bass/Keyboards; Souleye- Vocals

Break Science hailing from NY, comes to San Diego with reputation and precedence to boot. Adam Deitch, drummer, producer and brainchild of the group has lent his talents to the likes of Justin Timberlake, DJ Quik and Wyclef. His musical accolades make a long list including touring and recording with jazz legend John Scofield. Collaboration is the name of the game for Break Science. They are comprised of some awesomely talented musicians and producers, and cross over the genre board, playing with hip-hop, rock, pop and jazz. Their hip-hop, dub, drum & bass and trip-hop sounds are likened to a “live mix tape,”
Adam Deitch- Drums and Samples; Borahm Lee- Keyboards and Effects, co musical director; Stu Brooks- Bass; Adam 'Shmeeans' Smirnoff- Guitar, samples; DJ Gravy-turntables, cuts; Jah Dan- Vocals

More about Vokab Kompany

Vokab Kompany records and produces locally in San Diego at Virtuous Studios in National City. Vokab has performed all over California. Some recent highlights are; opening for Thievery Corporation at Sea of Dreams in San Francisco (Dec 08); playing on a three city CA tour with the Artistic Stimulus Package (Confluence Group & Flaunt Magazine- Jan 09). Most recently, they were invited to San Diego’s Serra High School to speak and perform in front of the student body of 2,500 (Feb 09).

Vokab Kompany are lovers of collaboration, and their 09’ album The New Kong will feature collabs withLateef the Truth Speaker, The Mutaytor, and Souleye and DC of BLVD. They have a loaded Spring season ahead, including a Nor Cal/ Nevada tour through Reno, Tahoe, Nevada City and San Francisco (April), plus the release of The New Kong, their anticipated sophomore album. AND they will have an upcoming single featured in a national commercial. There’s a lot of brightness ahead, wishing the best of luck to you boys!

‘We're now the musicians, investors, and distributors. Producers independently reflecting our perspective, yep.” Vokab Kompany

- NBC San Diego

"Vokab's homecoming celebrates new album"

Vokab Kompany is coming home to show what it's accomplished in the big city.

Band leaders Robbie Gallo, aka Rob Hurt, and Matt “Burkey” Burke, both 1998 South Tahoe High School graduates, kick off their NorCal Tour Friday, Aug. 21 at Whiskey Dick's Saloon introducing a new album featuring high profile artists.

“You're gonna hear hip-hop,” Gallo said. “You're gonna hear electronic, rhythm and funk, soul, a little rock, and we hope some originality. We've had a lot of creative freedom on this album and a lot of producers and musicians who've helped us express it.”

Guest artists on “The New King Kong” include Lateef the Truthspeaker, J Boogie, the Mutaytor, the Orginal RADIOACTIVE, Souleye and Solovox.

“It differers from both our previous works because we know we've grown as people and musically, and whenever that happens the product or art your working on at the time reflects it,” Gallo said. “We challenged one another on this album to the point where we wanted to pull out our hair — don't worry, Burkey still has that fresh head of chaos — and the end result is something we're proud to release.

“My favorite thing about it is the feedback. People can't seem to place a direct genre on the sound yet, perhaps that's a good thing.”

A former member of the Reno roots-rock band Native Root, teamed up with Gallo after moving to San Diego.

- Tahoe Daily Tribune

"Vokab Kompany"

on November 3, 2009 by bashabashabashamusic

Coming to you straight from San Diego, this 7 piece live band fuses Hip Hop, Soul, Indie, and Electro into one. They have been lurking in the underground of San Diego for some time but they are on the come up with their new full length album titled The New Kong. You can download the album for $7 on their website and to be completely honest, this is the best $7 dollars I have spent in a while. Just the fact that these guys play with a live band every time they hit the stage is completely impressive. Their groves are gutta and deserve the best reviews possible. Please check them out, you will not regret it. EnjoY!

Vokab Kompany – That Day
- Bashabashabashamusic.wordpress.com

"Album Review"

Vokab Kompany – The New Kong

Genre Hip-Hop/Electronic/Funk

‘The New Kong’ is an eclectic compilation and several different genres. Hip-hop, to electro rock, mix with a twist of funk, add in intelligent drum and bass, then throw in an insane amount of talent. All this pulled together by two of the most talented MC’s/Singers, Burkey Baby and Robbie Gallo. Geoff Nigl-Keyboard, Aaron Cheatham-bass, Spencer Sharpe-Violinist, Jeremy Holmes-Guitar, and Alvaro Nunez-Drums are the rest of this illustrious band. Album opener “That Day” is a toe-tapping tune, with a great beat, free flowing vocals, and a sweet combination of synths. guitar, and drums (I think I even hear a flute). A few other stand out songs are “Merry Go Round” featuring Radio Active and Karen Mills, “Sneaker Drip” a remix with J Boogie, and “Shine” featuring Souleye, and Solovox. There are 14 incredible tracks to choose from. It’s safe to say that Vokab have made a statement with an album that is creatively different from any other that I’ve heard so far. Mixing, mashing, sampling and creating, Vokab Kompany made their statement a solid one, without being overshadowed by a laudable list of contributors. - Revolt in Style Magazine

"Burn Baby Burn"

A few months shy of Burning Man Festival, Red Lightning Beats blazed an all-night underground party on June 25th. The music and dance event was held at the Fine Wine Storage in Marina Del Rey.

Produced by The Confluence and hosted by the lovely Shay Butta, the event also featured Live Art, Lighting Temple Installations, a GreenSociety Starpod and delicious food.

Special performances from DJ Kraddy, BLVD, and Vokab Kompany had the bodies grooving, and in between sets, a mesmerizing fire show kept the crowd spellbound.

Just like Burning Man, the underground was an experiment in community and self expression. - NBC Los Angeles, by Anna Carranna

"Vokab Kompany"

05/30/2009 - 01:09.

Obviously, as a site featuring new and emerging artists every two days, we’re always on the lookout for the latest. New bands, new singers, new writers, new visionaries. And it’s one thing to be new to a scene… another thing to define a new genre. What Vokab Kompany is doing now; we haven’t seen or heard before. Sure, I could throw some combo-genre at you, something like electro-fusion rock and soul-hop, but I couldn’t define the percentages, that’s for sure. Vokab Kompany is fresh; they’re cool without worrying about it. And they have a quote that they feel best defines who they are: “live bump rythm-tronic for the reverberating abstract.” I wish I came up with that.

Led by vocalists and emcees Rob and Burkey (formerly of Native Root), the lyrical duo is backed by a band just as talented including Aaron (Bass), Geoff (Keys), Jeremy (Guitar), Alvaro (Drums) and Spencer (Violin). The sound is led by the bounce back between Rob and Burkey, in a seemingly easy effort, and it’s reflected on both records Vokab Kompany has produced, “Liquid Language” in 2007 and the latest, “The New Kong”. Rob talks about what to expect from the latest work, “A serious production. Live instruments blended with electronic beats. Synths, horns, world famous beatboxers, violin...you name it.” It’s a blend of all things Vokab – “Soul, Electric, Hip-Hop, Indie, Funk, Dubstep”, it’s seriously a different listen. And as if we’re not shaking you hard enough, we’ll say it straight out: IF YOU LOVE MUSIC, NO MATTER WHAT KIND, CHECK OUT THIS BAND.

As you might expect, live Kompany shows are going to get you moving, so come prepared to sweat. The group is working on so much more, so investigate further, and read below for the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Vokab Kompany

PensEyeView.com (PEV): Tell us how you first got started in the music business and formed Vokab Kompany? Has playing music always been something you’ve wanted to do?

Rob: The cliche "we've always had a passion for music" appropriately applies. It seems no matter what, even if you take a break or some time off, or life throws you a road block- if it's destined, it finds you. I almost moved out of the country and Burkey's band went separate ways, then outta the rubble we connected for a song or twenty.

PEV: Now calling San Diego home, what kind of music where you listening to growing up? What was the first concert you attended?

Rob: I grew up w/ MJ, The Doors, Bruce Springstein, and Van Morrison- mamas music, ya know. However, as I struggled through my youthful ignorance I discovered gangsta rap. Not the best influence but so new and different from my surroundings. I think I had much to express and the style helped. Not just because of the words but moreover the rhythms. I was hooked. As I grew, I knew the negative influence could only hold me back. I was lucky enough to have a good mama who showed me a path I could call my own. First concert I went to was with her to see Robert Palmer, "Simply Irresistible". Dude had ladies. Gotta love 'em.

Burkey: Shaka Kahn was my first concert but Stevie Wonder was my first love. Got some years on robbie, and a whole coast difference, so my Run DMC, Doug E Fresh days were the at the helm of my rap, then my west coast swing and the gangsta thing led me to a mix of "conscious hip hop" and "jam band" which is kinda where I started my career. Now I see music moving with the digital, and the sounds these machines can make is starship shit!

PEV: Tell us about your creative process… What kind of environment do you have to be in to make music?

Rob: Ranges from being idle at a 9-5er, dreaming out the office window about festies like Burning Man, or movies like Shawshank Redemption, to the daily stroll through our sunny dago, you just never know...but it's good to have the mobile phone handy for a quick "hit record" when it does strike.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Vokab Kompany show?

Rob: Dance floors go bump w/ our audible army. Be prepared to sweat.

PEV: Tell us about your first live performance. How have you changed since that first show to where you are now?

Rob: Oh wow. First performance. Well I was performing a lot. In college we'd do house parties w/ our DJ etc, and in my home town (Lake Tahoe '00) I won a rap battle (under alias "Alleye". However, I took a 2-year hiatus and the next time was here in San Diego, Aubergine. I was nervous since the place is a club. I was actually on stage w/ Mikey Beats and Scooter (SD Dj's). I had some stuff prepared but when they handed me the mic I switched to "freestyle". Problem was I was so nervous I had a hard time w/ pronunciation. So the rhythm sounded decent but if you were listening...it's a good thing they served alcohol. Practice makes progress!

Burkey: I did an open mic like a hundred years ago with this band and stood in the back, if u know me... baby don't sit in the corner! I jump and frolic around quite a bit now so a lot has changed since my diaper days.

PEV: What can fans expect from your latest release?

Rob: A serious production. Live instruments blended with electronic beats. Synths, horns, world famous beatboxers, and violin...you name it. We've delayed this project for a reason, as both B and I put out albums before and took the mistakes we made on the those into consideration and to make sure they don't happen again. We're independent and have such dope people we work with in the studio... "patient" to say the very least. The finished product will be worth the while, and will feature some serious cats: Lateef the truth speaker, J Boogie, Mutayor, Souleye, RadioActive, Solovox our main mang Deploi and mas, mas more.

PEV: You’ve received some rave reviews over the years. Did you ever think that the positive words for Vokab Kompany would be happening so soon for you?

Rob: I think anyone that puts a lot of hard work into a product they believe in will eventually get the feedback they deserve. We know we have a lot further to go, but will take the motivation to continue and glad we're knockin on a few ear drums.

PEV: How would you describe your sound? And what do you think it is about the your style that has made you so successful?

Rob: Soul, Electric, Hip-Hop, Indie, Funk, Dubstep... If I had to give it a genre...my favorite quote someone gave us was "live bump rythm-tronic for the reverberating abstract"...sounds like something I’d like to be a part of. We like to get the listeners involved in the process and sneak our new mixes into our leisure area's for surprise peer panels. A live show though is the only way to see the progression.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about each of the band members?

Rob: Burkey is a high school English teacher and gardens like Miagi. I once was an alter boy, boy scout, and played the trumpet... haha

PEV: Was there a certain point in your lives when you knew that music was going to be a your life?

Rob: NOW for me! Burkey for a while. But sometimes it takes certain situations or experiences for you to know. Sometimes you get blinded by settling or in some peoples cases certain responsibilities pop-up and you can't take as many risks. We are fortunate enough to have figured this out ahead of time and will not look back. But a motto of mine is "never settle". I think B shares a similar concept. You should hear him edit.

PEV: What one word best describes Vokab Kompany?

Rob: Reverberating

PEV: As a musician, you live a lot of your life on the road. How is life on the road for you? Best and worst parts? Any fun stories?

Rob: It's great right now. Who knows, maybe it will get old as with any new exciting endeavor. Being the driver can be difficult, but only if you stayed up til 6am the night before. It can also be kinda hard on your relationship. For a lot of us, weekends the only free time we have and would love to spend with our loved ones. But when you're settin off for a tour, you miss that "qt" for weeks at a time. Can't be draining.

PEV: Do you find yourselves often going back to one theme in your songwriting over another?

Rob: You definitely resort to what you are comfortable with. That's the hardest part. You need to try new things, experiment. I think it's a must to take what you can from whoever’s musical style you are feeling and make it your own. No two people sound alike so if you incorporate a tiny bit of style from someone else, you're following historical patterns of music, and it's growth.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your success? What’s it like when you get to play at your hometown?

Rob: The support we all get from our friends and fam is a blessing. When you look in the crowd and see Burkey's mama and grand mama at a show, that's motivation! When we're headed towards a home town, we usually start dialing the phone book. Even if only a few old friends show up it was worth the trip. These are people you've had connections with for a substantial part of your life and for them to still give you the time... we are lucky to have support like that. Home town is always great. It's your apple pie baby... and the crazy thing is that Burkey and I boast some of the same roots, so SD and Tahoe in particular go OFF!
PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?
Rob: B plays ball at the rec or the cage rootin' back to his Boston high hoop dreams and tendin' to his garden with the wifey. You can find me trying to work out, traveling with my girly or making a video... nah not that kind. I gets silly though.

PEV: Is there one artist or group that would be your dream collaboration? Why?

Rob: Outkast or Stevie Wonder, Cee lo Green or Erika Badu... line em’ up. Influence and growth!

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

Rob: Look out for BLVD and MC Souleye, our boys in SF. They're makin' noise. Also, if you haven't heard of Bassnectar... well "WUMPWUMPWUMP-WAKEUP!!!"

PEV: If you weren't playing music, what would each of you most likely be doing for a career?

Rob: B would be teaching the youth and I'd be in sales somewhere. In some ways, both trades relate to exactly what we do now. And to be honest, I owe a lot to the experience and knowledge I've received from my current sales job. Respect. And I know BB's experience as a H.S. English teach has made him the writer/speaker he is today.

PEV: Tell us what an average day is like for the members of the band?

Rob: There are 7 of us now. You did not hear much about the other boys yet cuz they're new to the Kompany. But we range like a real world house.... less drama, more drawn together . Aaron (Bass), Geoff (Keys), Jeremy (Guitar), Alvaro (Drums), Spencer (Violin) and Burkey and I (Rob) make up the 2 vocalists. We usually work our day and night jobs. Then fill every other minute with mischievous musical mayhem we call the Vokab Kompany.

PEV: So, what is next for Vokab Kompany?

Rob: Album, Tour, Next Album... repeat.
- PensEyeView by Richie Frieman


Latest Album- "Quit Sleep", Released 4/22/11

Sophomore Album- "The New Kong", Released 10/31/09

Debut Album: "Liquid Language", (2007)

Native Root: N:ROOT (2006)
Over 2500 copies sold in 06.



“Vokab Kompany is another act that refuses to be pigeonholed. Two MCs might lead you to believe that it’s hip hop, but that doesn’t begin to tell the story. The seven-piece band from San Diego played for more than an hour, a set that was at times funky, jazzy, heavy, bouncy, even bluegrassy…And it all made sense. Through it all, the crowd was treated to microphonic gymnastics of the dueling MCs, Rob Hurt and Burkey. The group is legit; see them” Lindol French, Sacramento Press

”A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two MC’s who’s charged sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless…seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive… layered with creative electro beats. ” Sam Dorman, NBC San Diego

VK is high energy, 7 piece, indie-electro-hip hop group from San Deigo, CA. Combining catchy hooks with rhythmic harmonic flow, the capabilities of 22nd century electronics-channeled through classically trained keys and violin, deep baselines and driving rhythms. Vokab Kompany pulsates throughout listeners for hours after a shows end, leaving their weary bodies immobilized, and their fingers rapidly working the computer to download their latest studio work, which has features from artists such as: Killah Priest/Wu Tang Clan, Lincoln Parish/Cage the Elephant, Luckyiam/Living Legends, Aplus/Hyroglyphics, Main Flow/Mood, Lateef the Truth Speaker, Random Rab, DJ Vadim, Jboogie, Mutaytor, MC Souleye, MC Radioactive/formerly of Spearhead, Curtis Sloan/BLVD, Signal Path, Solovox and many more!

In the past year they have done sets @ festivals such as; Lightning in a Bottle,
Sea Of Dreams (09) &Venice Street Fair (w/Mutaytor),
Symbiosis (w/ Elf Gabriel & Souleye/Dc),
Kick Gas Festival (co headlined w/ MattisYau),
Petco Park Tailgate Festival (co billed w/ Cage the Elephant and Del The Funky Homosapien).
Headlined LA Burning Man Decompression Party (09/10) and
Elysium Festival (09 and 10).

Have toured/co-billed with:
Mattisyahu, The Whalers, Cage the Elephant, Chali 2na, Del the Funky Homosapien, Heiroglyphics, Crown City Rockers, BlVD, Mutaytor, Jboogie, Ana.Sia, Clipse, Kraddy, Freq Nasty, Naked Rhythm, Cool Kids, Necro, Motion Potion, Souleye, Lynx and Janover, BoomBox, RadioActive, Mad Professor, Signal Path, Lucky I Am (PSC), Random Rab, Pep Love, Dj Vadim, Busdriver, Heavy Weight Dub Champion, Elliot Lipp and many, many more.