Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Great vocal cords is something that always came natural to 23 year old Vokals. Detroit’s own New Hot R&B artist “Vokals” can make his cords flow with R&B and Pop music, and give music that extra flavor. He love’s to use his voice to inspire you to dream pleasant thoughts, cry, love, smile, dance, and feel his touch from a distance through his music. The R&B Singer/Song Writer Vokals says, “When writing or singing songs, he brings out his emotions and dreams to capture what others are feeling.” A lot of music written from Vokals was reflected from his dreams.

Vokals believes good music comes from the inner soul. Born and raised in Motown Detroit, he grew up in church recognized as the Pastor’s son. He was Born with various talent’s, and started playing drums at the age of three, later to start playing piano. He began singing at the age seven in the church, at schools, and Nursing Homes. Every other Saturdays, Vokals would go to the nursing homes and sing church hyms to the elderly and people who needed to feel up lifted. Elementary through High school he was in the marching band , and the marching band also helped advance his music skills. Vokals lived around music so much he decided to make it his life.

Later in life someone from DonDiva Magazine explored the greatly talented Vokals, and helped direct him in the right path of the music industry. He has been pursuing the music industry since December 2009. He has done opening for worldwide artist such as, Slim from 112, Ginuwine, R Kelly, and worked with rap artist, Gorilla Zoe. Vokals says, “In this industry you have to be ready for any and everything.” His expectations are very high, and it doesn’t matter how many times he fall, he’s always going to get back up, and learn from it each and every experience. So ladies and gents, if your looking for NEW flavor, well Vokals is the one you need to meet. He has what it takes to take music to a higher level.