Loud, Aggressive, Punch you in the face, True Metal. No room for commercial sellout. Straight forward moshing and headbanging metal


Fully emerging after he complete destruction of the south by Hurricane Katrina, Volatile brings a unique sound of death and destruction to the area. Along with the sound of death is a sort of melodic undertone that works as an equal balance to the heavy, evil sounds. The lyrics talk rage from talking about everything from War, to being backstabbed, and even to drug problems. Althugh a young band, only being around for about 2 years, Volatile has still had oppurtunity to share the stage with major label bands sch as Cattle Decapitation and Daath. Volatile continues to be a huge force in the Southern Louisiana metal scene.


We have a 9 song E.P. that was recorded about a year ago. It consist of mainly our old songs. We are working on recording a new album now.

Set List

Our Setlist Songs:

The Enemy
Empty Promises
The Joker
Tighten the Rope
Into the Ashes
Kill The Weak

**note-we rarely play our OLD songs, but if we do the songs include he ones above plus Void, Lust Collage, and Dead Again**

Sets usually last 30-45 minutes to even an hour

Covers in set-list include "Pull The Plug" by Death and "Raining Blood" by none other than SLAYER!!!