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"Goodbye Sounds More Like"


Marissa Lopez, Manager

“Goodbye” Sounds More Like Hello.

Houston, TX - February 28, 2006 - Houston's dynamic, energetic rock band, Volátil, is releasing “Goodbye”, the first single from their currently untitled EP.

After 6 months hibernating in “the lab”, creating fresh, new music that appeals to audiences of every generation, Volatil is ready to let the world hear the first single. “Goodbye” was born in 2001 from life experiences; it wasn't until late 2005 that Volatil added it to the EP, after being requested at every Volatil Show. This four piece band led by strong vocals, grooving drums, alternative guitars, and powerful bass lines have been compared to both No Doubt's buoyant pop and Alejandra Guzman's grit. Volatil's songs tell stories that connect with one's own experiences. With music that appeals to both Spanish and English audiences, Volatil hopes to break the language barrier, and make new friends wherever they perform. Download your copy of “Goodbye” through Volatil's Sonicbids ePK.

Volátil is also excited to announce their participation at the Seventh Annual Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW on Saturday, March 18th, in Austin. This festival is a benefit concert for the Go Lulu! Foundation, and includes headliners such as The Feds, Soul Hat and other independent national bands. For more information on the Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival, you can visit: http://www.texasrockfest.com.

About Volátil:
Erratic, Explosive, Volátil: a dynamic, energetic rock band based in Houston, TX. Coming from different backgrounds and influences, the members joined forces with one main goal: to integrate cultures, sounds and languages into their music.

Fronting the group is “Cyn” Lopez. In her eyes, music holds the power to convey true emotions to many at once. Next is “Slick” Rick Mendez, guitar. With his first guitar at 16, he learned to play in the styles of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana without formal instruction. He's also a cancer research assistant, and by night, he's a true rocker. Directly from Mexico City, “Tax” joins us on bass. Originally playing guitar with Mexico's “Caneza,” he now begins a new journey with Volátil on bass. Keeping everyone on the beat of the drums is Luis “Cool Beats” Martinez with over 20 years experience in all styles of music ranging from blues-rock, to funk, to Latin rock.


For Information: http://www.volatilrock.com or http://www.sonicbids.com/VolatilRock
Contact: Marissa Lopez, info@volatilrock.com
Phone: 713-320-3345
- VolatilRock Media Relations

"Erratic. Explosive. Volátil: the official CD Release Party"

Loaded with intense sounds and rip-roaring tracks, the not-to-miss CD Release party “Hecho en Texas” will explode this Saturday, June 24 starting at 9:00 PM,
The Brewery Tap, Houston, TX.

With their first single release Buscándote Volatil up the ante on their brand of powerful sounds in the rock-pop genre. With performances at Univision's Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands, GoGirls Music SXSW Showcase, Official Latin Grammy Viewing Party, and more, the band is ready to explode this summer! The highly anticipated CD “Volátil” is ready to hit the crowds this Saturday, June 24 starting at 9:00 PM at the Brewery Tap, 717 Franklin at Milam, Houston, TX, featuring Frank Lopez and performance by Los Gallos.

Loaded with intense tracks, electronic interludes and beautiful bouts of melody, “Volátil” is a not-to-miss musical journey. Listen for yourself and check out Volatil’s new album at “Hecho en Texas” release party this Saturday.

Fronting the group is Cyn Lopez (vocals). Music runs through her veins since she can remember. To her, music is power, and it lets her convey true emotions to many at once. She truly admires artists such as Juanes, Julieta Venegas, No Doubt, and Led Zeppelin.

On guitar is Rick Mendez. When he received his first guitar 12 years ago, he learned to play by ear in the styles of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana. Aside from the band, he is a cancer research assistant, and by night, he's a true rocker!

Directly from Mexico is Tax as their lead/rhythm guitar. He originally played guitar with Mexico's "Caneza", with whom he recorded two albums released in Mexico. Tax has written many songs, and expanded his musical knowledge on the bass. He now begins a new journey with Volatil.

On bass is Daniel. This Salvadoreño brings the best of Centro America into the mix - with styles ranging from Jazz, Rock, Blues, and more.

Keeping everyone on the beat of the drums is Lu Martinez with over 20 years experience in all styles of music ranging from blues-rock, to funk, to Latin rock.

Explosive and diverse, the members join forces with the goal to integrate cultures, sounds and languages into powerful music.


EP: "It's About...Time" (c) 2003 "Volatil" © 2006

More info:
info@volatilrock.com - Volátil Press

"Latin GRAMMY Awards Celebrated in Houston"

"an energized Latin rock set" - Latin Recording Academy - The Recording Academy

"Volátil transcends language barriers"

For the Chronicle

Bilingual Volátil is intent on overcoming language barriers, both as a band on the Houston scene and within the group itself.

The quartet -- vocalist Cynthia Lopez, guitarist Rick Mendez, bassist Marco Tax and drummer Luis Martinez -- is equally adept at covering English-language tunes by the likes of No Doubt and Billy Idol and rocking out on original, Spanish-language material.

Lopez and Mendez are bilingual, but Tax speaks little English. Martinez is on the opposite end of the spectrum and knows only basic Spanish phrases.

But when it comes to the music, a universal language is apparent.

"Maybe Luis and I can't communicate very well, but he has his influences, and I bring other rhythms and influences from Mexico. Rick is very different, too," Tax says in his native tongue. "We put a little bit of this, a little bit of that. We have different musical roots, but that's what will make us different from other bands."

Indeed, Volátil has a unique, engaging live presence, anchored by Lopez's ebullient stage banter and Martinez's expert drumming. The band gigs regularly around town and modifies its set to fit the venue.

It's all part of a bigger plan to earn a bigger audience, Martinez says.

"We're beginning to learn a lot of English material. With some of the original stuff, we're starting to incorporate a lot of different styles -- a little bit of the hip-hop, the R&B. You've even got a lot of the rock-alternative and a little bit of the funk," he says. "We put a little Latin into it . . . and maybe make something different that people want to hear."

The group's first EP, It's About . . . Time!, features five songs that veer between '80s-influenced power pop (The One) and ambient Spanish rock (Brillar). Lopez's aggressive and playful vocal style is front and center throughout the disc.

The group has been together for four years and aggressively courts new fans via its Web site (www.volatilrock.com), e-newsletter and a mailing list, which singer Lopez personally passes around to audiences after performances.

Collaboration with other local Spanish-rock bands is also part of the band's strategy. Instead of giving in to the cutthroat competitive vibe that plagues many local bands, Volátil often shares bills with bands Azul Frio, Triple and Insomnia Cero.

"We have to help each other out. There are other bands that feel a little competition. It's because there are only so many places that you can play at, and we're all trying to get there and get paid. If you build that negativity, it's just too tense," Lopez says. "If a band is looking for a musician, we'll keep our eyes and ears open for them."

With its own lineup now secure (Tax joined the band earlier this year), Volátil is looking forward to recording more new music and several pending dates in the new year.

And if they have anything to do with it, you can bet a few more barriers will come crashing down.

"I don't think a lot of people really know about the Latin rock scene," Mendez says. "It's really not accepted that well because not too many clubs are willing to give Spanish-rock groups the chance or the opportunity to play. People feel as if there won't be any money generated. I think it's just going to take a little bit of time."
- Houston Chronicle

"HandStamp Asks: Volatil"

1. Why should anyone care about the music you make?

"Our music is about real emotions, usually first-hand experience. Everybody can relate to breaking up, being the 'other person' in the relationship, and looking for that special someone. Plus our music is easy to digest -- on the borderline of pop/rock."

2. How attractive is your band?

"Volatil is a female-fronted power trio. We have the energy to keep the audience going all night."

3. How much do you rock, percentage-wise?

"At every show you can expect 200%! We give it all we've got!"

4. What is the best thing to ever happen at one of your shows?

"We were playing on the roof at Live Sports Cafe for the Houston Press Music Awards. People started gathering outside on the parking lot below and pretty soon came in to jam to our music."

5. Next five four songs on your iPod or what disc is in your car/home right now?

"Dream On by Aerosmith, What I Got by Sublime, Plastico by JD Natasha, Funeral Reggae by Genitallica." - Chron.com


EP: "Volátil"

Volátil's first English single "Goodbye" is on rotation on iRadioLA.com. The video for the first Spanish single "Buscándote" is on rotation on Texas-based music video shows.




Cynthia's sultry voice commands attention with a range that is both sweet and spicy. She uses the power of music to connect to the audience's true emotions at once.

Add Rick's upbeat guitar rhythms and sequencing ability to create a fusion of electro-acoustic Latin pop, flamenco-rock, and RnB. The possibilities are endless.

2005: Volatil Explosion. After an interview for the Houston Chronicle, Volatil participated in festivals and events such as GoGirls Music Invasion of SXSW, Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands, and Univision Radio's Cinco de Mayo Celebration. In October, Volatil entertained the audience during the Official Latin Grammy Viewing Party sponsored by the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy.

2006: Volatil Energy. With an EP complete, Volátil participated in multi-city festivals; two of which were Musica Fresca Festival, a production of New York's Blackwell/Kurfirst, and Latina Magazine's "Latina Nation Tour". Volátil continues adding notable performances and events for 2007.

Volatil's influences range in styles from The Beatles to Alejandra Guzman, from Classic Rock to Flamenco.