St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandPopHip Hop

The catchiest guy girl duo since sunny and cher. The drop of their single "Animals" created so much buzz that top forty stations in Decatur and Carbon dale agreed to put it in regular rotation. The single was voted number one most requested in Carbon dale. Not bad for an unsigned group!


VolHolla! was no label creation. It was the brainchild of singer, CeCe and diehard musician, Rocco Rossi. The two came together after spending time in separate projects that wearily faded away. After spending many evenings singing country music in bars, CeCe decided she no longer wanted to be a country singer. On the other side, Rocco was stuck in limbo after his former band Wild America became victim of an untimely demise. Appeased by each others complete obsession with music, the pair decided it was time to try something new to them both! ....Welcome, VolHolla! SHOP ONLINE HERE


City of Lights-Single
Villains-E.P. Released Feb. 17th, 2011