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Volkan Baydar


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"Mr. Baydar is seeking for luck"

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ORANGE BLUE - Superstar (Release: 16.03.2007, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - Forever Best Of - Diamond Edition (Release: 16.06.2006, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Panta Rhei (Release: 05.05.2003, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - Best Of (Release: 05.05.2003, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Songs Of Liberty (Release: 12.11.2001, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - In Love With A Dream (Release: 13.10.2000, Edel Records)
VOLKAN BAYDAR - Raum schaffen (Release 19.10.2012, Go Jimmee! Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Love & fear (Release: 23.02.2007, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - A Million Teardrops (Release: 13.03.2005, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - Heaven Knows (I've Changed) (Release: 25.10.2004, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - But I Do (Release: 21.06.2004, Polydor/Universal)
ORANGE BLUE - Forever Maxi-CD (Release: 19.08.2002, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Forever Limited Digi (Release: 19.08.2002, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Heaven Was Her Name (Release: 29.04.2002, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - The Sun On Your Face (Release: 08.10.2001, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - When Julie Says (Release: 26.03.2001, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am (Release: 10.11.2000, Edel Records)
ORANGE BLUE - She's Got That Light (Release: 29.04.2000, Edel Records)
VOLKAN BAYDAR - Raum schaffen (Release 01.06.2012, Go Jimmee! Records)
VOLKAN BAYDAR – Soul Initiation (Release 2011, Go Jimmee! Records)
Jazzkantine – Just The Way You Are (2002)
Selma – In Sehnsucht eingehüllt (2005)



Volkan Baydar
"In love with a dream" is not only the motto of his life, but also the title of the successful platinum record of the Orange Blue singer, composer and music producer Volkan Baydar. Since his childhood he has been living his very personal dream, the music - and this has been extremely successful: Already in his younger days he enthuses with his voice, plays the piano, begins to compose and to write lyrics. The long road to success Volkan absorbs music and puts himself to the test as the singer of different bands. After the final secondary-school examinations he attends the Hamburg Stage School" - Due to his extraordinary achievements he earns a full scholarship as the first and only one. Nevertheless he drops out after a year in order to study the American acting technique "Method Acting" in New York. In Hamburg he performs the title role of the musical "Pico", which brings him the award of "Best Young Performer of the Year" in the Musical Yearbook.
Two special colors: Orange and Blue
And the track record continues. With his band Orange Blue he goes on tour and sings in front of a thrilled audience of tens of thousands as a pre-act for world stars such as Lionel Richie and Tina Turner.
Their first single "She's got that light" stays in the charts for months and gains the award "Platinum". Other albums follow. At times the discography covers six albums (2x Best-of) and 12 singles. Meanwhile, over one million sound carriers have been sold in total. As the first Turkish/German band they write and perform the theme song of the Disney movie "Dinosaur". "The Sun on your face", a song penned by Volkan, is chosen to be the theme song for the Hollywood classic "America's Sweethearts" (Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones).
Orange Blue get involved with many different charity projects again and again. However, Volkan's involvement with social themes is more profound. Together with other top stars such as Xavier Naidoo, Sarah Connor and Ute Lemper he breathes life again into the poems of the Jewish girl Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger. His successful debut as a singer of German lyrics.
On the album "Aristo and friends" Volkan composes and sings Turkish for the first time and also presents his Turkish roots that way ("Aradim").
In 2009 he records his album „Soul Initiation“ in New York and Nashville.
In November 2012 he releases his first official debut as a solo artist. The album "Raum schaffen" contains 6 German and 6 English Songs. All songs are written, arranged and produced by Volkan himself. "you constantly have to reinvent yourself and surprise yourself in order to not stand still"