Bytom, Silesian Voivodeship, POL

Fresh look at root music from Carpathia Mountains. In the place where migration of Vlachs people has ended - Istebna in Beskidy mountains - the VOLOSI has born!


Hypnotizing mixture of Carpathian tradition with classical musicians evolves into completely new world music quality.

On one side we have brothers Krzysztof and Stanislaw Lason, classical musicians, whose dream has always been improvisation, and who share the love of folk music for all its spontaneity, vitality and beauty.

On the other hand we have the Highlanders; and the very special ones. Leader, Doubler and Bassist all the finest musicians. They are self-taught, yet by no means amateurs. The Volosi is an ensemble that sometimes sounds like it come from New Orleans. They have a certain something that inspired the world a hundred years ago, when jazz was born. This something is best described by the word drive. Zbigniew Michaek, Jan Kaczmarzyk and Robert Waszut bring a Carpatian note with multiple musical expressions, which reach back to the Indian, Persian, Palestinian, Balkanian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Slovakian roots that all tangle here, is Istebna, Koniakow and Jaworzynka, where the boarders of Pland, Slovakia and Czech Republic meet.

The band was awarded Grand Prix, Czeslaw Niemens prize and the audience award called Burza Braw in the Nowa Tradycja 2010 festival organized by Polish Radio. In 2011 VOLOSI won the Grand Prix "Svetozar Stracina"at the International Folk Competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union EBU.

Krzysztof Lason - violin

Zbigniew Michaek - violin

Jan Kaczmarzyk - three-stringed viola

Stanisaw Lason - cello

Robert Waszut - doublebass


VOLOSI (unzipped fly 2011)

"Zmierzch" ("Dusk") - Best folk recording 2011 on EBU Competition, Bratislava

Set List

We have 7 microphones DPA to our instruments.