Voltaire 7

Voltaire 7

 Mapleton, Utah, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Voltaire 7 is light rock. It is edgy, but won't bowl you over. Lots of vocals and vocal harmonies.


Voltaire 7 was formed to showcase the music of Sam Keele. This music has been gathered over the past 30 years. And now it is time to release the music to whom ever will listen. Great tunes. Great lyrics. Great performance.


Ships of Sand

Written By: Steven Keele

1-It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her,
It’s been a long time since I’ve cared.
I would like to come and see you,
In galaxies where none have dared.

Sailing away, on ships of sand,
Sailing to the starlight sun.
Coming back from distant lands,
Going to the Land of None.

2- Packed up the ship and started that day,
Off through the endless shores.
We came down through the milky way
To where we never, ever been before


3- Finally came to the Land of None,
Came through the endless shores.
I found you there and we went away,
To the Land of Nevermore.


Written By: Casey Keele

Every morning I wake up about five minutes too soon
And I look outside hoping for a change of view
But every day it looks the same it’s like staring through a picture frame
And every night I pray that something out there will change

But the worst part is not feeling any different than I did the day before
And I just can’t stand not feeling any different than I did the day before
And we all know what’s in store
Here in Baker

All we’ve got is an oversized thermometer
And all we’ve got is overpriced goods
All we’ve got is memories of how we wish it was
And all we need new is a reason to live
Here in Baker

A sea of brown, a sky of blue, a jet black freeway running through
I am jealous of its purpose and direction
This town has been around since Nineteen Thirty-Two
But there’s till nothing to do

But the worst part is not feeling any different than I did the day before
Oh I just can’t stand not feeling any different than I did the day before
But I thought that love was more than just
Tourists driving through on Friday afternoon and I wish they wouldn’t leave so soon
‘cause we’ve got our oasis of fast food and gas stations
And we don’t really need much
I’ve been wanting so much
Though I’ve never really known much else
But something inside me’s always wanted something else
Than what I’ve found in Baker
Here in Baker

Eleanor Rigby

Written By: John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been.
Lives in a Dream
Waits at the window
Wearing a face that she keeps in a Jar by the door.
Who is it for?

Whatever happened to the Moon?

Written By: Gary Poirot/Sam Keele

Whatever happened to the moon?
Can anybody tell me where it went?
It used to be in every romance then; where has it gone?

2. Whatever happened to the stars? Did they fall out of the sky?
They used to hang behind the moon but then, where have they gone?

Whatever happened to the moon?
Someone forgot to turn it on
Oh whatever happened to the Stars?
Someone dropped them, now they’re gone

3. Whatever happened to the bells? The ones that lovers always heard.
The bells don’t seem to ring anymore, where have they gone?
4. Whatever happened to the Love? Can anybody tell me where it went?
Some people never find out how it feels. Where has it gone?

What ever happened to the bells?
Nobody ever hears them ring.
Oh what ever happened to the love?
I had it once, now it’s gone


We have 4 songs available right now on Itunes and a bunch of other places.
1- Ships of Sand
2- Baker
3- Eleanor Rigby (Killer cover)
4- Whatever happened to the Moon?

Set List

Ships of Sand
Eleanor Rigby
Whatever Happened to the Moon?
Think of me
Turn it up loud (and we'll dance real hard)
Back to 52
So Far in Love
On a Sunny Day