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Demo out 8-1-06
"4 Drops of Morphine"
Updated demo with Rerecorded Vocals
"Pre Release Demo"

3 Songs are downloadable at www.myspace.com/volumeanesthetic



Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll (acdc) the lines in that song hit home for the members of Volume Anesthetic. In January of 2006 Chris and Jim the guitar players of Volume Anesthetic were in a band called Any Waking Moment. That band had been around for about 2 years and were playing in the local scene around the area. That band had traveled and played for many people. In January the bands second drummer quit after headlining a venue in Pittsburgh called Mr smalls after a few calls were made the band decided to break up. As in many bands there were major creative issues. They had hit a point where everything had became stagnent and the fun had been taken out of it. Chris and Jim decided that they wanted to keep going with music, they seemed to have a good connection and with the last band they felt very limited in the writing process, and if they formed a new band they could express there ideas and become a more creative unit. In January of 2006 a week after the band parted ways they started to write new material. They both didn't know if it was going to work or if they could come up with anything better than Any Waking Moment. In a weeks practice they had written 5 songs and now realized that this was something better and more creative and decided to move fully into this new project. After much Deliberation Chirs and Jim Decided to name the band Volume Anesthetic, The name means Loud and numbing. The next part is the toughest to find with a band. You need to find people that are talented and as dedicated as you with music. The band started to look for lead singers, They tried out a few people and they just didn't fit there idea of the "guy". Travis came out and they liked him alot. After a few practices they gave Travis the spot of lead vocals. The band then tried out Adam Miller and after 2 practices gave Adam the spot as drummer. The band moved to washington Pa and held rehearsels there. After a month or so Adam brought out his friend Branden and he practiced twice with the band and learned the complete set. The band then offered the spot of bass to him and he accepted. The band has been a full band since the middle of May and entered studio 635 to record with Jesse Belcastro. Chris and Jim had recorded with Jesse with Any Waking Moment and felt very comfortable and creative working with Jesse and it has always been a great experience. Volume Anesthetic released their demo on August 1st 2006. In February of 2007 the band went into Studio 635 and re recorded vocals on the entire cd and added some more backups. Shortly after the band decided to part ways with Branden and Adam and they replaced them with Luke Linnon and Anthony Seeman. The band plans to release a full length cd in early 2008. They will be traveling to Earthsound Studios in Valdosta Georgia to work with Lee Dyess (From First to Last, The Mayday Parade, We Are Action). The future is looking bright for Volume Anesthetic, so everyone hold on for the ride of a lifetime.