Volunteer Muse

Volunteer Muse


Volunteer Muse has a distinct and sincere sound, capable of appealing to a variety of audiences. Their music is thoughtful and dramatic, fitting for coffehouses or arenas.


Based out of Seattle, Volunteer Muse is thoughtful lyrics, passionate vocals, and introspective finger-picked guitar lines. When augmented by the rhythm of the drums and the low tones of the bass guitar, the music takes on a new dimension and is sure to distinguish itself amongst today's popular sounds.


There But For The Grace Of God Go I

Written By: Bryan Solem and Le King

There but for the grace of God go I
Lifted the weight wiped the grief from my eyes
Twenty four hours at a time
Straining for what’s ahead of me
Past the night to the irony of dawn
Canyon head echoes my need to be known

Vanity of vanities

My heart is aching my soul no longer young
These broken bones are the wounds that I have acquired
Vapors rise from this temporary home
Goodbye to pride I can’t make it on my own
So long to greed life is more than what I own

Meaningless says the teacher
Life is funny that way

There but for the goodness of God
I would be buried six feet underground
Carved in stone my epitaph will read
Here lies a man who died emptied


Written By: Bryan Solem and Le King

Here’s a song for Miguelito
Who is searching
A voice cries out for Miguelito
Hear the words ring out
Blank stares from a crowd
You’re thinking out loud again
Wondering what this pain is about And will it ever end

I have fallen several times
And all the while You were right there

Where will you go now Miguelito?
Where you won’t be found
Lift your head up my dear brother
Feel these arms embrace you now
Is there food that you do not hunger?
Taste the honey dripping out
Nurse you back to peace
I know His arms will make you strong

I have fallen several times
And all the while You were right there
I know that you’re lonely
I know that You were right by my side
I know You will never let me go


Melancholy High

Available at www.cdbaby.com/volunteermuse

Set List

Due to our music being rooted in one vocal and an acoustic guitar, we can play an intimate coffehouse venue or we can add bass and drums to the ensemble and play a theater or club venue. We have played for as little as 15 minutes and for as long as an hour. Our set is original compositions, no covers.