Voluptuous Tusk

Voluptuous Tusk

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Voluptuous Tusk is a humorous, serious, focused, scattered, show that links improvisations of movement and audio textures with composed dialogues and pieces of music (electronic and acoustic) This develops into a story using props and eccentric antics. Part Rock n Roll/Theater/ Performance Art.


Composer/Performance Artist Lenny Zieben of Chicago created Voluptuous Tusk in 2003 in order to cross on over to the audience. Zieben's zany performance style combines dyslexic antics with a collection of props and politically poignant and sometimes existential lyrics. He creates a raw and fresh performance style that draws you in with a twist. Song favorites America the Plentiful and Earthworm Buffet are woven into this bold display of creative abandon. Part Andy Kaufman, PeeWee, Frank Zappa and Kool Keith!


Too Much Gas CD

Set List

1 45 minute set includes: * indicates a cover
America the Plentiful
The Fat Lady of Limbourg*
The Wandering Lad
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!
Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout would not Take the Gar*
Buying Time