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Von Alexander

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop




"Milwaukee Hip-Hop Round-Up: Von Alexander, McGuire is God, Lil Axion, Gwapo Chapo, Solowke"

More so than most of his peers in the more lyricism-driven circles of Milwaukee's hip-hop scene, Von Alexander is an album artist. He sounds great in small doses, but even better in extended exposures that invite you to fully explore his head space. And as solid as all of his projects have been, he's never sounded better than he does on his latest full-length ALEXANDER, which spotlights his ever-raspier flow and his ear for posh, soulful production. I'm always reluctant to compare rappers to J. Cole, because that's such a loaded reference, but Von shares Cole's understanding of how to carry a full-length on his own shoulders without relying on gimmicks or features. And, honestly, it's been a long time since Cole made a record that went down as easy as this one does. This is Von's most impressive project yet. - Shepheard Express


Von Alexander is having a hell of a year. Today marks the release of “Alexander”, Von’s third project since January. In a full album mode, Von shines, as he’s able to create ten tracks of a cohesive project, exploring different facets of his sound. The only features on “Alexander” come from Camb, who also has a pair of production credits on the album as well as the titles of executive producer and engineer. Anchored around recent single “Friends With Benefits”, Von gets to prove why he is one of the most creative artists in the city regardless of genre on the album, which from what we’ve heard is his last for the year. While his whole collection has been impressive this year, “Alexander” is a gem. Check it out below: - Breaking and Entering


Von Alexander’s sound is very now, or at least very-recent-past—neo-soul and jazzy beats permeate his new ALEXANDER album, and his alternating sing-song and rapid-fire raps bring to mind plenty of today’s leading lights of hip-hop without resorting to mimicry. The album’s judicious bits of auto-tune don’t amount to a gimmick, and none of the sparse technological flourishes disrupt the album’s cohesion. In terms of strict wordplay and vocal gymnastics, Alexander’s work on tracks like “Friends With Benefits” and “Paradise” elevates him high up the local ladder, although that’s nothing new; ALEXANDER is less about breaking new ground and more about solidifying Alexander’s reputation as one of the city’s most consistently satisfying MCs. - Milwaukee Record


Von Alexander is back with some crazy visuals for his new single, “Waves.” He affirms it’s all about being on a wave, naturally. “Hitting that stride of confidence in yourself,” Von explains, ” a sense of being powerful and entering a new level in your progress.”

The action-packed music video portrays him as Vonny Del Fresco (a former moniker he encourages people to Google) battling his current alias Von Alexander.

“There being two of ‘me’ comes with why the song was created, to take a new step with my music and my own expansion as an artist. I just wanted to really take things a step further, take all of the sounds I had built up over the few years, and really hone them to what you’re hearing now, which is Von Alexander. Von Alexander is chasing Vonny Del Fresco through the woods, tying him to a tree and stealing the power and soul of who that persona was. It’s never wrong to change for the progression of who you are and what you do to enhance your art and the future you desire to build for yourself,” he says.

Like most of us, all transitions come with sacrifice. In Von’s case, per the riveting visuals, that sacrifice can sometimes be self-sacrifice. In the end, it all gives birth to a bigger, better, and bolder you. As for what’s next, Von is still writing his path just like the rest of us: “Only the future knows. I know, but I’d rather people watch it all instead of me spoiling the surprises of what’s to come. It’s bigger than me.”

Watch the premiere of Von Alexander’s music video for “WAVES” above. Afterwards, check out his latest EP. - Mass Appeal


Von Alexander - Alexander [Released 2018]



Von Alexander is a Hip-Hop artist/songwriter born and raised Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Von released his debut EP 'V O N' November 19th, 2015 premiering with Massappeal.com, while spreading across many other media outlets such as Spotify and Apple Music.

This year (2017)Von also released his debut mixtape 'MAYHEM1993' with the help of pigeonsandplanes.com, which is now under construction for a greater experience to the audience. This project is still available for streaming via Tidal, Spotify & Apple Music.

Von's mission is to show exactly what it means to progress as an artist, as he intricately changes through vibes and sounds effortlessly throughout his releases. To take your influences, dissect them, blend them, and create your own sound along with art to surround it is exactly what Von does to ensure the listeners that they'll never have to hear the same song twice. His boisterous energy and his emotion let's you know you're listening to someone who's really starving for perfection and success.