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"Von Army"

“Von Army”
Von Army
Studio M Records
The next generation in the Emilio Navaira dynasty is not following the expected Tejano path. Instead Emilio IV and brother Diego Navaira are diverting from papa Emilio’s popular Tejano and carving out their own guitar-driven rock style. What? Yes, it’s no surprise that every generation seeks its own identity. This collection of original 10-tracks sounds like a musical stew with spices of Sammy Hager, Van Halen, and a little U2. Van Halen fans will like the tracks “Monster,” “Burning Sky” and “The Wild.” The boys also pay tribute to the Kinks on the classic “All Day and All of the Night,” and give it a new energized reading by applying a Police/Yes filter.
--Ramiro Burr - Ramiro Burr

"Emilio Kids Roll Out Von Army"

San Antonio Express-News - Who knew Tejano superstar Emilio Navaira secretly wanted to be the David Lee Roth of Tejano?

That goes a long way in explaining the cool Van Halen influences in his teenage sons' rock band, Von Army.

"The whole reason that we're Van Halen nuts is because of him," said Emilio Navaira III. "I know that he wanted to be the Spanish version David Lee Roth onstage. He's still the only Tejano artist I've ever seen do the splits onstage."

Von Army – which includes Emilio III on drums, his younger brother Diego on lead guitar and lead vocals and cousins bassist Sean Gamboa and guitarist Shane Gamboa — plays at Jack's Patio Bar Friday night at midnight.

And if you just can't wait for their official CD release next week, the self-titled album produced by Ron and Michael Morales at Studio M will be available at the gig.

The album project began two years ago, but was delayed because of their father's catastrophic accident on Easter morning 2008, in which he suffered a severe head injury. They worked on the record after their father stabilized after multiple surgeries.

"We're excited about it," said Navaira, 19. "But the stuff feels really old. The whole thing with my dad resulted in us stopping the project and started doing stuff with the family."

The drummer explained that the Von Army album is a bit of a two-headed monster, with earlier songs having a retro '80s Van Halen vibe and later material leaning toward modern rock like "Worship You," "The Wind" and "Monster."

"That's really the way we want to go," he said.

But Von Army doesn't stray too far afield from what fans like. These days it's closer to "Foo Fighters-meet-Van Halen" modern rock.

Emilio III and Diego (who often spend hours in the studio singing Beatles songs) recently helped their uncle Raul Navaira record a solo album, "Simplemente Raulito Por Mientras." "We're very close," said Navaira.

Von Army's lyrics deal with love.

"They're love songs," said Navaira. "I've never been the kind of person that could write a song about (heavy topics). I don't think people would take me seriously writing about world issues."

The boys' famous father gives them advice and praise. "He's been saying the record is awesome. He really likes the record," said Navaira. "But when he was coming to the studio before (the accident), he was really concerned that we didn't have a single on it. He's very critical of us, which is good. We need someone like that."

Emilio III said his recuperating father is singing a bit at home.

"We have a little studio at the house. He goes in there on his own. It sounds great. It sounds like him. It's crazy."

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- San Antonio Express News


Von Army released their Debut Self Titled Album "VonArmy" in Oct 09. With 9 originals and a cover by the Kinks "All day and All of the night"




Is a rock band from San Antonio, Tx. and is made up of four members: Emilio (Drums, Vox), Diego (Lead Guitar, Lead Vox), Steven (Bass) and Shane (Rythium Guitar, Vox). The band has played together for most of their adolescent years, though those years were played mostly as a cover band. Von Army experienced a great deal of success as they were the youngest band in the world at the time to hold the title of a Gibson endorsement. As their fan base grew so did their performances, from the Super Bowl grounds at Reliant Stadium in Houston Tx. To A Show Case in Austin for a Pre- Grammy Awards Party, The Bob Marley festival in Austin, The Fan Fair in Nashville Tn. and the News Years Eve Hemisfair Plaza Festival in San Antonio. As well as opening up for Lover Boy at SunSet Station in San Antonio and George Lynch of “Dokken” in San Antonio all before the oldest member was 16, and youngest member was 10 yrs old. A rock band was being formed before the eyes of many.

Early 2008 the band decided it was time to make some of their dreams a reality. With the knowledge of the industry, Von Army felt it was time to put their stamp on the rock scene. With dreams of making a career in music, Emilio and Diego decided that they would make the sacrifices necessary to move their careers forward with a unique spin of classic rock to modern rock and a hint of pop, they began writing and recording at Studio “M” with Grammy Award Winning Writers and Producers Michael and Ron Morales (Where acts such as Def Leppard, Beyonce & Gnarles Barkley have all recorded.) During the time of producing their first self titled album “Von Army” Emilio and Diego reflected back to what fuels them on wanting to become recording artists. Leaning on the teaching’s of their own Grammy Award Winning father who taught them to play music that inspires you, no matter what others think or say, And your music will inspire others to listen.

Embarking on the next chapter of Von Army and their cutting edge style of rock, fans through out the world will one day appreciate their ability to relate to all kinds of musical influences. Whether you prefer Van Halen to the Foo Fighters or the Beatles to Michael Jackson rest assured the Army of rock fans will one day march to the beat of Von Army.

“This collection of original 10-tracks sounds like a musical stew with spices of Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, and a little U2” Ramiro Burr, RamiroBURR.com Oct.09

“In all my years of recording, I’ve never seen such a mature effort from such a young team” Michael Morales, Studio “M” Aug. 09