Von Daler & Low Pressure

Von Daler & Low Pressure


A group that takes you to the tango bars of Buenos Aires as well as the mountains surrounding Kingston, music with a distinct and beautiful sound full of warmth, heart, and authencity... So far licensed to Scandinavia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay + healthy airplay in France and California!


Von Daler Low Pressure
Sonatas en Dub

Danish musician Asger von Daler was once told a remarkable story in a barbershop in Buenos Aires, a tale of forbidden love across social and racial boundaries and of a dramatic escape from the retribution of the Buenos Aires establishment of the 1920´ies, and a young couple who settled down in Kingston, Jamaica, to open their own milonga-tango bar.

Back in Copenhagen, Asger told the story to friend and fellow musician, Emo. Inspired by the story, the two started writing songs for an album that combined melodic tango instrumentation from Argentina with Jamaica's reggae and dub style: a cooperative effort between two highly skilled musicians with completely different musical backgrounds.

Sonatas En Dub is the result of their combined efforts: an album that takes you to the tango bars of Buenos Aires as well as to the mountains surrounding Kingston, Jamaica, music with a distinct and beautiful sound full of warmth, heart, and authenticity, rounded out by vocals from Emo and various guest vocalists.

Danish singer, producer and multi-talent Emo (aka Low Pressure, aka Emo S) has since his debut on a New York label in 2000, created a stack of uncompromising and ground-breaking releases, including two very well received solo albums. His unique sound, combining reggae, hip hop, dub, soul, electronica and jazz, has drawn attention throughout the world and has led him into collaborations with a number of international artists such as DJ Vadim, Boozoo Bajou, Natasja and Djosos Krost. It has been written about Emo "if his voice doesn't get you, your heart is made of concrete". (Tunes.co.uk)

Tango guitar player, producer and classical arranger Asger von Daler has lived in Latin America for seven years. As co-founder and musical director of the Buenos Aires-based studio, Momix, he has produced music for films, television and theatres all over Latin America. His inspiration starts with the traditional folk genres from the villages of the Chilean Andes mountains and stretches to avantgarde rock, pop, electronic and acoustic music. Asger von Daler has given numerous performances throughout Latin America and is a double Grammy Award-winner in his home country.

Sonatas en Dub is recorded live in studios and produced electronically, partly in Buenos Aires, partly in Copenhagen. One of the contributing musicians is Pablo Gignoli, Bandoneón-player in the Argentine tango orchestra "La Fernandez Fierro". Guest vocalists are Danish singer Billie Koppel and not least the late dancehall queen from Denmark, Natasja, who died tragically in a car accident in Jamaica in 2007. Natasja and Emo had known each other as teenagers and had been friends ever since, participating through the years in each other’s projects. At the time of the making of Sonatas en Dub Natasja approached Emo, eager not only to toast and rap, but also to take on the challenge of singing. The result can be heard on the single 'Real Love' and on the remarkable song called 'Let Me Be'.

‘Real Love’ is being featured in the American TV series success True Blood, Season III, which has approx. 14,5 mill viewers per episode.

Von Daler & Low Pressure is also getting a stamp of approval in the homeland of the tango, as ‘Sonatas en Dub’ will be released fall 2009 in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile on the much respected label Random Records.

Late October Von Daler & Low Pressure was in Athens, Greece to play some gigs as ‘Sonatas en Dub’ got released at Sony Music this summer.

The cover artwork for ‘Sonatas En Dub’ and singles, is hand-painted by the hip and innovative Argentinean artist, Alfredo Genovese.



Real Love feat. Natasja

Written By: Emo s. + N. Saad

Real Love

I know your faking
cuz real love is aching
and I'll be forsaken
One more time
Am I mistaking
Free from the taking
Now my heart is breaking

Get real love
You know you can't mess with that
I don't want no less than that
I'll give all I have for that
Get real love
I don't need no less than that
You know you shouldn't mess with that
Oh I'll give all I have for that

Real love, real love, real love
Give me that real love
Real love, real love, real love
Give me the real love

Just give mi de truth, mi a know you
Now baby lay it down the line
Give me de time fi understand
How you're originally fine
Give me the look and now I see
Your eyes sparkle and shine
Can't hide how you de pon mi mind
Can't believe a minute
A man like you could be mine
Mi done bother search
Because mi know, mi no go find
Man rough, cute, man pretty and kind
Mi no want break mi heart
Me done it time after time
So show mi de proof
Say you're free pon de line
No likkle girlfriend have no secrets fi hide
If I take the chance and jump ina you right
Is it just one night or de rest of life
Mi no want hurt so

Get real love
You know you can't mess with that
I don't want no less than that
I'll give all I have for that
Get real love
I don't need no less than that
you know you shouldn't mess with that
oh I'll give all I have for that

Real love, real love, real stuff
Give me that real stuff
Real love, real stuff, real love
Give me the real stuff
Give you all I have
Real love...


Sonatas en dub, 2008 (Playground/PanAmericana)


Familia Cuturruffo: Vernaculo, 1994, CD, ed. Ministerio de cultura de Chile
Dissing, Dissing, von Daler og Dissing: uden titel, 1997, CD, Kavan.
Dissing, Dissing, von Daler, Las og Dissing: Græsset må betrædes, 1999, CD, Joker Records / Kavan
Doble Corte: Yiro, 2003, CD/DVD Momix

Dj Vadim feat Emo: Watch That Sound (J-star remix), 2008. EP vinyl (bbe Rec)
Leg-no feat Emo Dada: Dope & Hope, 2008. Album
Dj Vadim feat Emo: Fear Feats/ Watch That Sound, 2007. Album CD/LP “The Sound Catcher”(bbe rec)
Emo: Remedy, 2006. Album CD/Vinyl (Audiopharm/SPV)
Rasmus Helner: Fire In A Stone, produced by Emo, 2006. Album CD (CPH Sound)
Mahlon Steward: Dem Girls, Emo Remix, 2005. 12” vinyl (Redbud Rec)
Emo: In The Back Of The Car, 2005. EP vinyl (Audiopharm/SPV)
Djosos Krost Feat Emo: Call It Off, 2005. Album CD “No Sign Of Bad” (Music For Dreams)
Butti49 Feat Emo. Flying/Action, 2004. Album CD/LP “Habit”(Exeptional Rec.)
Emo feat Daddy Ous. I want My Love, 2004. 12" vinyl (Stereo Deluxe)
The Strike Boys feat Emo: Witness, 2004. Album CD/LP “Playtime” (Stereo Deluxe)
Emo: This Is My Home, 2003: Album CD/LP (Stereo Deluxe)
Emo: First Time Experiences. 12" vinyl (Stereo Deluxe)
Emo. Relief For Free, 2003. 12" vinyl (Stereo Deluxe)
Djosos Krost Feat Emo: The Real Thing, 2001 (Home Brew)
Emo: Jazzy Dub Head-bubber, 2000. 12" EP vinyl (Liquid Sound Lounge)
+ various compilations

Set List

60 min. set of a dubbed out soul-reggae-tango experience featuring vocalists Low Pressure, Stine Kinck and Wafande.
A selection of songs from the album 'Sonatas en Dub' - some in new version + a selection of new tracks.

Setlist example;
Al Jahrium
Blue Mountain
Let Me Be
Verano Danés
Hold On
Dia Deluz
Prime Crime
Real Love