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Eric started playing guitar around eight years old for awhile, then picked it back up in his late teens. He’s not really sure why he started playing but says his Dad turned him on to Rimsky Korsakov and his Mom turned him on to Flamenco, so he believes the exposure to these passionate forms of music stirred his soul. "In my early years my Brother introduced me to Quick Silver Messenger Service, Pink Floyd, and the seventies Monsters of Rock. I’m not sure my tastes would be quite as eccletic without his contribution" said Eric. "I think my Dad was a little sorry, he didn’t get me piano lessons once he heard all the noise I made after I got my electric guitar in high school".

Besides bass, he also plays synth and guitar, and also vocals. He loves music compositions, arrangements and song writing. Eric says he chose bass because there has been a shortage of good bass players and he wants to stay active in bands.

Among some of his influences are such greats as Paul McCartney, John Enthwistle, Les Claypool, John Paul Jones, Tool and Korn. He also states he loves Jazz base styles. His style of playing is called "epic".

Epic- as applied to music means bombastic, profoundly large in scope or depth and well composed. He says that’s what he aims for. "It has to be dynamic and interesting, or it isn’t music" he says.

Von Din can be described as humble and reserved, and at times can be very intense in practice and off the wall lately. Eric says "this makes the whole experience fun and interesting. I appreciate the bands creativity and willingness to make some of my more unconventional sound work". He describes the band as " deep".

Eric would have liked to be an astronaut and have a wide distribution of his music. (Well, outer space would be a wide distribution, wouldn’t it? Ha Ha). He says "who knows, with advance in the space program maybe, I’ll get close to my goal and set foot in space even if only on a commercial space plane (don’t forget your music when you go! Ha).

When we asked Eric if he could spend a day with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? "Other than Jesus, probably Noah or Mozart, maybe even General Patton. These men all enjoyed life and were yet very committed to their passions. Marilyn Monroe was supposed to have been well read, so I imagine she would have been an interesting person also!"

Eric listens to just about everything. He says "current music, but specifically, I like Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, U2, and Greenday ".

What inspires him is a clear night sky without hinderence from city lights, the Holy Scriptures, his Mom, Dad and Brother and any of God’s natural wonders.

Check out Von Din on WWW.MYSPACE.COM/VONDIN - The Rhythm AuthorityT


VonDin has had airplay on college radio. Check out ARA on myspace.com/vondin



VonDin is a Milwaukee based band made up of three extremely talented musicians rocking familiar local stages such as: The Main Stage, The Rave, V’Nuk’s Lounge, Linneman’s, The Doctor’ Office and John Henry’s. On occasion VonDin can be found unplugged at local open jams including Linneman’s Riverwest, Bremin Café and Points East. Backed by Royal Records, the band has worked with several production companies including Gorilla Productions, Emergenza and Icon Entertainment. VonDin is currently seeking management and a long-term record deal.

Mike Majdoch (bass and vocals) was practically born with a bass in his hands. Accordingly, Mike’s been with several Milwaukee area bands, learning new styles, while perfecting his proficiency and harmonic techniques. Mike’s hammering, thunderous fingerpicking bass style bridges the gaps between progressive rock, funk, and classic rock while exploring new frontiers in bass melody.

Eric Wennerstrand (guitar and vocals) at age 8 found flamenco guitar and later in college found music theory, with a degree from Cabrillo College. Since then Eric has played in various bands in California and Milwaukee. From modern hard rock, alternative, metal, 70’s psychedelic rock, punk and grunge, Eric’s influences come through loud and clear in both his over the top playing and eclectic songwriting.

Mike LaPlant. (drums and vocals) steady as a rock, holds down the backbeat. Mike has also been in several groups and has become much more than a drummer, Mike is a singer and songwriter credited for writing VonDin’s soulful ballads. Paradoxically, Mike’s drumming is bombastic, well structured with; lighting-fast fills, layered tom work and well placed accents. Mike rocks the house.

When you go to a VonDin show, expect your adrenaline to flow, expect fist pumping, expect catchy and intriguing music. Also expect a blog of reflective lyrics concerning life issues, introspection and the world, as we know it. When you hear VonDin don’t expect all the songs to sound alike. VonDin is a band with three excellent musicians whose personalities are as different as their diverse playing styles and repertoire; it is this diversity that creates the VonDin cornucopia of sound that often penetrates your mind and infects your soul.

Visit VonDin at www.SonicBids/VonDin or www.myspace.com/VonDin . Contact VonDin at vondin@hotmail.com for bookings, questions or just to talk about things.

VonDin looks forward to playing a venue near you soon! Check them out!