Von Dukes
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Von Dukes

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Is that a pompadour in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? By Andrew David"

You don’t see too many pure Rock N’ Roll acts these days. Everyone is some hyphenated amalgamation that sounds like what passes for dirty-talk between indie record store clerks.

And then you have The Von Dukes.

Seemingly born as the cast-off love child of a 56′ Chevrolet and an original Hank Williams’ pressing, The Von Dukes hearken back to a time when men were men (with extremely greasy hair) and women were women (in extremely tight pants.)

Technically, they might be filed away under Rockabilly but the The Von Dukes have no concern for technicalities only rock-a-calities.

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2010 LP "One More Ride"
1 the duke
2 rockabilly boogie
3 p-51
4 red hot
5 flathead merc
6 hellbound drifter
7 rebel rouser
8 blue ribbon beer
9 rat rod automobile
10 freight train
11 north wind
12 black velvet girl
13 el ducé
14 flyin' saucers rock'n'roll
15 king for the day
16 chrisine
17 one more ride

2009 EP "The Von Dukes Are Coming"

all songs streaming and downloadable at http://vondukes.com/music



Big brother Ben was conceived in the back seat of a Studebaker. Mom and dad got rid of the '57 Chevy after she gave birth to twins Chris and Craig in the back seat. Duston Von Duke popped out nine months to the day after dad got back from 'nam.
With 4 boys mom had enough, but when Ben joined the Navy, pappa wanted to try one more time for that girl, but instead out popped little Kyle Von Duke.

We like our music like we like our cars and women: FAST

Drivin beats, timeless riffs, squealin sax...it's a 21st century spin on the 50's.

From the ashes of Sun Record Artists, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, the Stray Cats, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Wayne Hancock, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins and many more...we throw it together with some Ventures and the Clash and make it our own.