Von Dupree

Von Dupree

BandHip Hop

Von Dupree is a versatile artist that is current but has old school influences


DeVon De'pree Henderson also known as Von Dupree born December 31st, 1990. Grew up being influenced by Missouri and North Carolina culture, experiencing street life stemming from watching his dad sell drugs, getting robbed, and going to prison to a suburban lifestyle trying to live right. Struggling with influences from both sides helped him to become the man he is today, Von Dupree. After starting school the semester of 2009, his freshman year at North Carolina Central University, indecisive about whether to continue playing Division | Football or to pursue a career in something he felt a fire inside for. Jumping in feet first, with Faith by his side, is something Von Dupree does once he commits himself to do what he says he going to do.


Current Single is "Got It" is from his 2013 "Growing Pains Don't Last" Mix-Tape Hosted by DJ JGreen