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The perfect soundtrack for anyone who's lived, is living and/or loves the street life- Vonn P. brings us to his reality from trapping & his D-Boy days to flossing & balling. His music- the lifeline for those stricken with poverty & the hearbeat for those struggling against the odds- is Street Lyfe.


"There's more to the South than some gold in our mouths," says 25 year old rapper, Vonn P. A thorough breed hustler, Vonn ran the streets most of his youth, the product of a broken home. Growing up in Green Law apartments in North Memphis, TN was a tough break. With streets for a father and music for a mom, it wasn't long before Vonn was off to the military to straighten up his life.

The life of a soldier found Vonn P. traveling across the world and sharpening his skills against various emcees every he went. In 2004 he found himself, post-military, in Long Beach, where he would return to the life of hustling once again but this time to push a new product; Street Lyfe: The Album.
Working with manager J. Maestro, engineer Dro the Last, (www.myspace.com/blacktriad) and fire featured production by up-and-coming industry producer Epik (www.pmpworldwide.com/epik), the project promises to be one of the hottest in 07-08!


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My show consists of mixtape performances and the lead singles from my album and *special request features.

*email for details on special features on songs