Von Reetz

Von Reetz

 Austin, Texas, USA

Six people who feel that being close friends, enjoying the music we make, and having a good time together will ultimately create amazing art. Rock, soul, blues, Americana, etc. Street-poetry style lyrics with soulful singing, blues guitar and a rock rhythm section. And black death speed metal!!


Von Reetz is a band that didn't try to play their first show before the time was right. This is a band that didn't worry about finding the world's best players but finding the right people. This is a band that has never been afraid to throw a popular cover song (or three) into their set. This is a band that truly enjoys taking a full Sunday afternoon to rehearse (and to BBQ and enjoy good beer and good company). This is a band that smiles on stage because they're having fun, plays their instruments to impress each other, desires to seamlessly blend beauty and experimentation, and sings "teach me what you know about emptiness" like it's going to save them, at least on this rock and roll road trip.

These six musicians, their ages spanning across three decades, have a varied background including blues, soul, folk, reggae, punk, alt-country, and rock cover bands. Sometimes the songs hold tight to a specific style, others drift from one to another between verses. Rules are made for this band to break them. They revere irreverence ("shooting empty tequila bottles with 45 caliber thoughts/stealin' from the collection plate prayin' we won't be caught"). Words are their toys they make dance from one chord to the next, picking up some subtle harmonies and dropping off observations of the American city-dweller's experience along the way. Oh, and they can't help but toss a few kick-ass guitar or piano solos in there too.

Von Reetz makes music. Americana, blues-rock, folk-rock, rock-rock, whatever. "Cause when the xanax wears off and my stomach's in knots, I'll need you there to catch me." Here's to hoping the music catches Austin's ear.


Admissible Evidence (EP, 2011)
-available now @ myspace & reverbnation/Facebook