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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"Vonrenzo: Artist of Intent"

May 1, 2008

Vonrenzo: Artist of Intent
Bambi Weavil of Out Impact

Vonrenzo is the musical persona and brainchild of singer/songwriter, Adam Luaces. Raised in a strong musical foundation from his parents, Sharon, a vocalist, and his father, Robert, a blue collar musician and poet, Luaces was touring at the age of two weeks old and almost retired at the age of four. His parents divorced when he was four, and Luaces became drawn to poetry as a form of releasing his sadness and coping with the change of his family dynamic.

Years later after attending Manhattan College, going in the direction of finance and philosophy, Luaces attended a Dave Matthews Band concert and it changed his life. After the band landed with the perfect timing on the final note of “Last Stop,” Luaces realized he was meant to pick up his guitar again and play.

Luaces first band, “BEND” had moderate college radio success and toured regularly for almost a year and was selected as one of the top unsigned bands in the country to represent New York City at the “Jeff Buckley Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Tribute Concert” in 2003. Tragedy affected “BEND” and the band’s lead guitarist was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. The band disbanded and Luaces embarked on a solo journey. Luaces paired up with produce and songwriter Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Fischerspooner, Modest Mouse) to create his first masterpiece that honored his musical vision and art. Three years later, in November 2006, Adam and Kyle released Intention and the Adequacy of Delusion. Luaces honors himself as a artist in every sense of the word and his first album is considered part of a larger five part series of work that he has committed himself too.

The Jeff Buckley influence is present honorably in Luaces’ work and at times I can hear similarities to Collective Soul, Chris Isaak, Pearl Jam and The Wallflowers. “Cut the Chord” is one of my favorite tracks, focusing on taking everything he has to give and leaving and cutting the cord. Luaces’ work is extremely poetic and emotional, and is constantly packed with lyrical power, in “What We Spill”: “Stay quiet be careful they’ll see / What makes you believe / That they don’t see / I want to… I need to… I’ll try to come over.”

“Can’t Say Know” is a song that stays in repeat, long after the audio is over, with more pleasure and pain wrapped together, between serving and using emotionally within a relationship. “Vacilador” is almost a haunting lullaby, a haunting departure and “falling upon angels of sand.” “Bless Your Heart” is another hauntingly beautiful yet completely sweet in it’s tragedy song, not wanting to talk it over and yet everything can be said in “it’s the way you stare when I said goodbye.” Luaces has such a gift for being able to say the unsaid and wrap it with a beautiful rock melody. - Out Impact

"The Vonrenzo CD Release Party"

The Vonrenzo CD Release Party
Roman Sohor of the 'NoFate and Razor Show'

Friend and Fan of the Show, Nate (Brimmer), sent me an invitation to check out the CD release party for Vonrenzo’s new album, Indica Dove Sei. This past week at the D-Lounge in Union Square, Manhattan. What I got was a great event (Kudos to the band as well as their publicist Allison!) and an even better live performance. Adam Luaces, the lead singer/songwriter has penned a bunch of great songs, which are mellow but lively and emotional and introspective, without being cloying and emo. Do yourself a favor and check them out. - NoFate & Razor Show

"Rising Artist EXCLUSIVE INTV Vonrenzo"

To be a singer songwriter or musician coming out of New York City is no easy task. Especially with the type of music coming from the city that never sleeps right now. Yet for a band like Vonrenzo, it maybe an uphill battle but the struggles will be all worth it. I was invited to check out the band a little over a month ago at an invitation only to their record release party. The party was to celebrate the sophomore effort Indica Dove Sei, from the band and brainchild of singer / songwriter Adam Luaces. Adam whose voice has been compared to Jeff Buckley struck me at the performance and I was equally impressed with the band backing him. After a few emails later, I was able to interview the man behind this somewhat new band in New York and discussed everything from his new record, to breakdowns to inspirations. Check out my interview with Adam below:

1) Where do all of the Italian motifs from the name of the band to the title of the new record come from?

Vonrenzo is a sacred word of pure imagination… The Italian motif of the album is a tribute to my muse…

2) What are some of your influences as a singer and songwriter?

If I step back I find my songs seem to be very influenced by a sense of longing; either to be understood, desired, needed, or adored ‘what therapy?’

3) Many of the songs on "Indica Dove Sei," are about love and heartbreak. Two strong emotions everyone goes through in life at some point. What do you think is the more powerful of the two from a songwriters point of view?

From a songwriters point of view certainly heartbreak, there is a certain energy that yearning inspires that is unlike anything else. However, love is the most powerful element that exists. Love is stronger than heartbreak, at least I keep telling myself that…

4) You have worked with Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Fincherspooner, Modest Mouse) what was that experience like having him produce for you?

Kyle is the most musically gifted person I have met in this lifetime. Making music with him has been among one of my many great blessings. This experience was simply Divine.

5) Your two albums "Intention and the Adequacy of Delusion" and "Indica Dove Sei" are total opposites from each other in both sound and style. Explain the drastic change.

Intention was a collection of all types of sounds and moods. In contrast Indica captured a specific vibe. This could be because Indica had a distinct passion behind it or that I grew into it a bit deeper as an artist. I actually see Indica as the solution to Intention rather than an opposite. Any drastic change was probably a result of more time and experience at being alive.

6) It has been said that you felt disillusioned after the release of your first record. Why is this?

By the release of Intention I was suffering from a healthy dose of depression and found myself quite lost. The simple answer is heartache, the more complex is realizing I had no one but myself to blame for the choices I had made. In the end it was a good thing to see clearly that being numb is not a solution.

7) The title of the new album is Italian for Indicate Where You Are. Where are you now emotionally and musically?

I think the nature of emotion is to change, so it is hard to say where I am regarding something so impulsive. Musically I would have to say I am growing and continuing to cultivate this drive toward going further…

8) Being a musician from New York City is no easy task, how do you feel Vonrenzo sticks out from the rest of the crowd?

I am honestly not sure I know enough about the crowd to answer... Are you asking me to be mean?

9) If there was one musician (alive or dead) you would love to play with, who would it be?

Well as long as we are dreaming I would have to say sharing a stage with Sigur Ros would be fascinating.

10) Where would you like this record to take you?

On a date - Salvatore Bono

"Vonrenzo - Indie of the Year Nominee"

This album is an outstanding emotional rollercoaster. The band is clever in its delivery of mocking great lyrics of lost love with mostly upbeat music. In the way that we all usually relate to music with hindsight, we can wear a casual smirk in sharing a bond with the members of Vonrenzo, who use the album as a mechanism to share some self-reflection with the world on how its approach to love is sometimes perfect, sometimes misunderstood, and other times flat-out wrong.

This album is without a doubt much different than the band's first (Intention and the Adequacy of Delusion), but it is equal in great lyrics and solid composition.

At times I sense that the album is rushed or incomplete, but many indie albums are like that. It certainly isn't a strike against them by any means, and would suggest giving an hour of your life to Vonrenzo. At the very least, lend your ears - Music Emissions


Intention and the Adequacy of Delusion
Indica Dove Sei (Indicate Where You Are)



Why Vonrenzo?

There is a point where one begins to run toward the light instead of escaping from the darkness... a point where we save ourselves, realizing that we are in fact one. To love one's self is the only true love that exists. To love self is to love the other; and it is together that we will find that, in truth, we have always been one...

It is not important what we have done, where we have been, why, or how we got here. It is only important that we are here. We are not unique. We are not common, but we are now found. We believe that all great spiritual awakenings stem from great pain and suffering. In hindsight, you will see how painless all of it really was... to now be in such a place of serenity. You will be healed when you realize you were always perfect.

It was with these realizations, Vonrenzo headed back into the studio with a newfound passion for music and a new outlook on life. Songwriter Adam Luaces, alongside new members Nathan Brimmer and Pete Pidgeon, paired up again with producer/engineer Kyle 'Slick' Johnson, and the result was a journey of love and redemption, culminating in Indica Dove Sei (Indicate Where You Are). The new album was a huge departure from Vonrenzo's first album of self-destruction.

To say that Vonrenzo rose from the ashes is to understate the band's growth. Vonrenzo's first album, Intention and the Adequacy of Delusion, was dark, gritty... depressive. Indica is one of love, compassion... forgiveness. Vonrenzo has known the dreamlike nature of existence and the dark side of life; and because of this, the band has an understanding and depth unseen in music today.

All is love letting go,