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"Associated Press"

"The legacy was solidified as the foursome mesmerized audiences during a cross country tour recently." - Staff

"Fox News TV, St. Louis"

"These kids are great!" - Staff

"Times Online"

"Exhibiting the same harmonic singing ability as portrayed in the movie, the four great grandchildren of the original von Trapps seem to have inherited their unique musical gift." - Staff

"The von Trapp Children"

OK, not to give away my age, but my entrée to my ongoing musical theatre education was going to see a movie called THE SOUND OF MUSIC. And, I will admit, my first solo performance was in junior high school singing a song from the same movie called THE LONELY GOATHERD. Looking back, I can truly appreciate the music and now, I feel a little closer to this after doing this interview with the great-grandchildren of Baron and Maria von Trapp, whose musically gifted family was the basis for THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

The von Trapp Children Sofia (17), Melanie (15), Amanda (14) and Justin (11), first performed in 1997 at their grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. Life has been good since then, having toured the world and performed at such prestigious locations as the Sydney Opera House in Australia; released three CD’s, including a Christmas album, and performed with renowned national symphonies, including Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore and the Boston Pops, not to mention performances at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the Bethlehem Musikfest, one of the world’s largest music festivals.

So without further adieu, let’s talk with the kids…

TJ: Is this your first time to New York City?

VTC: No, we have been to NYC many times before this visit. However, as many times we have been there, we always look forward for another return visit.

TJ: What was it like growing up in the von Trapp family, especially with the story of THE SOUND OF MUSIC as a part of the family history?

VTC: I’m not sure how to answer that considering the fact that we really don’t know any different. I guess it’s just amazing to know who our great grandparents were like, and everyday we are becoming more aware of how their story has affected countless individuals worldwide, for the better.

TJ: Do you find in your travels that audiences want to hear you sing the music made famous in the musical and the film version?

VTC: Yes. People want to hear what is familiar to them and THE SOUND OF MUSIC songs are such great pieces anyway. We truly don’t blame anyone for wanting to hear one or more of these famous songs.

TJ: Have you ever met any of the actors who portrayed your famous relatives? If so, what was it like?

VTC: When we performed at the Hollywood Bowl in LA last year, we had the honor to perform in front of 18,000 people for a sing along. During this event, all the children in THE SOUND OF MUSIC were present, and we got to meet and talk to them backstage. They were all very nice people and we hope we will see them again some time soon.

TJ: What is like to be touring the world? Do you find the audiences have high expectations of you?

VTC: Touring around the world is probably the highlight of this whole adventure. That’s what we love the most about this, is being able to see the different coulters, and landscapes. Audiences don’t really know what to expect with us, but so far we seem to regularly have a good response.

TJ: In the movie, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, we basically see the von Trapp children singing only. In addition to vocalizing, do any of you play instruments as well?

VTC: Sofie plays piano, Mellie plays guitar, and Justin is pounding on the drums whenever we are home. However, these hobbies are for our own pleasure, we don’t play them in professional performances.

TJ: What has been the most exciting thing for you about touring?

VTC: Like we said before, traveling to new places is probably the most exciting. We also get to meet really fascinating people on tour as well.

TJ: Not wanting you to give anything away, what can the audiences look forward to in your current tour?

VTC: We have really started to get more a cappella pieces in our repertoire. Over the 4 years we have been doing this, we always tend to have more fun then the last tour. It just keeps becoming more and more enjoyable, and through our growing process, our music and our training have advanced to a higher level then before. We try to make each show a little bit different, yet this tour we will be adding a few more a cappella songs we learned over the last few months.

TJ: You have been to so many places, so I have to ask you, what has been the most interesting stop on your tour so far and why?

VTC: Probably last week was the most interesting and fun for us on this tour. We flew down to Los Angeles to receive an award. We were very honored and we also got to enjoy large amounts of sushi.

TJ: Where is the place that the von Trapp Children call home these days?

VTC: We live in Somers, Montana, which is very near Glacier National Park.

TJ: I understand that the first time you sang together was in 1997 at your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary in Stowe, VT. How have your lives changed for you since then? Is it all you expected it to be?

VTC: Life is definitely more then we ever expected it to be. We never predicted this to happen and every step of this has been such a - Broadway World


Volume I (2001)



With the light joyfulness of youth the von Trapps, Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin, perform a variety of enjoyable folk and classical songs from various European and American traditions, and beloved pieces from The Sound of Music. The children have compiled an extensive repertoire of music, and in singing together as a family, they create a unique sound. Musicians and listeners of all ages recognize them for their beautiful harmonic blend and pristine tone.

The children have performed across the country, live, on radio, and on television, including appearances on Fox News in St. Louis and WGN in Chicago. They've sung live in performance from San Diego to NYC to Calgary and Banff in Canada. They've opened several times for George Winston and sung for international audiences at the Glacier International Peace Park. Commencing in 1997 with a celebration at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont their singing career even brought them 5 years later to the stage of one of America's largest international music festival in Bethlehem, PA, where they shared the week's program with such acts as Peter, Paul and Mary.

In 1990, Stefan and Annie and their new baby set out from the dairy farm in Waitsfield, Vermont to resettle in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Northwestern Montana, where Stefan began a mason business. They all enjoy hiking, skiing, soccer, huckleberry picking and helping in the garden. Importantly, they strive to maintain a balance between a wholesome home life and touring and singing with a vision to preserve a heritage that belongs to all, pay respect to a God-given legacy and above all, share the joy and love of music.