Voodoo Loons

Voodoo Loons

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Based in both Cincinnati, OH and Donegal, Ireland, Voodoo Loons have been cultivating an underground audience since 2006 with their strange and unique blend of punk, psychedelic, and celtic roots music. As John Meyer of New York's Music Reviewer notes, the Loons "have blended a multitude of influences across genres to capture a unique sound of their own. The Loons borrow sounds from traditional folk roots, psychedelic rock, funk, and strong overtones of early REM-style college rock... their mus


Edgy and weird, dark yet rootsy, punkish and psychedelic, with a smidge of attitude and a funky groove filled base, the Voodoo Loons sound is a stew of its own. Based both in Cincinnati, OH and Donegal, Ireland (dual citzenship), the band has been making a name for itself in underground circles since 2006. Their 2nd LP, The Criminal Ear, was released on Feb 25 2014 to great reviews. Past releases include Euphobia (LP), Rough Mixes (EP), ProBonoPublico (DVD), and "the Winter Trail" (single). The Euphobia album did well in the US and Europe, and is played on Sirius XM Satellite Radio in the States (as well as many other outlets on both continents). SiriusXM 2009 Listeners Poll ranked Emerald #56 on the Top 100 Celtic Songs list. "Winter Trail", an early single release from the new album, has also hit the SiriusXM playlist.

The very first Voodoo Loons show (the US 2006 Midpoint Music Festival) started in spectacular fashion with OHagans amp literally bursting into flames during their first song, and theyve been building on that energy ever since. The bands approach to gigging has always been unorthodox, as they try to find interesting alternatives to the traditional bar gig touring ritual... Festivals, multi-media events, and jumping between Ireland and the US allows the band to reinvent itself each time out... usually performing as an aggressive electric unit, but also dropping in special acoustic shows in particularly cool venues in favorite destinations such as Dublin and Miami (and of course Cincinnati). In addition to international festivals such as Midpoint (2x) and the World Music Fest, the Loons have also been booked for truly special and unique events, such as Dublins Temple Bar district during the festivities surrounding U2s homecoming stand at Croke Park (2009), and their annual St. Patrick's Day bashes at the Historic Southgate House (2011) and Cincinnati's Fountain Square (2012).  The band plans to tour more extensively in support of the Criminal Ear in 2014.



Written By: Dennis O'Hagan

So what do you think of the demons this season?
What do you think of the reasons? It’s treason.
So what do you think of the future? It’s putrid.
And what do you think that the odds are we’ll choose it?

What do you think of the mother who’s starving?
And how about her children? “They’re heathens”.
And what about the disaster? “God’s answer.”
They’re saying that His word is hate? Is hate…


Our world is running away
Our time keeps drifting away
Lifeblood is flowing (draining?) away, downhill…


So what do you think of the preacher? A teacher?
What do you think of his venom? It’s spreading.
The king self appointed, self anointed
A legacy littered with pain. With pain.


The Unabashedly Political Song

Written By: Dennis O'Hagan

(this was performed stream-of-conscious)

Hey, if you watch Fox News you might as well just turn this shit off right now…

Because I’m having a hard time understanding how you people aren’t deeply fucking concerned by the state of our affairs. And by “our” I mean the land of the supposedly free, home of the brave.

I’ve been noticing lately that we have no idea how many people have been killed by our bombs in this “war on terror”. Yeah, war on terror. How terrifying do you suppose it us to have a bomb dropped on your family?

Forgive me world, I’m just trying to understand
How we solve your problems, dropping bombs on your head
Excuse us world, we’re just following God’s plan.
Saving the world just one war at a time.

And how many kids were killed in the World Trade Center? How many kids have we killed in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why don’t you know? How is this not wrong?

And I’m having a hard time figuring out how it’s wrong to blow away babies in Oklahoma City but somehow it’s just collateral damage when those babies have brown skin and live in the desert.

Forgive me world, I’m just trying to understand
How we solve world problems, dropping bombs on your head
Excuse us world, we’re just following God’s plan.
Saving the world one war at a time.

And meanwhile back home we’ll put Johnny away for 15 years for tripping the light fantastic, while his kid brother is a zombie on prescription Ritalin, mom’s on Prozak, and dad’s having Martini lunches and pills to get a hard-on, grow his hair, and drop 20 pounds. Yeah, war on drugs, indeed.

Most people seem to eagerly agree that it’s madness, yet our L leaders won’t vote this way for fear of retribution. So it has to make you wonder: who exactly are the assholes? Is it the guys with no guts and the bizarrely vain profession fucking things up, or is it really us as a people?

Yeah, we’re for freedom. Like freedom of religion, as long as your god is the Lord Jesus Christ and not some other heathenistic idol that the majority of the world worships.

I don't fucking pretend to understand...


Written By: Dennis O'Hagan

He was pulled from their home by the March thunderstorm
And was dropped in the sand of a far away land
She’d try not to cry when she’d feel that he’d died
And she prayed that he’d be home someday
So she’d wipe back her tears to not let the years
Dim the light of her emerald eyes

She fell to the floor when they came to her door
they had not his bones, she was still alone
What was unbeknown was in the other tribe's zone
He was kept alive by her thoughts and the sight
Of her face that he’d see when he’d manage to dream
of the light of her emerald eyes.
And the face that he’d see of his darlin’ Marie
And the light of her emerald eyes.

Well a year had gone by and Marie’s friends they’d try
To convince her to put his memory aside
But she couldn’t let go til she’d buried his bones
And until they came home she’d hold out her hope
So he’d stay in her prayers and not let despair
Dim the light of her emerald eyes

On a cold autumn day the boy broke away
And was picked up along a road that they’d won
As he neared their home she felt a strange warmth
And she looked up and saw that her boy had come home
She held on to him til they shivered no more
‘neath the stars of the October skies
And the war it raged on, but he’d found his way home
By the light of her emerald eyes.


Written By: Dennis O'Hagan

They say it’s less than 4 miles to the horizon
But it gets further the longer you swim
I have this dream I can’t quite remember
It slips away, and comes back ‘round again

Like the heat that rises from the highway
Like the waves ripple across the sea
Like the wind that don’t know where it’s blowing
I headed out with no real sense of aim

Repeated lies and the ties that bind come unraveled
Bedroom eyes are best left un-pursued
Forbidden fruit seems sweet from the distance
The aftertaste can make you come unglued

They say it’s less than 4 miles to the horizon
But it gets further the longer you swim
I have this dream I can’t quite remember
It slips away, and comes back ‘round again


Pro Bono Publico, Vol 2, June 2006 (Dublin compilation)
Rough Mix - December 2007 (ltd. edition collection of outtakes, demos, etc.)
Euphobia - 15 track, 58 min. album, released January 2008.
Twist - coming 2010

"The Unabashedly Political Song" has been in the rotation of a variety of outlets including Air America Radio and SiriusXM Satellite, where it was featured in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. It is also featured on a DVD distributed by Irish arts magazine Pro Bono Publico. Various other songs (currently most commonly "Downhill", "Emerald", and "I Know You're Bent") are played frequently on numerous web, terrestrial, and Sirius XM radio stations, both in Europe and the U.S..

Set List

A Voodoo Loons show includes all of the current music, along with a song or two from past bands. Covers are also known to come and go from time to time (though the set is 90+% Loons material), and can range from Irish folk songs to sea shanties, and on rare occasion sometimes an obscure rocker or two. Standard show is roughly 1.5-2 hours.

The Loons also subscribe to the no-setlist philosophy, letting the mood of the evening and crowd dictate what is played and when.

Improvisation is also a staple, along with a state of the art digital projection system and intriguing visual presentation... which combined give Loons shows a trippy freshness that is never the same twice.