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The best kept secret in music


"UR The University Reporter"

Local Band Spotlight
June 2002
By: Maryanna Fama

Don’t be fooled by the ‘X’s on each hand of these four guys when you see them live. They are musically mature beyond their time. Book and Clunky became friends early in life, later finding Posner and finally acquiring Abrian from another local band to form VooDoo Blue in late 1999. The buzz in the local band scene is very good for these guys and even other local bands say that VDB has a lot to expect in the future. Lyrics are written by Abrian and the music is added by Book. The two write on their own and then bring it all together as a story of sorts to express what they are feeling. When on stage, each member has a feeling like no other and does everything they can to get the crowd moving. They are known for taking over any stage they perform on and for having each and every person in the venue jumping up and down to their music. “Why should the crowd jump up and down if we aren’t?” They may not be old enough to drink at their shows, but that doesn’t stop them from tearing the roof off of any venue they play. They give off positive energy to the fans to get them in the mood. And from there they draw in the listeners to actually understanding and relating to each of their songs. None of the members can picture himself doing anything but playing in a band and being successful. Since they were very young, they realized that they were born to play music and that was it. They are not going to stop until they reach the top. Their families and friends are most supportive, as they have been there for them since the beginning. They use the loyalty of each of those people to help in their promotion through their website, video and CD. Most of them were brought up to play music by their families, and for Abrian it became an escape from every day life. Their songs were first written from their own experiences, though some of their newer songs are an observation of the lives around them. Every one of VDB’s songs are energetic, some have a hint of emotion, and others have a feeling of rage and anger. “Lovely in Pink,” and “Turned Out” have a catchy and upbeat rhythm, while “Convict,” and “the Nugget Song” have more of an edgy sound. VooDoo Blue’s music for the most part can be compared to bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and 311. Their sound is extremely catchy and with their groove rock style, they are appealing for many different genres. Abrians voice is so distinct and the chords are recognizable as their own, which is important when becoming a breakthrough artist. Every song begins with intensity and vigor, which fuels not only the band, but the crowd as well. Having played venues up and down the east coast and beyond, from New York, to Illinois, to Georgia, getting radio play in Pennsylvania, and locally setting up gigs at venues such as the Recher Theatre, The Vault, and The Thunderdome, these guys have the experience behind them, and the determination within them to ride straight to the top without a bump in the ride.

- Maryanna Fama

"Unsung Hero"

Unsung Hero
VooDoo Blue
April 2002, Issue #34

Description : This young, Baltimore-based band is comprised of vocalist Mike Abrian, guitarist-vocalist Dan Book, bassist Roger “Clunky” Jacobson and drummer Justin Posner. Their alternative funk-rock sound evokes shades of shades of 311 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In a short time VDB has gained a large all-ages following, playing at some of the area’s premier venues such as the 8x10 Club, the Recher Theatre, and Fletcher’s Bar and Grill. The group appeared in the January 2001 issue of Teen Beat magazine, and the band hopes to follow in the recent success of some of their fellow Baltimore bands.

You guys seem like a pretty tight unit on stage and off...

Dan: We've always been friends. We grew up together. Me and Clunky grew up together and me and Mike went to middle school together. Me and Justin went to high school together.

Mike: I was in another band about four years ago, and we kind of joined together and made the all-star band.

So what about the name "Voodoo Blue"?

Mike: They had the name Voodoo Blue before I was in the band. First they were "Hippies Use The Other Door" We were all in jam bands. When I first joined the band, we were still a jam band, we had a keyboard player. We really didn't rock out too very hard. Then it kind of progressed and we got rid of the keyboard player and decided that that's not us at all..

Dan: It wasn't fun playing that kind of music. We were all in kind of our chill mode playing jam music, and we kind of all broke out of that shell. When Mike came into the band he kind of had that rebellious rock attitude.

Mike: Me and Justin were like. Guns & Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Dan and Clunky were more like Grateful Dead, Phish, Clapton. And we kind of...

Justin: Rock n roll!

Mike: ...empowered them with rock and we took it from there.

Dan:I made up the name a long time ago. I was just looking for two words that kind of flowed. Easy to remember.

How do you guys describe your sound?

Dan: Alternative-funk-rock. We're just a fun energetic party band.

Mike: I say we're like punk rock.

How's your latest CD, Watch the World Fall Down doing?

Justin: That CD kicks ass! If you don't own it, you should own it!

Dan: It's doing great. It's an EP. It's our first real recording experience with Pro Tools and a producer. Since then we have developed a lot. Rennie [ Grant, producer ] helped guide us to be a good rock band.

Who does the writing in the band?

Mike: I write the lyrics. Dan writes all the music, and Justin writes his drum parts, and Clunky helps contribute too.

What do you write about and what inspires you to write?

Mike: I write about everything really. Real experiences, made-up stories. Sometimes I'll find funny stories like, Clunky got hit by a car once and I'll turn it into...

Clunky: It wasn't really funny — I did get hit by a car!

You got hit as a pedestrian?

Clunky: It happened so quick. It was in Baltimore city. I don't really remember it.

And now you have super musical powers?

Clunky: I just have blue hair now.

Dan: It's really nice to have a singer who has something to say. He has a world view that's different then the way most people think.

What's the tour schedule look like?

Dan: We're starting to branch out as much as we can. We'll do like two big shows in Baltimore a month.

Mike: Quality rather then quantity.

Dan: Yeah, we're doing the music conferences, we're trying to network with other good bands on the East Coast. We're going up to Boston, DC, New York. We were at CBGB’s the other day.

Justin: Basically, we try to annoy every state.

Mike, I've heard your stage performance compared to Anthony Kiedis, Perry Farrel and Iggy Pop. How do you respond to that?

Mike: It's a great compliment. When I'm on stage I like to feel the music. I like to dance, and I like to put emphasis on everything, and if you don't then it's boring to watch and you don't get the same feeling in the lyrics and the lyrics go along with a visual performance as well. It's easier to get your meaning across. It's like an expression. It's my own expression.

Tell me about the new CD you're working on.

Dan: We're demoing right now. We're in the process of recording songs.

Mike: We spent this last year writing great songs, and we feel that if the song's not ready then we won't put it out until it is like bomb-shit. When we put a CD out, we want every song to be great. No filler.

I checked out your bios, and you guys all put down Full House as your favorite show.

Mike: Full house is great. We've all been watching it since we were little kids.

Justin: We'll make this public for the first time. I actually appeared in an episode of Full House.

Really? Do you still see yourself in reruns?

Justin: All the time. That's only because I watch it every day, and I'm really cool.

Who did you play on full house?

Justin: (to Dan) Do you remember which episode it was?

Dan: Episode number 57. Danny Tanner is just getting over the death of his wife. He starts dating again. He dates a blonde. She has a son named Rusty. he wreaks havoc over the entire house. Spraying whipped cream on Michelle and all the full house children get him back in the end of the episode, and he turns his life around and becomes a normal straight kid.

Rusty, huh? So, have you kept in touch with the Olsen twins?

Clunky: Yeah, right.

Justin: I wish.

So what can we expect from Voodoo Blue in the future?

Dan: We are just going to keep pushing, keep promoting, keep pluggin' away.

Mike: Keep having fun and get our street team going.

Dan: And be the biggest band we can possibly be.

Justin: I'm just trying to get laid. (laughs)

Thanks guys. Good luck. [ UH ]

>> relevant info::

web: www.vdbmusic.com

- Matt Davis

"Music Monthly"

Music Monthly
Let me introduce you to VooDoo Blue
July 2001, vol. 18, no 7 issue #202
By Susie Mudd

Every once in a while something comes across my desk that really impresses me. I don't know what it was. It may have been the personality of the band, they are all cutie pies--everything a teenage girl dreams about. It may have been their photo, and their sheepish grins. But something made me pay attention, and I'm glad that I did. I am probably old enough to be their mother, but VooDoo Blue are all adorable and they remind me of Good Charlotte (I adore Benji and Joel). They have the youthful exuberance happening. And for all, music is their life. It comes above school and girls and hanging out. It comes above everything because these guys were born to do what they do.

VooDoo Blue are Mike Abrian (lead vocals), Dan Book (guitar/vocals), Roger "Clunky" Jacobson (bass), and Justin Posner (drums). They have been together for about two years, and already they've gotten some pretty major ink. They are on the pages of the January 2001 issue of Teen Beat. They include them in their "Up 'N Comers" section, writing that "One listen and VooDoo Blue just might cast a spell on you."

VooDoo Blue have just completed a session with renown producer, Rennie Grant at Wright Way Studios. This session produced "Watch the World Fall Down," their freshman release. (Wright Way Studios is known as the home away from home for RCA recording artists, SR-71.) VooDoo Blue celebrated this release last month and people loved them.

They are adorable, without a doubt. But that's not their strong suit. Their strong suit is their music. When the members of this band were born, they were born to be in this band. Together they have this magic happening. their energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Frontman Mike Abrian can't stay still. His entire being moves with the music. His eyes sing the songs, and 13 year-old girls love him.

Their music is a cross between 311 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, with a touch of class. VooDoo Blue is special because of who they are, but the rabid support of their parents, their siblings, and their fans make them more than worthy of a listen.

Listen once, no matter who you are, and you'll be hooked. They've got the hooks, that's for sure! VooDoo Blue not only remind me of Good Charlotte, they are destined to become the next Good Charlotte. They could easily take it all the way!

- Susan Mudd


"Watch The World Fall Down"-EP released May 2001
"The Summer Sessions" - 8 Track released Sept. 2002
"Use As Directed"-EP released April 2003.
VDB's new EP release for July 2004, which will include their "hit songs": Rapunzel and Slow Decay!

98 Rock- WIYY 97.9 FM has just added VDB's hit song "Rapunzel" on regular rotation (6-13-04), the only unsigned band to have this honor in the Baltimore/Washington area!

XM Radio "Unsigned" channel is playing songs off both CD's on the daily rotation and has selected "Without A Doubt" as one of the most played songs on the station!(2004)

Nugget Song, Use As Directed, Lift Me Up, and VDB's remix version of Insane In The Brain has all had airplay on 98 Rock (Baltimore), DC 101 (Washington, DC) and Y100 (Philly)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Stirring up the rising Mid-Atlantic music scene, VooDoo Blue, has gained a
reputation for leaving lasting impressions on its audiences. VDB offers a distinctive,
alternative modern rock sound with influences from 311 and Red Hot Chili Peppers,
to name a few. This Baltimore-based band formed in Jan. 2000 includes: 20 yr. olds
lead vocalist Mike Abrian and guitarist/vocalist Dan Book, 21 yr. olds drummer
Justin Posner and bassist “Clunky” Jacobson.

VDB has gained an “All Age” popularity with continuous “sell outs” at Baltimore's premier venues: Recher Theatre, Fletcher’s and Thunderdome for over the past 2 years! The VDB guys opened the largest east coast music event of the year! The "main stage" at this year's HFStival 2004!!!, the only unsigned band selected to be part of this line up, which included: The Cure, Cypress Hill, Lit, The Offspring, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, POD to name a few. Over the past year, the group has branched out, playing the Lollapalooza 2003 Tour, opening the 2nd stage, and other
nationally known venues: CBGB’s, Don Hill’s, 9:30 Club, Grape St. Pub, The
Continental, Arlene Grocery and Bottle & Cork, to name a few. VDB has shared the
stage with such notable acts as Hed (pe), Shinedown, S.T.U.N., Burning Brides, The
Music, Billy Talent, Boys Set Fire, SR-71, Midtown, Silvertide, Catch 22, Wakefield, SEV, and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. In the “Up-N-Comers” section of the January 2001 issue of Teen Beat magazine, the VDB guys were recognized and picked to be the band to watch for in the future. VDB has also been followed closely by Music Monthly, being picked as one of the Baltimore/Washington area’s top band of 2001, 2002 and 2003. Check out www.vdbmusic.com and their EP release, “Watch the World Fall Down” (May 2001), 8 track limited release “The Summer Sessions” (Sept. 2002), and their latest release “Use As Directed” (April 2003). Look for their next release, scheduled for the summer of 2004! which will include the hit songs "Rapunzel" and "Slow Decay"!