Voodoo Boogaloo

Voodoo Boogaloo

 Canyon Lake, Texas, USA

“TRIP HOP'S SONNY & CHER” - San Antonio Express News


"Voodoo Boogaloo synthesizes chilly electro-pop and moody trip-hop into a psychedelic meditation. The Canyon Lake, TX duo stars Stephanie Cardona, whose vocals levitate atop the lamb-or-lion compositions of bearded beatmaker Logan Woodyard, who looks like Rasputin on a MIDI keyboard." - Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle

“TRIP HOP’S SONNY & CHER” - San Antonio Express- News

“Voodoo Boogaloo entertains with drop-dead gorgeous vocals, incense-burning chants, and instrumental breaks straight out of a nightmarish acid rainstorm. It’s a tag team of love and charisma that gives the audience everything they’ve been wanting from a power couple. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind presentation and we love them for it." - San Antonio Current

"Upon a first listen to Voodoo Boogaloo, there are certain comparisons you are bound to make. Personally, thus far, I’m thinking of acts like the super-rad/super-weird Portishead, the catchy/sexy Peaches and the poetry/shoegaze-meets-sick-ass-beats of Advisory Committee-era Mirah, but if I’m trying to just slap a simple genre on ’em, it might be more apt to label it “trip-hop” and call it a day. That’d be a disservice to the product created by young lovers Logan Woodyard and Stephanie Cardona, though, because there is so much more going on under the hood. As for the music, it fucking bumps. There’s no mind-numbing repetition like we find in so many other similar electronic music styles (though everything is created using Abelton software; everything is very hip; everything makes your damn head bounce) because while you’re busy blasting the album and having your mind blown, Woodyard is tied up while field-recording the sounds of his convertible going up and down at the beach for use on his next beat." - Santa Fe Reporter

"Voodoo Boogaloo is a lush aggregate of sweeping sonic melodies, interviewed and found-sound vocal drops, lyric flows, as well as rising and falling bass pads all recalling the darker and sometimes more sinister moments of Portishead’s Dummy. Cardona’s singing serves as a strong foundation for both the rhythmic and leading melodic progressions making a listener “feel” Cardona’s singing and Woodyard’s beats interwoven like the satisfying “click” of a lock and key. Cardona’s rich singing lends an air of dreamy and magical mystery in much the same way as the better cuts from Lana Del Ray while Woodyard’s wild and animated vocal flow drive their recordings in tasteful proportions. This is “from the heart” music and it is at times strange, wild, wonderful and excessive. We as listeners, and our subjective cups, runneth over.” - The Critical Asshole

Genres include: Psychedelic Pop, Neo Soul, Trip Trap, Trip Hop
Sounds like: PortisheadLana Del ReyDie AntwoordFKA Twigs

Artists played with: 
Cypress HillDr. John and the Nite TrippersCakeThe ToadiesBest CoastPortugal the ManTune-YardsLettuceThe Gaslamp KillerWavvesBayonne.



Written By: Stephanie Cardona,Logan Woodyard

All this for one sound. Push into the ground. Full moon spell go round. Infinity crown. It's the magician. Upright position. Crossed legs on cushion. Something is moving. I could love you forever, so glad that we're together. Here's to you and you to me. Like to be below you sit on my knees. Everything with you begins with please. Live in a lava lamp one hundred tees. It's easier when we do things together. You're the bird. I'm the feather. Never have I ever been this clever. Never have I ever lived this clever. A drink for you and one for me. We represent true unity. Talking together laughing it up. Keep each other full. We're the two of cups. Lay by me. Bundle me just right. I dream of you almost every night. Gonna go far. Just me and you. I'm gonna make your wishes come true. Prep time twenty minutes. Pick up the knife. Cut off your digits. Any chance to mess with you I won't miss it. If I accidentally slice your ear I'll kiss it. Recently I learned that she's my desert flower. Where we cannot live, she finds power. All of this and love shower. Anything to make our lives a little louder. Sleep in the car, yeah. Drive it real far, yeah. One more check mark, yeah. One more check mark, yeah. Should we go on tour, yeah. Even though we're poor, yeah. Really are you sure, yeah. Really are you sure, yeah. I could love you forever, so glad that we're together. Small fun big fun.


Album: Yawny. Yelly. Glowy. Floaty. (LP) (released March, 2014)

Album: Get in There (LP) (soon to be released, Fall 2016)

Set List

This set can last up to 1 hour, but can also be shortened to suit any time restraints.

Before the Storm
Get in There
High Priestess
So I Rob 'Em
For The Night
The Portal
VS the Worm
New Lovers