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"Rock Shrapnel"

"My favorite tonight was this group called Voodoo Economics. They sounded like my record collection just up and exploded, and shot out all kinds of Rock shrapnel! The basslines were wicked -- one second there were straight funk grooves, the next it was all deep and distorted, sorta like a punch in the gut. Alison Conard -- that's the singer -- spewed out Karen O.-style singin'. She played keyboard and guitar and she was all over, too -- from static-y post-punk to jazz fusion with ease. Dance, electro, funk 'n groove, prog, even -- I shit you not -- Mahavishnu Orchestra! Seriously, it was a total mash of rock and attitude." - - Andrew McGowan, PopMatters.com
- popmatters.com

"Off the Rails (on a crazy train?)"

"Voodoo Economics were wonderful and bizarre like the first Need album mixed with a little bit of Deerhoof. I don’t really know how to describe what they do because it’s so unique, especially Alison’s voice, which sounds like Lene Lovich going off the rails and the keyboards remind me of creepy circus music. " - - Sara Sherr, Sugartown review - raisedbybees.wordpress.com

"Between Psycho and Sultry"

"In the moody, groovy Voodoo Economics, everybody takes a turn on the synths. Alison Conard has a smoky croon somewhere between psycho and sultry, especially when she's wrapping her lips around "Bail," a chaotic little number that cribs its lyrics from Reservoir Dogs: "First things fuckin' last/ You better wake up and apologize/ You're not blind, you've just got blood in your eyes." Isn't that sweet?" - - Patrick Rapa, City Paper (Philadelphia) - Philadelphia City Paper

"Ominous Industrial Banging"

"The trio’s music isn’t easy to categorize—ranging from the ominous industrial banging of “Time to Drive” to the vaguely ska-inflected “Fold Up Your Mumblings” (which to my ears sounds like vintage English Beat filtered through a bunch of effects…) to the prog-influenced guitar on “The Secrets of Getting Things Done”. The band features the versatile vocals of Alison Conard (who also contributes Rhodes, synthesizers, guitar, and “pedal wizardry"), as well as instrumental contributions from Justin Gibbon (drums, synthesizers, and “Klang") and Jeremy Prouty (bass, synthesizers, and vocals). From the vaguely creepy silk-screened anglerfish on the cover to the hand-lettered liner notes, the band has clearly put a lot of energy into this debut EP." 7/10 - - Dave Hoffman, popmatters.com - popmatters.com


Voodoo Economics self-titled EP (2005)
if : then :: iminami LP (2007)



Voodoo Economics combine adventurous song structures with biting, often disconcerting lyrics and rhythms that range from hectic junkyard breakbeats to odd-metered head-nodders. The guitar, Rhodes and synth sounds are processed through a battery of effects and filters, while the bass and drums sound more like a profane groove box than a rock rhythm section. Vocals oscillate from placid to dictatorial. The result is a sound that lands somewhere between the pulse of the Talking Heads and the discordant splendor of Blonde Redhead.

After transplanting from Portland, OR to Philadelphia, PA in 2005, Voodoo Economics has spent the last two years making alliances and playing crowded venues. During the summer of 2007, they were holed up in their studio, inciting hq, recording their new record, if : then :: iminami, which is now available for download at voodooeconomics.info.