Voodoo Highway
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Voodoo Highway

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Blues Rock




"What people are saying about Voodoo Highway..."

"Absolutely exceptional band!!! Some of the gutsiest, sweetest, and cutting guitar work I've heard! The band is tight as hell.Beautiful job! If you don't stop and listen - you are depriving yourself of a great musical experience!" - Rick Frost (Reverbnation Artist)

"Searing guitar work on these tunes..mesmeric and soaring playing, especially lovin the "Messiah Will Come" track..just beautiful and epic..a compelling and riveting listening experience!!" - MikeWhitePresents (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great Blues! Great Guitar/Vocals!" - Jeff "Dakota" Johnson (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great stuff, we call it 'Testosterone Blues'." - Calvert/Tolnay (Reverbnation Artist)

"Now this is blues!!" - Scott Paul Davis (Reverbnation Artist)

"Oh Yeah!!! YOU ROCK!!! Sounding great!!" - The Fores (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great sound. Definitely hear your influences in your music. Love the guitar work!" - Wayne Westervelt (Reverbnation Artist)

"Excellent blues guitar improv.. really like it! awesome...." - Yusuf Bahar (Reverbnation Artist)

"Magnificent tunes!!! Keep it up!!" - Pace Ride (Reverbnation Artist)

"I love your approach to the blues: Learn the rules...then break 'em! Good jams!" - Sur Rod (Reverbnation Artist)

"Excellent blues guitar work." - magic marker (reverbnation)

"Wow! Covering Jeff is tough and you did an amazing cover!! Your overall performance is amazing also! Rock on!!" - Themis Nakas' Recession (Reverbnation Artist)

"Awesome kick ass blues!" - The Time Bomb (Reverbnation Artist)

"Some absolutely incredible blues playing there! Great stuff!" - Dialectic X (Reverbnation Artist)

"This is Wicked Blues..." - Russ Rhyne (Reverbnation Artist)

"Ruckus Juice * groove rocks * Love this!" - Ecologyngle (Reverbnation Artist)

"Nice n powerful blue music Uv got, me like!" - Bluesrocks.com

"Drunk Mule 'ere vibin' off ye tunes man! The mules love the blues!" - Drunk Mule (Reverbnation Artist)

"Oh yea! Love Collateral Damage! Great sounds!" - Amongst Our Tribe (Reverbnation Artist)

"Just listened to your music and was amazed!" - Themis Nakas' Recession (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great sound and perfect stuff!" - Bomb Lane Band (Reverbnation Artist)

"You freakin rock! Great jam on Collateral Damage!" - Don Paul Jankas (Reverbnation Artist)

"Wow! Great Blues Rock. Killer guitar work Great sound." - C.S. Holt Blues Revival (Reverbnation Artist)

"Aw yeah!!! "Rockin' Horse" kicks @SS! Outstanding vocals, killer riffs, bass and drums, you've done Warren proud!" - The Honest Mistake Band (Reverbnation Artist)

"LOVE IT!!!! You guys are badass!" - Three Shades Blue (Reverbnation Artist)

"I love your stuff. Beautiful, fresh and incendiary, better yet, on fire, and great melody. Keep up the great work." - VueJaDay - (Reverbnation Artist)

"U are master of the blues." - Route 64 (Reverbnation Artist)

"That's fantastic blues!" - Rik Zamboni (Reverbnation Artist)

"GREAT STUFF! Keep the Blues Rockin!" - Skyline Blues Band (Reverbnation Artist)

"Blues for Marita is awesome. Authentic. And memorable.." - Amadeus (Reverbnation Artist)

" Awesome Blues!! Great music, really grooves!!" - Stand Volume (Reverbnation Artist)

"Loves these Blues, You've got a big new fan in Texas! Your rendition of Jeff Beck's (Stevie Wonder) "Cause we've ended as Lovers"...GREAT!" - James Ferris (Reverbnation Artist)

"Where your truth lies!" WOWWWWW! <3 - Bethany Owens (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great guitar work and sound!!" - Marco Maenza (Reverbnation Artist)

" I am REALLY loving your tracks!!! ... I am only sorry I didn't find you earlier...you all are Fantastic. As a blues man ... this is what it is about, creating and re-defining what the blues is and will be! Thanks for making great music!" - Ricky Morse (Sweet Leaf Guitarist/Songwriter)

"Great guitar work my brother!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!" - Otto Zone (Reverbnation Artist)

" "Cause We Ended As Lovers" really catches the spirit of Mr. Beck Nicely!" - TE Fireoved (Reverbnation Artist)

"Love the expressive guitar intro and you guys are great." "Once you pass 20 thousand fans, you certainly do not need me to tell you that you guys are soulful and a real treat to finally listen to for a while. As a local, hope to run into you some day..." - The Legendary RT and Sredni (Reverbnation Artist)

"Whoever "Marita" is, she is one lucky gal." - Smokin Joe Wiseman (Reverbnation Artist)

"Your cover of Mule's "Rocking Horse" is freakin' awesome! I'm a diehard Mule fan and this is spot on. Warren would be proud." - Doctor Steve (Reverbnation Artist)

"All I can say is...spontaneous combustion!" - Mike Taylor (Reverbnation Artist)

"Oh hell yeah! I love it!!!!!!!" - Mary Everhart (Reverbnation Artist)

"Awesome groovy sound!" - Kristine (Reverbnation Artist)

"Classic Blues Rock Sound without the cookie cutter! Love it! Thanks!!" - The Rick Hall Trio (Reverbnation Artist)

"I wish I could play with such taste, Great guitar work." - One Mans Hatred (Reverbnation Artist)

"AWESOME BLUES! LOVE IT!" - Scott Paul Davis (Reverbnation Artist)

"Really solid guitar work! Rockin' blues!" - Snakefist (Reverbnation Artist)

" Love the guitar work! - Steve Somogyi (Reverbnation Artist)

"High energy trio! This is my kinda stuffs!" - The Benjamin Davis Group (Reverbnation Artist)

"...wow..." - Kristin Elizabeth (Reverbnation Artist)

"Amazing guitar work!" - Jeffrey Whitman (Reverbnation Artist)

"The badest badass blues I've heard in a long time. Brilliant. I'm a fan. If you're ever in France......i'm there." - Stratobiker (Reverbnation Artist)

"Killer playing! Blues/Rock doesn't get any better than this!" - Blues Attitude (Reverbnation Artist)

"Nice tone, great phrasing! Awesome tunes! Your guitars are smokin!" - Georgian Court Exp (Reverbnation Artist)

" I'm hearin some Great Stuff Here! Very Nice!" - Bobby Berge (Former drummer for Zephyr, Tommy Bolin & Buddy Miles)

"I really, really love your brand of what I'd like to call "Power Blues". You cover all the bases of standard blues and then push it like Eric Clapton. It was joy to listen to your work" - Salariatus (Reverbnation Artist)

"That is the way blues should be played." - Joesf Glaude (Reverbnation Artist)

"Damn, no wonder your rap sheet is a "who's who of blues". Absolutely smokin'..." - Tom Balek (Reverbnation Artist)

"Oh Yeah, you found that Strat way in the back at Manny's, the one Hendrix played the day he wrote "V-Chile"." - Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders (Reverbnation Artist)

"Absolutely awesome! Why the hell doesn't my Strat sound like that? I must admit I'm envious." - Hot Smokin Pistol (Reverbnation Artist)

"Blues purists are like the moral majority: neither. Keep on rockin and ravin the blues. Fine playing going on here!!!" - Bobo Raposi (Reverbnation Artist)

"Oh such wild and reckless blues playing! The phrasing, tone and rhythm are great." - Martin's Bizarre World of Sound (Reverbnation Artist)

"Badass! Great guitar and vox!" - Project Sven (Reverbnation Artist)

"I love the way you refer to yourselves as "annoying blues purists" - That's awesome. Sounds very Allman bros. Liked Rockin Horse. - Great licks, killer tight - these fuckers are serious...love it!" - ToneKats (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great, tasty, straight forward jammin' guys! Thanks for doing justice to the genre! " - Doug Clare (Reverbnation Artist)

"Blues at its best ! Truely great..." - The Bones Martyn Band (Reverbnation Artist)

"If you play guitar- you can’t help but to dig these guys. Check out “Rockin Horse.” I need not say no more..." - Three Engine Train (Reverbnation Artist)

"Awesome Blues!!!!!!!!!!!" - Lyme River (Reverbnation Artist)

"Love your Blues !!" - nupachino (Reverbnation Artist)

"Great Music. Great production too! - Robert M. Lisanti (Reverbnation Artist)

"Excellent music! Blues done 'right' :)" - Chris A Butler (Reverbnation Artist)

" Blues! Deep down into it! Cool." - LunariaN (Reverbnation Artist)

"Kickin' Smokin' Blues, Brother!" - Scott Roffey (Reverbnation Artist)

"Awesome emotion and creativity in your sound!!!" - John Revitte (Reverbnation Artist)

"Absolutely wow factor !!!!!!!!!!! Very tight band !! Great tracks :) " - Hillbilly Dix (Reverbnation Artist)

" Love the slide work on "All Hat". Great Band!" - Scott Reighard (Reverbnation Artist)

"Nice work indeed.... smokin'!!!" - Nick Johns (Reverbnation Artist) - Reverbnation


The 2011 Cigar Box Nation Christmas Album. (It includes our acoustic version of "A Holly Jolly Christmas.")
Free album download: http://www.cigarboxnation.com/forum/topics/2011-cigar-box-nation-christmas-album-released

Dec. 25, 2011 - Released "A Very Voodoo Christmas" EP .
(Follow this link for a free cd download:)

Feb. 28, 2012 - Since we have so many songs, and we can't narrow them down to just 10... we have not 1, not 2, but THREE New full-length Voodoo Highway cds, being released in April!

1. Voodoo Highway - "Blues For Marita" (Blues-Rock)
2. Voodoo Highway - "Swamp Monster" (Hard Rock)
3. Voodoo Highway - "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" (Acoustic)

Pre-Order Info coming soon...



PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE US WITH OTHER BANDS USING OUR NAME!!! We were formed 20 years before them, and we will be around 20 years after they are gone.

You may contact us through our official website: WWW.VOODOOHIGHWAY.US

New York based Power Trio, "Voodoo Highway," has been performing since 1988.
Our brand of "Blues-Rock" has been known to be a little too 'heavy' for some blues fans, but don't worry... we also perform as an acoustic duo, depending on the venue.
Imagine ZZ Top, Free, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Tommy Bolin, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Freddie King, Gary Moore, Pat Travers and Son House at a Sevendust concert, and you'll get the idea...
We have opened shows for Rik Emmett (Triumph), Sick Speed, Fozzy (featuring Chris Jericho & members of Stuck Mojo), Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and most recently, Lance Lopez.
Some of the other great musicians that our members have had the chance to jam with, or play gigs with are: Joe Bonamassa, Randy Rhoads, Billy Sheehan (Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big), The Misfits, Benny Mardones, James Murphy (Death, Obituary), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) Eddie Money and Duane Eddy.
We have also had some amazing drummers occupy the drum throne for us, including members of Great White, Anthrax and Raven.

May 29,2013 -

Texas, Kentucky, Florida & Arkansas Tour Dates to be announced soon!

Dec. 5th-
We are very proud to be a part of the 2011 Cigar Box Nation Christmas Album. (It includes our acoustic version of "A Holly Jolly Christmas.")
Please follow this link for more info and a free album download: http://www.cigarboxnation.com/forum/topics/2011-cigar-box-nation-christmas-album-released

Dec. 25, 2011 - Released "A Very Voodoo Christmas" EP .
(Follow this link for a free cd download:)