Voodoo Hodown

Voodoo Hodown


Swamp rock - collection of blues, rock, southern soul and an ornery gator just for fun!


“Voodoo Hodown is one of Florida’s best kept underground secrets. This band is a mixture of true southern rock but with a dark progressive edge.”

- Soundinoff.com

“Some serious Zydeco metal, if there is such a thing. Well there is now! Check this band of swamp rats as they spread the gumbo around.”

- OrlandoJams.com

Way down, on the river bottom deep…

Legend has it that Voodoo Hodown arose from the swamps of central Florida in early 2003. It was then that an elderly voodoo shaman took them in, gave them their sacred voodoo names, and taught them to respect the voodoo spirit. Since that time, D.W., Mojo Resin, Voodoo Vinny and Mattissimo have been keeping their promise to deliver a unique blend of classic, southern and progressive rock… stir in a gator growl and some lively crickets, and you’ve got Voodoo Hodown’s own brand of swamp rock.

The Hodown has appeared at such local mainstays as Holly and Dolly’s, Will’s Pub, Central Station Bar, The Haven, Metro Café (Melbourne), CityJazz, DeLand Original Music Festival, Muldoon’s Saloon and the Copper Rocket. They have taken the top prize in the band category at Universal Orlando’s Team Member Talent Showcase two years in a row, and were featured on the Brighthouse television show, Echo. Their unique blend of sounds earned them a tie for second place at the Country Western Battle of the Bands sponsored by Sam Ash and Orlandobands.com.

While Voodoo Hodown will occasionally tip their collective hats to the greats of the past such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and CCR, they have also amassed quite a collection of original material that stands on it’s own – inspired by a long and dusty road, a full moon, and the voodoo shaman who showed them the way.


Coming soon - 'Something In The Water' - 8 song CD

Set List

Voodoo Hodown originals:
Voodoo Dance
Bayou Country
Smoke Screen
Miller's Farm
The Storm
Gypsy Heart
Black River
Watering Hole
Just Say Goodbye
Between the Lines

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Born on the Bayou - CCR
Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals