Voodoo Lounge Gypsies

Voodoo Lounge Gypsies

 Mountain Grove, Missouri, USA

We are a band of live gypsies and performers!


The Voodoo Lounge Gypsies are a musical/performance collective under the direction of mandolinist Joe Credit III and percussionist Antonio Perez. They blend elements of Latin and Mid-Eastern, and African percussion with melodic sensibilities derived from American roots and world texture. Our music is influenced by bands like Dirtfoot, and Dead Man Flats! It is often driven by our own fast paced style of bluegrass! The show is also framed by some of the region's best hoopers and fire performers. A mighty blend of live audio and visuals!


Avocado, Masha'allah, Sand Dollar Slot Machine

Set List

Bluegrass Jam
Sand Dollar Slot Machine
Percusion Jam Nomadic Pyro Circus
Gypsy/Folk Jam
Percusion Jam