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Ok, the opening guitar lick got my attention. Nice and nasty. Some interesting chord changes in the chorus. The guitar playing is great and the rest of the band is up at the same level. The vocals are nice and tight. This was a well -written, well- performed tune.
Extra Credit: Guitars.
February 17th, 2006
- sjcat-Garageband.com

"Not Knowing...."

Not Knowing....
Not knowing what to expect with the intro... But it led me right where I was hoping it would... Takes me back to that BIG Guitar sound and done very well. Nice Production... And YES a KILLER BIG Guitar LEAD....... Sounds Good...
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production.
- jamminagain
Anytown, Pennsylvania
February 17th, 2006
- jamminagain -Garageband.com

"Decade of Decay Review"

Voodoo Moonshine's line-up is as follows:
Gary Geiger- Vocals
Jeff Losawyer- Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bryan Nikkel - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Trey Madsen - Bass & Backing Vocals
Lonnie Hammer - Drums & Backing Vocals

'The Decade of Decay' is their latest release, a 10 track album that's mixture of blusey, southern hard rock songs and big 80's style ballads will surely have something for everyone.

We kick of with 'It's about time', the best song to start with. Sets the tone for the album very well. Great chorus, proper hard rock.

The ballads on the album are great. Very rare to hear a good ballad now a days. 'The one that got away' is superb. Gary's vocals and the guitar solo's add an edge to the song which stops it being too mushy and sentimental. I hesitate to include 'Cobwebs in my soul' as a ballad, as though it starts of slower it becomes quite heavy , it stands out as being different from the rest of the album. One tiny criticism, this is a good song, but the electric guitar riffs after the softer vocals at the beginning sound a little out of place and take away from the music in the background and from the emotion in Gary's voice.

'Locked and Loaded' relies heavily on the skills of guitarists Jeff and Bryan, it's less blues orientated than some of the other tracks though they nearly over compensate for that with the next track 'Piece of Mind' which is very like the Black Crowes

After listening to that CD I feel like I have mystically transported back to a time, when rock music was heavy and men had lots of hair. It appears that Tennessee bad boys Voodoo Moonshine have no regard whatsoever for current musical trends... which is excellent in my opinion. They know what they are and they are not afraid to play true hard and heavy rock, the way it was meant to be.

- Kerri-http://www.hairmetalireland.co.uk/

"CD Review"


This band definitely has a very good high quality sound, which is very much akin to late 80s/early 90s American groovy Melodic Hardrock like TESLA, SKID ROW, GREAT WHITE and a bit of FIREHOUSE (such as in the great ballads “The one that got away” and “Wasted love”). The band has a fantastic singer called GARY GEIGER, who sounds like if he came straight out of the LA scene from 1985, which is a positive thing, because I so much prefer this way of singing instead of the current American way of singing (which is either depressive as in Post-Grunge times or Childish as in a GREENDAY Punky Poprock affair). If you enjoy bands like TESLA, GREAT WHITE, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE, GUARDIAN, TUFF, SKID ROW or any other PERRIS RECORDS praised band, then this VOODOO MOONSHINE is yours, because
that similar sounding groovy Melodic Hardrockstyle of the late 80s can be heard in most of the songs on this CD, with even a slight touch of POISON during the chorus of ”Piece of mind” which then again has a guitarsound
similar to LYNYRD SKYNYRD, so a mix of glam and southern hardrock!
Whatever you might think, I am sure you’ll get the picture what this band is all about. More info at: http://www.voodoomoonshinetheband.com
(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

- Strutter Zine Review

"CD Review"

Comments: Calling themselves "a heavy southern groove swamp metal band," Voodoo Moonshine's release Decade of Decay is damn cool. They boast a twin guitar attack-Jeff Losawyer and Bryan Nikkel-and a singer in Gary Geiger who captures the Southern Rock and snarly howling hard rock vibe of the mid-80s. Although they lean a little too close to their roots at times, this is a strong debut from a talented band.

The CD begins with the crunchy, attitude-heavy "It's About Time." When you first hear Geiger's voice, you'll be impressed. The music is weird, with atmospheric guitar passages, and the chorus of "Well, it's about fucking time," couldn't be more blunt. The solo is somewhat bluesy and played with a lot of feel, and works well in the confines of the song.

Next is "R.I.P.," and this could come right out of the '80s. It has the kind of attitude you'd hear from Skid Row, and is just as sleazy. These guys are definitely on to something.

Now, when you get to "Piece of Mind," you are going to be confused. You'll swear this is "Sweet Home Alabama," because it sounds almost exactly like the intro to that song. When the vocals start, Geiger sings a line that reminds you a little too strongly of "Big wheel, keep on turning." The pacing, the rhythm, everything about this song screams "I've already been written." Considering the songwriting prior to this track, this is a letdown.

"Cobwebs in My Soul" goes back to what they do best-original sounding music. This is a slower song, but picks up steam after the second chorus, and Geiger lets out a wicked howl. It sounds a little like Alice in Chains in parts, but keeps its own identity.

"Wasted Love" is their ballad, a slow, almost Country sounding composition. Geiger shines again, singing with a real sense of longing. Voodoo Moonshine plays a myriad of different styles of music on this CD, and every single one of them work.

If you are into Southern, swampy rock, these guys are can't-miss. They write smart songs, they wield a talented singer, and they do just about everything right. Except for the one track that goes beyond "an homage," Decade of Decay truly makes you want to lift a glass or 12 and abuse the hell out of your liver.


Track listing:
1. It's About Time
2. R.I.P.
3. The One That Got Away
4. Locked and Loaded
5. Piece of Mind
6. Ain't My Type
7. Cobwebs in My Soul
8. One More Reason
9. Wasted Love
10. No Way Home

HRH Rating: 7.1/10

- HardRock Haven


1. It's about time
2. R.I.P
3. The one that got away
4. Locked and loaded
5. Piece of mind
6. Aint my type
7. Cobwebs in my soul
8. One more reason
9. Wasted love
10. No way home




VOODOO MOONSHINE was Formed in mid 2003
Recorded “The Decayed” Demo in October, 2003
The debut album “The Decade of Decay” was recorded between April 2004 and January 2005
March 2005: Voodoo Moonshine debut album is released with worldwide distribution thru “Perris Records”.

March 16,2005: Voodoo Moonshine top the “Trib-OverRide top 10 charts, with single “It’s about time” at #1 and follow up single “R.I.P” at #2.Also ranked #1 in the “Best new artist” category.

April 2005:Announcement of the opening of two new merchandise stores” Moonshine Market” and “The Misfit Marketplace” combined, offering over 52 “Voodoo Moonshine” items and memorabilia.
April 2005:Memphis Label showcase and video shoot for freshman DVD “The bottom of the barell”Slated for early 2006 release.
June 23rd 2005:”Voodoo Moonshine” sign a 12 dates, 22 day European tour scheduling shows in England, Ireland and Scotland.

June 24th 2005:Airplay in support of the tour begin in Bedford England with single “Locked and Loaded” in regular rotation on the dates between 6/24 and 7/22/2005 and resulting in being voted #1 band seven times.
June 24th 2005:”Locked and Loaded” debuts in Japan on “Tokyo Limited FM” in Tokyo. And is voted best band six times.
July 1-July 29th 2005:”Locked an Loaded” and “Its about time” are introduced to the airwaves in “Dublin, Ireland” and are one of the top three bands requested. Voodoo Moonshine release debut DVD “The Bottom of The Barell”
September-December 2005: Anticipating the rescheduling of the cancelled shows “Voodoo Moonshine” took a break opting to work on new material and new merchandise as well as recording, with scattered shows played at that period. During this time “Radio Antenna”a radio station in Italy adds “Voodoo Moonshine” as an artist in regular rotation. Print magazine”Strutterzine”in Holland writes review.
January 2006: Makato.Org listeners vote “Voodoo Moonshine” artist of the month.
January 2006:“Voodoo Moonshine” lock down the top three spots for six weeks on “Mosiq.com”with “Locked and Loaded” holding the lead followed by the ballad “The one that got away” at #2 and “R.I.P”in a close 3rd.
February 13th 2006: Garageband.com Owned and operated by George Martin
(of Beatles fame) and consisting of artists and industry insiders vote” Voodoo Moonshine” Best male vocals, and Best guitars in “Groove rock” two weeks in a row as well as “R.I.P” as the reviewers track of the day on February 15th. Ranking as high as #29 of 123 artists on February 9th. And an all-time ranking of #573 of 1,668 artists.
February 23rd 2006:Audiences at “Gigster.com” Vote “Voodoo Moonshine” most popular band.
April 2006:with the help of album reviews in, Greece, Portugal, and Puerto Rico airplay began on H.O.R Radio in Portugal where” Voodoo Mooonshine”has remained in rotation to date. Canadian Radio station”Headbangers Basement” as well as its affiliates at 99.1 “The point” in Arizona and K103.7 FM in Montreal add “Voodoo Moonshine” into rotation ultimately leading to two radio interviews (4/10/2006 and later on 2/24/2007) due to favorable listeners response and requests.
April 2006:”Voodoo Moonshine” offers phone ringtones to its fans in cooperation with “Myxer.com and Beta records”.
May 2006: Portuguese radio station“Classicos do Rock” add “The Decade of Decay” to its play lists where it remained for 11 months. Guitarist “Jeff Losawyer”appears in a radio interview on French radio station “Heavy Generations”.Glitzine Reviewer John Baxter is quoted as saying” Superb grooves running throughout and excellent vocals, comparing to the likes of “Tesla,Skynyrd, and Alice in chains” also Spotlighting “Aint my type” as the strongest track boasting a “killer chorus and guitar playing to die for, with the right exposure these guys will be huge”.
June 2006:”Voodoo Moonshine” release ballad “Wasted love” on Mosiq.com where it reaches #5 on the rock charts and “Cobwebs in my soul”#4 for most downloads.
July 2006:Japanese magazine “Heavy metal forces”Vol.9 spotlights “Voodoo Moonshine” and reviews the album printing an enthusiastic opinion of the band with respect and praise.
August 2006:Scheduled to play every night at the annual “Sturgis” bike rally in South Dakota with the likes Of “Kid Rock, Nickelback, Sammy Hagar and The Black Crowes””Voodoo Moonshine” was forced to cancel due to contractual restrictions outlined in the rescheduling contract for the European tour of 2005.
August 2006:The “Classic Metal show” air “It’s about time” on its “Rocks hard or hardly rocks” voters segment with” Voodoo Moonshine” finishing with a 83% positive rating placing them 15th out of approximately 64 artists and placing them higher than “Hinder, Guns and Roses, The Darkness, Buckcherry and Bon Jovi”. Also H.O.R radio charts find “Voodoo Moonshine holding the 8th and 9th position with “Locked and Loaded” and “Ain’t my type”
September 2006:”A great rock band with a bit of melodic edge” is what Ballbuster Hard music say’s