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Voodoo Rays

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Voodoo Rays, a trio of musicians from London, describe their sound as “dark psychedelia” and the band’s second album, Crabwise, serves as solid proof that this genre does actually exist!

“Having finished their second album, Crabwise, the band are continuing to gig around London regularly, building up a fearsome reputation by word of mouth alone.”

Crabwise is a seemingly established rock record, dip-dyed with obvious influence from bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies and driven by wavering riffs coupled with mellow, crooning vocals and plodding bass lines.

Lyrically the album is fairly melancholy, mirroring the classic rock theme with a psychedelic twist that surrounds the rest of the record. It’s easy to imagine these songs sliding out of the speakers between support bands in a smoky venue at the heart of a large city, owing to their tendancy to border on the grunge genre whilst maintaing their experimental and ultimately developmental nature.

The opening track, Faithless, starts on a high as images of leather boots tapping on a steel floor spring to mind while track 3, Elegant Slumming, brings the pace right down with whining guitar that appears almost personified to match eloquently despondent vocals.

For the first few seconds of track number 4, Here & Now, it sounds almost as though an indie atricle is being attempted. However, Voodoo Rays’ signature irregular and detatched sound soon creeps back in, reminding fans just who they’re listening to, and track 6, Soul, with its reverb drenched guitar and broken and expressive lyrics, is comparable to Sonic Youth should they be subject to a series of muscle relaxants due to its its fluctuating instrumental breaks in conjunction with sparse vocals.

The last song, Against Your Lover’s Door, comes in the from of a surprisingly empowering close to the album. Rhythmic and constant plucking is complimented by rich, echoing bass and the indtroduction of a wind section to add that special bit of subltle diversity towards the middle of the song. It is the drum that drives this final musical gesture, supported at the end by a wonderful offering in the form of sweeping guitar and a comeback from the wind instruments as the music builds to a crecendo and dies down to end the slue of suggestive, coherent, mellow, and melodic tracks that come together to make up Crabwise.


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Descension - first album limited release. Due to be re-released with the second album 'Crabwise' in may 2011

currently working on their 3rd album 'Surrounded by Ghosts'
release dateend of Nov 2011



Francis Elliott - vocals/guitar
Andy Symes - bass
Graham Hadley - drums
Formed at the end of summer 2010 the 3 piece known as Voodoo Rays have been prolific in their music making. Currently recording their second album (due for release May2011) they are constantly gigging in and around London.
Influences come from everywhere sid barrett, david bowie, cure, stooges, and many many more.
Andy and francis met via an ad on gumtree and after a drink fuelled meeting started to rehearse franks self produced first album. calling on Graham soon after.
What sets them apart from other bands is firstly their sound (no-one is doing anything like it at the moment) and the intensity they create on stage that draws fans into Voodoo Rays sonic landscape, with Francis's unique singing style, Andy's pushing bass and Graham's sometimes franetic drums.
their aim is to get as much music out there as possible and to perform using light/colour/dark/bright/sonic/sample/beat/pulse and push.