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"MaƱana Tortazo de Reggae"

En El encuentro rastafari se presentara Voodoo Souljahs al mando de Lia Samantha - Periodico El tiempo

"Lista la Cuota local en Rock al parque"

Voodoo Souljahs estara en el festival Rock al parqie que se celebrara del 27 al 29 de junio proximo - Periodico El tiempo


'Listos para el kombate ( ready for combat )EP Nov 2008
Yes,we have two singles on radio:"Be" and the most important:"My Love Is Real"



One of the most important reggae / dancehall groups in Colombia. style which continues today, but which has evolved to include percussion which evokes their african ancestry and the rituals of dance, struggle and emancipation which draw on the musical richness of Colombia's pacific coast. These elements are present within the new sound of Colombian reggae.
The name is a play on words : 'Voodoo' forms part of the extensive religious beliefs of the afro colombians that were demonised by the church during slavery, and for them represents the power to heal and invoke their ancestors through music. 'Souljahs' comes from soul and Jah is one of God's many names, Souljahs also signifies soldiers of God, soldiers of Voodoo.
Voodoo Souljahs launched their first Cd en november 2008, called 'Listos para el kombate ( ready for combat ) , an Ep of 6 songs produced and written by the band , primarily their lead singer Binghi. The Ep was recorded and mixed in Audio Naranja studios and mastered in the UK by Loud. One of the tracks on the Cd is a remix of My Love is Real done by Richard Blair , one of the most influential producers of the colombian new wave, who has worked with such important Colombian artists as Toto La Momposina , Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados and Chocquibtown amongst others, and whose band Sidestepper was one of the pioneers of this new music.
In their 4 years the band have taken part in many different national and local events.
Through the warm sounds of reggae Voodoo Souljahs takes part in the rediscovery of roots and culture, and a little more profound than just talking of peace and love, they talk of justice, respect and equal rights, and are active in the struggle for change. Apart from making music some of the band's members have developed social projects with NGO s through the Ayara Family Foundation to help some of the most vulnerable people in Colombia, like internal refugees, young people from deprived backgrounds and afro colombians and indigenous people. Amongst the various projects they organise are musical workshops for young people with problems of addiction, crime and disability, usually in juvenile correctional facilities.