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Voodoun Moi

Eugene, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Eugene, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Jazz


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Still working on that hot first release.



I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Before my parents met, they both wanted a girl named Genevieve. My name was to be Isom if I had been born a boy; thank God I came out female. I lived in British Columbia for ten and a half years. In my time there I went to church almost three times a week. I was a flag dancer for Jesus, oh yeah. I would go to bible camp every year. I would enter the talent shows from when I was three and a half and I won in my first year. My sister and her close friend were used to winning every year, but then I got gold. Obviously they were very unhappy with me. At that time all I wanted was the giant candy bar. The song I chose was a combination of “Jesus Loves Me,” followed by Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” I always sang in church at Christmas.

I moved to the States when I was ten and a half and we had moved from beautiful city, to the middle of God damn nowhere! McMinnville, Oregon to be exact. For my first school year, the fifth grade, I was able to get to know the people and the town. In sixth grade I entered the dance team. I did ballet, hip-hop, tap and jazz. I danced for about two years. The dance teacher, Mrs. Kathleen, was also a voice teacher. I said to my mum one day that I would like to take voice lessons. My mum said, “oh but honey your such a good dancer.” So I took matters into my own hands.

I arranged with Mrs. Kathleen and I sang “Orange Colored Sky” for her. She seemed to like it. I took voice lessons for a good few months, the whole time not letting anyone hear me. Let me add, that I absolutely disagree with voice lessons. I think it is bad for a good singer. The whole time I was taking them she was teaching me to be a Broadway singer, like herself. I didn’t listen, I just sang and it gave me a place to sing with out anybody hearing me. I did a contest at a church in McMinnville where again I sang “Orange Colored Sky.” My mum then says to me “OH HONEY FORGET THE DANCING YOUR A SIIIINNGER!” I slowly stopped the dancing, and started doing these awful singing contests called “Spot Light.” There were little girls with makeup on everywhere I turned. I then went through a stage where I was like “f*** that, I'm done.”

When I entered high school I joined the choir. Yes I am a choir nerd, and we are awesome! We were called “Sterling Jazz” and it was the second to highest appreciated choir. I was in that for two years. The second year I competed in a battle of the bands with Eric Valentine, Josh Hummley and Bethany Hummley. I sang “Aint’ No Sunshine,” a Fiest cover and the first song I had written, entitled “Canadian Ethnicity.” We won the battle of the bands and then I thought we should record.

Through recording I met Keith Sommers. Josh and Bethany were not down with doing gigs around Oregon, so Eric and I needed to get a band. We got together with Zev Lavene and Nate Curry to form John Giovanni. That lasted one year. I recently came together with my current band formed with Susan Richardson, Matt Seamor, Eric and me. We have been together for roughly 8 months.

My influences, well to tell you the truth, I don't really have any. I just remember my mum listening to Dianna Kraal one day and I liked what I heard. So I began listening to her, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday etc. Then that’s when I discovered at 14, that I have kind of a decent voice. I guess you could say they were influences. When I write I always think of the melody first. MOST always. Usually, now this is the truth, they come to me while peeing. I don't know why, but it always happens. In the car is also a good source of inspiration. When a melody comes to my attention, I usually grab my phone and record the melody and go back later to add on more. I don't usually do a whole song in one sitting. It usually takes a few times. Just to add, I like sushi, bubble tea, and not taking long walks on the beach, I really dislike sand.