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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Surplus Music Show"

VOOMS was showcased on a music documentary series about the independent music scene in Los Angeles called "THE SURPLUS*MUSIC SHOW," a series which will soon be launching over podcasts and webisodes, eventually to be a reality television series. It chronicles the evolution and struggles of the underground band SURPLUS and their Van Nuy's music studio, as well as those of many established guests acts and talented local artists, such as Vooms. - http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=8226951


The Bloom EP 2008 (upcoming release)



VOOMS is a new band from Hollywood making a new wave in new wave. The sound also features hints of synthpop and rock, but is hard to place in a specific genre. Perhaps VOOMS is indeed creating the ripples of a new wave. They are artistic as well as endearingly edgy, but facilitate strong mainstream appeal with the catchiness of the songs.

Don't let the blonde hair of vocalist/songwriter Marcelle Deanne fool you into thinking she is just another Debbie Harry or Gwen Stefani. Marcelle produces and mixes all the tracks herself out of the home studio in her pink bedroom with fashion sketches by her best friend hanging on the wall. "It's my little creative fishbowl. When all my friends are out drinking, I'm in here thinking I will join them, but instead I keep swimming back and forth until I get the idea in my head translated into the computer."

Previously her only outlet for showcasing her music was with her guitar or simply playing the piano, which she still enjoys the simplicity of, but felt extremely limited in ways of expanding what she wanted to communicate musically.

With just her guitar in tow, Marcelle set out from Indiana into the dark depths of the Open Mic in Hollywood, where she waited hours for her three minutes of expression. At one particular venue, she was invited back for her first show. Ironically, this is also where she met drummer James McCutchen. James recruited some musicians from his other band to play Marcelle's songs, and they progressed from hole in the wall dive bars to The Troubadour and world famous Whiskey A Go Go. The music was more mellow and alternative rock at this point, and Marcelle still felt inclined to continue development of the music. However, the band playing with her actually belonged to another band and she had a hard time finding musicians who could understand her language when she spoke of the music and her vision.

At this point, as a struggling artist, Marcelle sacrificed her plastic (credit card) to purchase a keyboard with programming capabilities. She began experimenting and soon her songs had an indefinable distinctive quality of something. What that something was, some still aren't sure, but Marcelle was tired of trying to fit her quirky triangular visions inside the square boxes of expectation.

She envisioned live drums with these new programmed tracks after dancing in LA nightclubs featuring a live drummer playing to hip hop and dance tunes. Marcelle hoped adding live drums to the sequenced tracks would give the programmed beats and new wave tracks a rock edge that compliments the music well. She was right. James was willing to give the idea a chance and now adds a dynamic touch with his invaluable ability to interpret the rhythms of the songs at live shows and on the LP they are recording.

Ryan Roberts replaces the programmed bass lines and Ben Epand adds a his touch with guitar at live shows and on many of the EP recordings. On occasion at live shows, a keyboardist will perform the majority of the programming from the recordings, or Mia Moretti AKA DJ Group e. will accompany VOOMS onstage to sync up the electronic portion of the music and add her flavor of sound effects between songs.

VOOMS have currently teamed up with Kali Koast Productions and are in a "real" studio with Richard "Segal" Huredia recording their debut EP "The Bloom" due out early 2008. Luckily for the boys, the walls in this studio are not pink, but a nice velvety texture reminiscent of snake skin.

They are also working on and reviewing treatments with creative director Angie Hill for their up-coming music video. Propeller Productions director Matt Heckerling will also be contributing to the project.

Performing all over Los Angeles, and more recently San Diego and San Francisco, VOOMS create a high energy and entertaining show. That is, unless they decide to provide the audience with an acoustic show, which is indeed a rare treat as it inevitably reveals the depth of the songwriting. If you take away all the definable and unexpected musical characteristics that make a Vooms' song... a Vooms' song, and are left with a skeleton of words and melody, the songs are capable of standing on their own. Either way, you will find yourself wanting to know more about the tiny swimmer in the fishbowl and wondering who it could be she is singing to. Perhaps it is you.

Keep checking www.myspace.com/thevooms for updated show information, show footage, music videos, radio interviews, and television performances.